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Someone planning new home decor.

Blending the old with the new is the new rage in modern home decor. Mixing in traditional, rustic aesthetics with modern technology is one the more popular styles that architects, interior designers, and builders. If your house is a mid century modern one, that is to say a few decades old, you may be interested in creating a contrast  between the older traditional pieces that are found with your house, and modern pieces of furniture, window coverings, and technology.

Traditional and modern furniture, window shades, and home decor all try to incorporate elements of the past and the future fused into the present. With the old, they try to incorporate old school looks like rustic, colonial, and victorian era appearances with futuristic technology like smart homes. Of course, a lot of this decor will depend on your personal style as well, so if you like clean lines or rounded edges, there is something for you.

Traditional Style in a Modern Space

If you live in a newer, modernly built house, then you can usually expect things like pot lights, hardwood floors, and an open concept kitchen, dining and living room. If you want to add a splash of traditional decor to it, then allow us to suggest getting roman shades to dress the modern windows. Roman shades harken back to olden days in its appearance, as it closes in large pleats invoking images of royal drapes from the Victorian era.

A lot of traditional spaces make it a point to incorporate a lot of nature or add the feel of nature to its overall appearance. They like to add things like a lot of hardwood furniture with rustic colors and add a lot of plants or faux plants to compliment them. This combination creates a sense of zen, as if you are in a garden when you go into this type of room(s). With these rooms,you can further compliment it with natural shades. As its name suggests, natural shades are made from natural materials like wood and bamboo. They are styled like roman shades, that is using large pleats to close which creates a visual appeal to emphasise the naturalistic style of the room.

Modern Blinds and Shades

If your home is of the older style without the modern amenities of newer houses, it does not mean you need to overturn everything to capture the look and appeal of contemporary houses. You can slowly build up to the style and functionality of newer houses, and you can do so with smart shades

Modern roller shades.

Furniture styles come and go throughout the years. Sometimes large sectionals are all the rage, then maybe the three-piece furniture sets come back. But with shades, you can get them in a way that they will never go out of style and will upgrade your home’s curb appeal. Smart shades, being motorized and connectable to modern technology, will do all of that for you and then some.

Smart shades is an umbrella term and encompasses many different types of shades, including roller shades, cellular shades, roman shades, pleated shades and more. The key is that they are motorized and operable with a remote control or with smart tech like your smartphone or Amazon Alexa. With smart shades, you can add it to an already burgeoning smart home system or you can use it to start upgrading your old-style house.

Modern Technology

This brings around one of the best ways to modernize your traditional home, bringing in the latest smart home technology. A few of the things that are included in this category are the aforementioned smart shades, smart lights, smart home security, smart thermostats, and smart appliances. All of these can be controlled remotely via your phone or they can be programmed to function on their own.

With all this futuristic technology, you can seamlessly combine it with traditional style houses and help modernize them. For example, if the house has older style chandeliers and incandescent lights, you can opt to replace them with pot lights that are incorporated into a smart system. Not only will you be saving money with better energy efficiency, you also won’t have to worry about having the lights left on as they can turn off by themselves on a timed basis. This way, you still have some of the old rustic charm of your older house with a lot of the benefits of modern technology.

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