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How To Adjust Tension on Levolor Roller Shades

Roller shades are always a classy selection when it comes to window decor. There is something about these window dressings that can immensely transform the vibes of your overall home interior while adding the perfect dimension. They are extremely value-oriented when it comes to functionality and creating an aesthetic appeal. Their endless availability in design and texture choices that bring out the best of our windows, giving it a spectacular impressive look. From blocking the sun to providing privacy, the shades do a splendid job for your home. Opting for Levolor roller shades means you are committing to long-lasting and durable window treatment for your home, which is also easy to install and maintain. Levolor is a top renowned go-to brand in the window fashion industry that offers high-quality functional and versatile roller blinds. In a word, they are designed to upgrade the look of your interior in a sophisticated way. But a common issue with these Levolor roller shades is that they sometimes get stuck and do not operate as usual.

Corded and cordless roller shades come with a hollow tube with a coiled spring inside for a smooth and quiet operation. And the tension on the springs may not work properly and as a result, the smoothness of the functionality got affected. Sometimes, the spring may lose tension or uncoils and does not work as required. But adjusting them can rid you of this problem. Now, the question is, how do you adjust the tension on Levolor roller shades? The process is not that difficult as it sounds. Following a few simple tricks can fit the tension rod, making it efficient and operable.

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Roller and Solar shades, customizable for any window in your house. Completely customizable with numerous options.

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In this article, we will show you the easiest and quickest way of fixing tension on Levolor roller shades.

Disclaimer: Before you get started, consult with the professionals or your blinds retailer for advice. Go through all the instruction manuals to protect your product from any damage. ZebraBlinds takes no liability of any issue caused during the process.

Tighten the loose spring tension:

  • Bring down the shade to the halfway point
  • Detach the roller from the brackets
  • Use your hand to roll up the shade but make sure the shades is evenly rolled on the tube
  • Replace the roller in the brackets.
  • Repeat the process until you get the right amount of tension

Loose the Tight Spring Tension:

  • Roll up the levolor roller shade
  • Remove the shade from the brackets
  • Using hand unroll the shade up to the centre
  • Put the roller back in the brackets and follow the same process until the right tension is achieved

Fix a Fully Uncoiled Spring:

  1. Take out the shade from the brackets
  2. Unroll the shades to the midpoint
  3. Use pliers to turn the pin on the spring side of the shade until you get the tension and let the pin hook back properly with the bracket.
  4. And finally tighten or loosen the tension as per the requirements

Release a Spring that is Locked in the Coil:

  1. Take out the shade from the brackets
  2. Use pliers to hold the pin and buckle it in the clockwise direction
  3. Adjust the spring tension as needed

Note – If you have motorized roller shades, then it’s extremely easy to adjust the tension movement using a remote control or voice controlled assistant. But in case if you have corded or cordless roller shades then it’s recommended to follow the above guideline or check with the manufacturers.

Roller shades are easy to fix and maintain. You can easily do this job at home without any hassle. Adjusting the tension not only fixes the functionality of the shades but also ensures the lifespan of the product. If the above instructions do not fix the tension on roller shades, then it’s the time you should replace them with a new one!

Roller & Solar Shades

Roller and Solar shades, customizable for any window in your house. Completely customizable with numerous options.

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