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How to Avoid As Much Sunlight in Your Room As Possible

How To Avoid As Much Sunlight In Your Room As Possible

Summers can be Challenging: The Need to Keep Rooms Cool

Those who experience extremely harsh winters and a cold damp climate all through the year, summers are special and coveted. It is time to step out and enjoy the bright sunny weather, indulge in outdoor barbeques and cherish the splashes in the pool with friends and family. But for all those who experience a warm climate for the greater part of the year, summers are especially challenging and tough. Sun beats down relentlessly accompanied by discomfort and high level of humidity in many areas. Homes in such regions need to be geared up and well equipped to keep this heat and excess sunlight out to help create a soothing and pleasant ambiance inside the house. Even in the cooler regions, summer can slowly gain strength and by the middle of summer, the sun can become unbearable for them too.
A reduction in sunlight and heat is required to keep the interiors cool and also cut down on monthly bills. During the hot summer months, most houses use air conditioners to keep the air cool and if the house is not sealed from heat and sunlight, these air conditioners will have to overwork to continue keeping the homes comfortable and pleasant.

How to Keep Rooms Cool?

To keep the room cool and keep sun away as much as possible, you can use elements like shades, blinds, curtains and awnings. All of these are extremely effective and can make a huge difference to the atmosphere inside the house and also get reflected in the energy bills.

Curtains & Drapes
Curtains are a great choice for the hot summer months. The use of heavy fabrics with blackout linings is recommended to keep the sun and heat out. Curtains offer the best coverage to windows and help to seal off the edges through which sun rays can enter the room. Curtains are often used in layers along with other window treatments like shades and blinds for a more foolproof safeguard against heat. They are a more effective solution to keep the sun out and create a soothing and pleasant ambiance within.
Room Darkening Curtains
If you are using window shades you are spoiled for choice.
Roller-solar shades
These are a fantastic choice for to keeping the heat out, controlling light and also your outside view. Sleek and smart, these shades give a finished look to the windows. Solar shades come with different levels of openness ranging between 1% and 5% and 6% and 14%. The greater the level of openness, the greater the exposure to the sun’s rays and heat. Instead, go for blackout roller shades which are designed to block out 100% of the light through the fabric itself.
Insulated Roller Shades
Exterior Solar shades
Exterior solar shades are mounted on the exterior part of the windows and they help to reflect the sun’s rays back to its source. They catch the sun and the heat before they can touch the glass windows which help to convert the homes in a sun-protected sanctuary. With these shades mounted outside you can opt for an equally functional window shade like Roller Shades or drapes to provide another layer of protection. Experience a beautiful ambiance inside the house even during the peak summer months.
Exterior Solar Shades
Dual roller blackout shades
These Roller shades come with two fabrics rolled in a single headrail. There is a sheer shade in the front which is used for light filtration and maintaining outside view while the blackout rear shade is used to block sunlight out completely. These shades are extremely effective in keeping UV rays out and also cutting out the glares even at the height of summer months. You can use different shades at different times of the day depending upon your need.
Dual Roller Blackout Blinds
Shutters are a superb window treatment effective in keeping the sun out. These shutters are fitted with louvers which can be adjusted for light filtration and privacy. They are firm, pure, natural, economical, durable, eco-friendly, and they are ideal for your dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. They also ensure that you get a low energy bill because these shutters provide insulation from outdoor heat and sound. These wood shutters come in three popular louver sizes like 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½”. Closing the louvers help to cut sun light out completely.
Composite Shutters
Blinds are also used to keep sun out during the hot months. Blinds are made of wood, aluminum, faux wood and even vinyl. Blinds have slats which when closed can keep the sunlight out comprehensively. We recommend the use of wider slat sizes as they ensure a better closure and prevent light from seeping through into the house. Rotating the louvers will help you control the amount of light you want in the room.
Universal Light Blocker for Blinds
Use of Light Blockers
If you have inside mount shades and blinds, some amount of sun’s rays can escape into the house through the gaps along the edges of the window. If you want to cut the light out comprehensively we recommend the use of light blockers. They will help seal the edges. Outside mount shades and blinds offer better coverage as they cover all the edges of the windows.
Continuous or prolonged exposure to sunlight and harmful UV rays will affect the health of family members and also can cause damage to your furnishings and furniture. They fade and wear off faster. Using different window treatments or even a combination of the same can be effective in sealing your rooms off from sunlight comprehensively.