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How to Block Light from Windows without Curtains

How To Block Light From Windows Without Curtains

Why Sleep Is Important and How to Ensure a Good Sleep

Sleep is an extremely essential part of your overall wellbeing and unfortunately is often ignored by many people. A good night’s sound sleep of 8 to 9 hours without any interruption and distraction is highly desirable for recharging your batteries to help you function the following day. To ensure a deep sleep, there are several measures that are recommended and prescribed by doctors and experts. Lifestyle changes, the ambiance of the rooms, etc. have a deep impact on your sleep patterns.

The use of cell phones two hours prior to sleep time is strongly advised against as the blue light emitted by the phones is harmful to the eyes and minds and affects your sleep. Likewise, the room’s ambiance must be able to lull you to sleep. Complete darkness and noise blockage are the two things that are considered essential for good sleep. There are street lights that cause light to pass through the windows and hurt your eyes while asleep. Window coverings like drapes or blinds are recommended for this purpose.

Ensuring Sleep for People Who Sleep in the Morning

There are many people who have to work through the night and can sleep only during the daytime. Nurses, police, fire-fighters, doctors working in shifts, call center executives and several others continue providing services through the night. The only time they can hit the bed is when the sun is up and streaming through the windows. Catching a good sleep, undisturbed is important for resting the body. However, there is too much light in the mornings for the body and mind to rest effectively. The sun’s rays and glare interfere with the sleep and although you think you are asleep, the amount of deep sleep required for good health is almost negligible or insufficient.

Challenge of Blocking out Light during Morning Hours

The biggest challenge for these people is covering up the windows adequately to block out light and noise. Most people use curtains, but these can be ineffective. No matter how thick the material, they are not normally equipped or designed to block out light or sound 100%. They also allow warm air to escape into the room which in turn makes the room hot and uncomfortable. So what are the alternatives to curtains? What can be done to ensure that while the rest of the world goes to work, that other section of the population who stays awake through the night can get deep sleep for their healthy living?

Blackout Liners for Your Drapes

Add a blackout liner to your drapes for a heavy layer that is guaranteed to block 100% of the light through the fabric itself. Once these drapes are drawn across the windows they do an effective job of cutting out light. Blackout lining will also help to reduce the heat by absorbing the sun’s rays before they can enter the room.
Instead of just blackout liners, you could opt for thermally insulated blackout liners for the drapes. They do an admirable job of blocking out light, heat and noise. During winters they are also effective in preventing heat loss.
The above options are for people who do not have the budget of completely overhauling their existing drapes. The addition of blackout liners can work well.
Drapes with Blackout Liner

Applying Window Tint Film on Windows

You could apply a window tint film to the inside of the windows. The films allow light to pass through but cuts down the glare and reduce the amount of light entering. They help to reduce heat and keeps the rooms cooler. You can apply these tints without changing the entire window treatment. While this is an economical way of dealing with the light, there are a number of drawbacks. Firstly they do not ensure complete darkness. Secondly, it presents a problem when you do want light in the room. The films are not designed to be easily removed and replaced every time you want the light to come in.
Window Tint Film

Effective Way of Blocking Out Light without Curtains

If you want a more effective and foolproof means of blocking light completely and do away with your existing curtains and drapes then you could try out the blackout blinds and shades collection of Graber, Crown, and Horizon.

Blackout Shades or Shades with a Combination of Blackout & Light Filtering Fabrics

The Blackout Roller Shades from Crown is definitely worth it. They help to completely block out light, reduces exposure to harmful UV rays, and puts a check on your energy bills by blocking out the heat of the sun.
Blackout Cellular Shades are another beauty and one of the most versatile shades you can come across. The blackout fabric implies maximum protection from light and sound and the cellular shades offer insulation and reduction of energy usage.

The Day Night Cellular Shades are equally brilliant. They have two Honey Comb fabrics in one shade. One is a light filtering fabric on the top part and the other is room darkening fabric on the lower part. When required the bottom part of the shade can cover the entire window taking care of your complete light blockage needs. The cellular design of the shades offers the best insulation to your windows.
Day Night Cellular Shades
The Perfect Vue Shades from Graber is worth a mention. They seek to combine sheer light filtering pleated fabrics with blackout or room darkening cellular fabrics in one shade. It gives complete control over privacy, light control, sound and thermal insulation.

For all of you who work when the world sleeps to keep essential services running, you deserve more than your share of good rest and sleep. The morning light is something that will be there but you will have to find ways to keep them out of the room. Blackout blinds and shades do a fantastic job for you. Allow light in when you want and block them out at your own will. Explore these options and you will not regret them for sure.