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How To Attach Finials To Curtain Rods

How To Attach Finials To Curtain Rods

Creating the Perfect Look with Curtains

Curtains are a classy and elegant choice of window covering for your home and have been ruling the hearts of homeowners for decades. There are curtains for all types of decor styles. There is heavy silk, velvet or suede drapes for traditional and formal rooms, there are cottons and linens for a casual and contemporary feel, there are sheers for a warm rustic or countryside feel etc. How your windows look depends upon the material of the curtains, the fall, how high they are hanged, the color and texture. But there is more to curtains than we have acknowledged over the years. It has much to do about the accessories and curtains hardware. These include curtain rods, rings (if you are using them) and finials. Finials are decorative knobs that are fixed at the end of the curtain rods.

Curtain Rod Finials

Selecting Curtain Rods

No matter how beautiful your curtain is if the rods and finials are not chosen well enough to compliment the curtains, then they will fall flat on their face. Choosing the right curtain rod is not as easy a task as it seems. Should they match the furniture in your room or the curtains? Should they blend with the curtains or stand out? Well, it all boils down to your home decor style. If you have a minimalist and contemporary room, chunky traditional wood rods and curved finials would be a complete mismatch. Or if you have a boho eclectic bedroom, a shiny silver rod with crystal finials would be quite a disaster. You can choose from a range of colors for your curtains rods and finials. There is white and neutral for pairing with white curtains, bright colors for rooms with neutrals with dark wood accents. Stainless steel rods for rooms with metal light fixtures and brass rods to blend with gold tones.

Selecting Finials for Curtain Rods

Once you have decided on the rods for your curtains it is time to select the finials. Finials may not seem to do much. They are just decorative pieces that you may feel will get lost in the whole scheme of things. But you cannot be further than truth. Finials add architectural dimension to curtains, windows and to the overall home decor. They can look stunning and also perform an important function. They prevent the curtains from slipping off the end of the rods. They are available in a wide range of colors, designs and materials to suit your beautiful curtain rods and gorgeous curtains.

Select a material for your finials that will match the rods. They come in materials like wood, brass, metal, glass, nickel etc. choose a color that will complement the color of the rods. For example you can choose acrylic or colored glass finials for your silver toned curtain rods, black finials with black curtain rods etc. you can choose a design and style as per your liking to harmonize the look of your curtain rod and hardware. There are following types of finials: stud, disc, ball, squat disc, faceted etc.

How to Attach Finials to Curtain Rods

Attaching finials to curtain rods is simple. You must ensure that the width of your curtain rods and finials match. For instance if you are using a 1 inch rod then use a 1 inch finial. Most finials can be attached without screws. Just rotate the finial inside the rod and they will click in place. Some finials however need screws. Just screw the finials into the curtain rod and you are done. If there are no screws you can try using sugru. Sugru is a crossover between glue and play doh. They can be moulded just like play doh and can be applied on many things including finials. Take a ball of sugru and then press it into the base of the knob. Press this knob to the end of the curtain rod. It will allow the finial to stick to the curtain rod. Some amount of sugru may squish out between the finial and curtain rod.

Once your finials are up your curtain look is complete. Stand back and admire your window and see the magic they weave in your room.

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