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How To Block Heat From A Skylight

How To Block Heat From A Sklyight

Homes can become pretty stuffy and claustrophobic. And when the house is situated in a location where it is flanked by buildings all around, it becomes difficult for natural light to enter. For this purpose, people build skylights into their homes. These are narrow (or wide) openings on the roof that are made up of a transparent material to let in copious amounts of sunlight. The purpose is to create a glow inside the house where there is less reliance on artificial lighting.Skylights also let you have a clear view of the sky, and you can directly lie beneath them at night and enjoy the stars from a distance, mesmerized by the beauty. The idea to build skylights is an exciting one, albeit it is also full of challenges. When weathers turn extreme and people look for ways to block heat and cold from entering the home, the presence of skylights can complicate things. However, when you have the right window treatments, your job is made much easier. In this section, we identify the different types of skylights and how they can protect your home from the mercilessness of the weather.

Skylights and Their Types

Depending on their use, the rooms they are installed in, and the materials used in their construction, there are different types of skylights. A few of them are discussed below.

1. Fixed Skylights: As the name suggests, these skylights are fixed to the roofs, and they do not adjust to allow for ventilation or a fresh breeze of air. Because of this feature, they are best used for low-lit areas that are not frequently visited, such as the attics and stairwell. These skylights are usually constructed from the glass while the frame is constructed from steel, timber or aluminum.

2. Ventilated Skylights: These types of skylights allow the smooth flow of air and light to and fro, and are best suited for areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom, which may otherwise form excess moisture on surfaces and mirrors. Besides a constant flow of fresh air in the home or a building, such skylights keep the place well-illuminated from natural light.

3. Tubular Skylight: This skylight is the latest addition to the different types of skylights, as it utilizes modern technology to be functional. This is best used in houses where you don’t have enough space on the roof to accommodate a fixed or ventilated skylight. So you get a small tube-style pipe with a spherical dome-like structure installed on the top. The natural light gets “collected” and is then transmitted indoors without any loss of light.

4. Custom Skylight: Custom skylights can be built in any particular shape and size, and the purpose is to add an aesthetic quality to the building. They might be uncommon for personal use, but their materials must be hurricane resistant glass and must also entail rain and temperature control sensors.

5. Pyramid Skylight: It is thus called because of the shape of the skylight. Depending on your need, it can be constructed in any size. These skylights are constructed for hallways, lobbies and large spaces. These must, however, be properly sealed as the chances for leaks are incredibly high.
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A Few Takeaways Of Skylights

Skylights, because of their unique applicability, offer a number of features one cannot shy away from, a few of which are listed below.

1. Ventilation and Natural Light: The primary purpose of the skylight is to have a sort of a transparent/translucent opening that can let in plenty of natural light, besides providing ventilation through which air can pass through. The real challenge for you would be to choose a place where you want to set it up. It could be a bathroom, a living room, a bedroom or a kitchen.

2. Aesthetics: One of the most important purposes of having a skylight on your roof is to beautify the appearance of your home. Not only does a skylight look good from inside but it also elevates the curb appeal from your home, creating a solid impression on potential buyers and brokers. The resale value will increase, for a well-constructed skylight is a coveted addition to any home.

3. Minimize The Need For Artificial Light: Refer the first point, for when you have a great amount of natural light, you do not need to resort to lamps, bulbs and lanterns. Also, think of the different ways in which you can lower your electricity bills.

4. Health and Well-Being: Have you ever realized how important Vitamin D is to your health and well-being. You must be regularly exposed to natural sunlight, for its absence may lead to mood swings and depression. Sunlight elevates moods and happiness, and keeps you lively and charged up throughout the day. This is one of the reasons why having a skylight is essential in your home.

5. Maintain Temperature Balance: Having a skylight keeps circulating the air inside the room through its ventilated portion. Thus, you have pleasant mornings and nights, where you can lie under it and enjoy a comfortable sleep especially when the evenings are breezy.

6. Reduce Glare: Skylights come in tainted glasses that reduce the glaring effect of the sunlight and filters the good part of it, creating a soothing glow while also evenly distributing the light within the structure.
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Blocking Heat From Skylights Through Window Shades

Thanks to custom-made skylight shades from top-of-the-line brands such as Graber, you can enjoy natural light while minimizing the drawbacks, one of which is extreme heat. These shades are designed specifically to prevent the room from heating up during summers and warm afternoons, besides blocking the ultraviolet radiation from entering your home and damaging your belongings over time.

Thanks to single or double-cell fabrics used in the construction of the blinds, you can considerably lower your energy consumption and allow yourself to have greater light control. Here are two of the best Skylight solutions to choose from in this regard.

1. Graber Crystalpleat Skytrack Skylight Shades: Available in a wide range of colors, these shades boast of ⅜-inch thickness and white aluminum side channels. Some of the popular color choices in them are Atlantic Frost, Barnwood, Canadian Tuxedo, Elegant Dove, Lime Chiffon, Pier, Soft Coal, Dark Taupe, Golden Wheat, Peacock Plume, Seascape and Adirondack. However, they do not entail high privacy and are controlled with a central rail handle.
Blackout Skylight Shades
2. Crystalpleat Blackout Skytrack Skylight Cellular Shades: These are the right fit for your skylights if you want to add an elegant touch to your indoors while enjoying a natural outdoor view. Offering splendid protection against discomforting heat, these shades include metallic liners with side tracks to eliminate leakage. They come in both single and double cell fabrics to provide insulation and maintain comfortable room temperature. As they come with sky poles and aluminum center rail handles, they are ideal for windows that are hard to reach. Besides, their crisp structure and appearance ensure an eye-catching look which will add a superb decor element.

Final note: There are different forms of skylights that you can install on your roofs, which are often a necessity as they provide ventilation. However, you need the right window treatments to ensure that the temperature of the room is not affected. With brands such as Graber, they can be chosen in different kinds of fabrics and a range of colors for an effective window treatment.