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Best Window Protection Ideas Against Glare And Ultraviolet Radiation

How To Block Heat From Windows

How To Block Heat From Windows – Best Window Protection Ideas


We are more exposed to the detrimental effects of our weather than we realize. We all love to go to the nearest beach on a holiday and sunbathe in relaxation without a care in the world. But have we ever wondered what being exposed to the sun for long hours can do to our skin? When the temperatures increase, there is greater exposure to ultraviolet radiation which can result in chronic and acute consequences.

Constant exposure results in sunburning, tanning and pigmentation which damages the skin to a great extent, and the chronic effects are sometimes life-threatening, resulting in premature aging of the skin, eye damage and even skin cancer in some cases.


How To Block Heat From Windows

When we are going out when the sun is shining bright, we usually take our umbrellas, put on sunglasses and apply sunscreen to our bodies. However, we expect our homes to protect us when we are indoors, and effective window treatments play a big role in prevention against ultraviolet radiation, glare, and heat.

Blocking heat from windows can be a challenge. However, with multiple window shades, blinds, and curtains available in the market that can be used to block heat, choosing the right one has become a lot easier.


Here are a few of the best window protection ideas to protect your house against glare and ultraviolet radiation:


1) Sunscreen Blinds – Roller And Solar Shades


It is often a misconception that only laborers and workers involved in outdoor activities are more prone to the risks of sun exposure. However, many recent studies have shown that even office workers with desk jobs can develop skin infections and allergies arising because of sun damage if the windows in their offices are not protected properly.

Sun Filtering Roller Shades

To avoid sagging skin, darkened spots, and wrinkles, offices often resort to sun filtering roller shades and blinds which are popular choices in corporate spaces. With these options, you can effectively manage glare and UV rays while still retaining an outside view, which will avoid that claustrophobic feel that you might have. Sometimes roller sunscreen blinds are also used together with an additional layer of blackout blind to provide complete privacy during night time.

Solar Shades

Just like sunscreen blinds, solar shades are thus designed to reflect the sunlight rays instead of penetrating right through the window. Modern technology enables them to absorb the outside heat while giving an appealing and unique look from the inside. When you have guests over, maybe you can consider sitting in the bay window area and enjoy the outside view if the surroundings offer a lush landscape.

They are made from antimicrobial and flame-retardant materials which makes them ideal UV-resistant solutions for any kind of inside space. They can be manual or motorized and come in materials that are durable, lasting as long as the house itself if maintained properly.


2) Custom Plantation Shutters


Custom Plantation Shutters


Available in a variety of materials from wood and faux wood to synthetic, polyvinyl and fabric blends, shutters lend an exquisite beauty to the home. They are natural insulators and can store heat inside during peak winters. During summers, they act as amazing shields to keep the heat and glare out by up to 70-75%. This makes them excellent energy-efficient options too. You do not need air conditioners or heaters in your home if you have shutters installed on every window in the house.

Beyond heat protection, they can prevent ultraviolet radiation from damaging the furniture and floorings of the house to a large extent. You can adjust them accordingly to decide how much light you want inside your house. But when they are shut off completely, they act as blackout shades that provide the necessary privacy in case you need proper rest and a satisfying sleep.

Interior shutters are the most common type of shutters that are installed/mounted on the inside of the window. You can have custom window shutters built based on your requirements and specifications of the windows

Exterior shutters are mounted on the outside. They are used for privacy purposes but the main reason for installing them is the appeal they provide to the exterior of the house, making a good impression on passersby and bystanders. Apart from protection against UV radiation, they offer good resistance against storms and hurricanes.

Plantation shutters are beautiful in design and appearance and have angled slats at regular intervals to let light filter through them. They are good options in reducing glare while having multiple adjustable and motorized features to be one of the top-selling shutters in modern homes.

Board and batten shutters are common types of shutters where a series of wooden boards are attached together with a series of battens. They lend the house a traditional look while doing the job of sun protection remarkably well.


3) Blackout Curtains And Draperies

Possibly the most traditional form of protection against glare or ultraviolet radiation is to install panel or rod curtains next to the window and enjoy a comfortable and cozy atmosphere inside the house. You can go for blackout or room darkening curtains as these are the most foolproof methods to protect the house against intruders and unnecessary outside sounds while keeping the harsh sunlight out of your home. They protect the floorings, furniture, accessories, and valuables in your home and are amazing energy-saving options.

Since they are available in various materials and textures, you can decide on the ones that will go best with the look of the room and the colors of the walls. Velvet, raw silk, polyester and cotton blends are some of the key materials used in making blackout curtains. They also come in layered options, with one fabric being thick and the other being sheer or semi-sheer.

Available in various prints and patterns like houndstooth, graphics, geometric and Aztec (to name a few), curtains provide several advantages and can beautify the look of the house in an instant. However, it must be noted that they block the outside view completely and require regular care and maintenance.


4) Window Films

When you do not have the luxury of going for expensive window blinds and shades or those heavy curtains to keep your room cool and protected, you can go for some customized window films to do the job for you. Window films are regularly used in cafes, restaurants, offices, and homes which are under constant exposure from the sun. the installation is fairly simple. You can mount them when the heat is too much to handle and remove them when you wish to enjoy the outside view. You do not need a professional person to install them for you. They can reduce up to 80% radiation and heat.

Another great thing about going for window films is that they do not change the look of the windows. They can also be easily cleaned and maintained and save a lot of space inside the home. However, you must do some proper research before going for the right window film as a lot depends on the kind of glass that you use for your windows. This impacts on the kind of effect the films will ultimately have.

To conclude, there are multiple window protection ideas to protect the house against ultraviolet radiation. You can go for them which will also serve as a fine excuse to upgrade the appearance of your living space. Hence, there are multiple benefits to finding the perfect window treatments. Go for ones which suit your budget, needs, and requirements.

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