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How to Best Dress a Full Length Window


Do you need curtains or drapery panels for high windows?

The space between the ceiling and the window frame is usually small in taller windows. As a result of the lack of space, it’s best to hang curtains or drapery panels as high as possible. You can hang them directly from the ceiling if there is no space between the window and the ceiling. This use of curtains is a regular sight in modern homes, as it allows them to seamlessly blend in with the window and the ceiling, creating a clean and uncluttered look to the set up.

Tall windows add the feeling of height to rooms. By adding drapery panels that go from ceiling to floor, you amplify this feel and create more dimension in the room.

The Advantages of Curtains for Tall Windows

Despite the many different types of modern high-ceiling window treatments, curtains provide numerous advantages that custom blinds and sun shades do not. Let’s take a look at some of the most simple and appealing reasons to get curtains for your full length window! 

  1. Room looks bigger

As previously mentioned, the look of fabric hung from top to bottom in front of windows make your room appear larger. In the morning, tall windows flood your room with bright daylight, making it appear wide and expansive. The vastness of the cloth gives the feeling of grandeur and enormity when the curtains are drawn closed.

Stylish and modern scandinavian interior with drapery that makes the room look bigger
  1. Extremely Functional 

Curtains or drapery panels provide for exact light and privacy control. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, from heavy materials that blackout, to sheer materials that allow plenty of natural light in. Colors can range from dark to bright tones, giving you a wealth of options. So, whichever function is the top priority for you, the vast array of choices is yours to pick from.  

  1. Can Compliment any Home Decor

The most appealing feature of curtains is how they complement any decor they are paired with. Smooth draperies have curves to give your place a homey sense by adding a soft texture to it. You can represent your individuality and personalize your room by choosing bold designs with brilliant colors or soothing, earthy tones. Curtains and drapes are so versatile that any they can come in and add on to any pattern or style you have.

  1. Add to other window treatments 

If you already have dressing on your windows, curtains and drapes need not replace them. If your tall windows already have custom blinds or sun shades, adding curtains on top of the existing dressing can give your home decor an unrivalled sense of flair and luxury. The range of textiles, materials, colors, and patterns provides plenty of opportunity for experimentation and creativity. By effortlessly combining curtains with modern window coverings, you can make your vision a reality and wow everyone who enters your home.

As a result, many individuals pair curtains and drapes with shades and blinds to really accentuate the look of their room and make it more comfortable and pleasant.