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How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Home Decor

A woman preparing to personalize her rooms.

Have you ever moved into a new space and were wondering how you could add your personal touch to the area? Whether you’ve moved into a new place, or simply want to add more of your personality to your existing home, you can add your personal touch to items throughout the home.

Somehow, modern home decor tends to lean in the direction of sterility. It has become  hard to find items that have personality and color. When decorating or redecorating your home, create a living space you’ll be proud of by adding your own personal touch. 

Having a home that feels cozy, comfortable, and complete is important for a healthy life. Personalizing each space in your home helps you develop a deep connection with the place where you spend most of your time. There are several things you can do to truly create a personalized home.

Take a look at the following simple ways to make your home design more personal.

Personalized Home Decor with DIY Frames

The photographs you take capture some of the most memorable moments that you want to remember for the rest of your life. There is no better way to keep these memories fresh in your mind than to print them and display them throughout your home. You can make the experience more intimate by using personalized picture frames.

Creating your own frames really adds a touch of personalization to your home. Instead of getting cookie cutter frames from retail stores, getting your own materials and building from scratch will really put your stamp everywhere. Add to the fact that they contain photos of you and your loved ones, it creates the perfect combination of personal flavor for the house.

Color your World

As mentioned above, a lot of today’s home decor styles really go for muted colors. There are a lot of greys, and muted shades of blues, greens and browns. If this is your preferred style, by all means go for it. If you want to add splashes of color, read on.

Wall paint is not the only way to add color to a room. You can select furniture, decor pieces and various other knick-knacks that can all brighten your space. However, what you don’t want to do is over-saturate with too many colors. What you want to do is find the color palette that fits within your personal flavor and run with it.

Another underestimated way to add colors is through window treatments. You can really bring your favorite colors home and with a wide variety of treatments styles as well, from cellular shades, roman shades, and more. These shades offer all assortments of colors and designs with their fabrics. So do away with boring old blinds and curtains and personalize with these colorful window treatments.

Modern Window Blinds for Lighting 

Artificial lighting such as pot lights and lamps have you covered during the nighttime. During the day, light control comes down to how your windows are covered. Whether you want light filtering or room darkening, modern window blinds have something for you.

If a modern style is what you are looking to bring, then we would love to introduce you to the zebra blinds. They are a mix of sheer fabrics and solid light filtering fabrics in solid horizontal vanes. Zebra blinds are intended to replace the boring, old look of classic window blinds. 

Sheer shades in a living room.

What really sets modern window blinds apart from older ones is their ability to feature a motor and connectability to your smartphone. Smart blinds can truly become personal as you can control them with a simple touch, and they can also be programmed to open and close on a time schedule. Customize their opening and closing per your needs and really make the home suitable to your every whim.

Accessories that Fit your Style

Displaying your homemade and personal accessories is a beautiful way to add uniqueness to your home, especially  if you are a lover of arts and crafts. They are a reflection of who you are, as well as a demonstration of your abilities and interests.

If you have painted your own canvases or designed patterned ceramic vases, proudly display them in the house. These items are one-of-a-kind and give a unique touch to your home because they are handcrafted.

If you aren’t as hands on with arts and crafts, not to worry. You can add style by finding pieces of art that can reflect your personality and have them displayed. The key is to find and display things that speak to you and not because they are trendy. A personal touch in your home is created from uniqueness from your tastes.

It’s All About You

It’s all too easy to try to imitate someone else’s interior design choices simply because you like the way they appear. While obtaining inspiration is an important aspect of the design process, it’s important not to get too wrapped up in replicating one design. 

Mix and match different aspects you like on a mood board to see how they work together and keep in mind that design is all about you. Your bedroom, living room, are all spaces where you spend a lot of time, so make their appearance matter to you.

Personal touches are important, but they happen spontaneously whether you mean them to or not. Simply by occupying a room and adding to it, you may infuse your own personality into the design. It is important to be purposeful and intentional in your efforts, however.

While you may not have to change all of your furniture or personally create everything you own in your master bedroom, there are plenty of ways to add your personal touch to each room. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. So, keep this list of ideas on hand as you begin exploring ways to customize your home with your own style.

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