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How to be more Environmentally Friendly throughout the Home

Graber blinds at home.

Climate change asks a lot of us as a society to make changes in the way we have been doing things. From changes in our energy consumption to how we produce and consume food. On a micro level, you can learn to lead an eco-friendly life that can help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the environmental impact you have. Let’s explore how.

Choose Products Wisely

Many companies like to advertise that they are “green”, meaning that their products are environmentally friendly. It’s up to you to do further research if what they say is true. Many items, from cleaning products to fruits and vegetables can have a green label. It is up to you to research the company, find out about their processes and see if what they advertise is up to standard.

Even products that you wouldn’t expect to advertise as green do so. Things like plastic bottle makers to custom window treatment companies like Graber Blinds claim to help you reduce the amount of environmental impact you make. As a window coverings company, we’d like to further discuss how Graber window treatments can help you lower your carbon footprint.

Environmentally Helpful Window Coverings

Did you know window treatments can do a lot for you in terms of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle? Shades like cellular shades can help your home become more energy efficient, as they are known for preventing outdoor air from coming in, allowing your indoor air temperature to be more stable without using your heating and cooling as much. In turn, this helps you use those systems less, making your home more energy efficient and better for the environment.

Cellular shades in a bedroom.

A way to further increase the energy efficiency of the shades is to use smart shades. These use smart technology and can be programmed to open and close at certain times of the day. For example, you can have them close during the peak hours of sunlight, preventing solar heat gain and overheating your interiors. This will help reduce the need to use the air conditioning too much and provide the energy efficiency you are looking for. In turn, you can also save financially as well, adding another benefit to you.

Other ways to be Environmentally Friendly 

Helping to preserve the environment is like a team sport, everyone has to do their part. For you, there are many small ways you can incrementally help the planet. You can help reduce food waste by using reusable food containers and properly storing them. You can use environmentally friendly soaps for your dish and clothes. These are a few small things that can go a long way if you and many others do them.

There are a few bigger ways to approach this team problem as well. You can switch to and promote a plant-based diet, as livestock is a big creator of air pollution. You can use fewer vehicles and use public transport. You can pick more optimal times to run appliances and use water intensive processes like the washing machine and dishwasher in off-peak hours so there’s less of a strain on the grid. Things like these can add up together to help preserve what we got.

Lastly, you can invest back into your home. With some smart home solutions, you can have smart technology operating mostly on their own to use less energy. You can invest in things like smart lights and smart thermostats that are programmable to allow you to save on energy usage. Or you can invest in renewable energy solutions for your house, like getting solar panels which can help you get off or rely less on the energy grid. All things that you do, if done in conjunction with many others, can help with lowering our collective carbon footprint and help the environment heal.

Starting Somewhere

As a whole, humanity needs to band together to help sustain our planet. Our ways of life need to change to accomplish such a major goal. It may seem like an incredibly daunting task, but if you start doing your part, you can make a difference. You probably feel that you have little control over the actions of other people, companies and governments. But you should have full control over what happens in your house. So at that level, you can make a difference and help your home become the most environmentally friendly place you can make it.

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