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How To Add A Cool Chic Look To Your Home With Contemporary Curtains


Curtains are an important part of interior decor because they possess the ability to frame as well as shape the appearance of a room. They are an addition to your home’s appearance and come in distinct shapes, styles, and materials. This implies that selecting the ideal one for your house isn’t always as simple as it seems. Curtains are commonly made of thin fabrics and are fixed above the windows up on a curtain rod and hang down to the floor. Curtains are often installed over the shades or blinds to darken the room and offer privacy. Curtains can also be sewed or hung in indigenous ways to offer distinct effects. Since they are available in various colors, shapes, materials, depths, and prints, they let us play with our creativity and also set the style and tone of a space.

How to Pick The Right Curtain For The Style And Look You Want

While you are decorating your house, curtains too can make a splash, especially if your house has large windows or many of them. Decorating the windows with curtains isn’t hard, however, the trick lies in knowing how to pick the correct ones for the style and appearance you want.

  1. Add Contrast

Curtains are a perfect way of incorporating an accent color into your room decor. For the most stunning look, develop a contrast between the curtains and the wall color to really draw the eye. You can introduce a simple look by using curtains in shades that vary in depth from the wall color. For instance, if your walls are dark blue-gray, then go for sky blue curtains. Pair two shades with varying undertones for a bolder contrast. Installing warm terracotta curtains against navy walls creates an exceptional look that gives your space a fresh and modern feel.

  1. Introduce a Pattern

Including a pattern in your interior decor is a simple way of breaking up a solid color scheme and adding visual interest to your space. You may not prefer to use bold patterns on the walls or large furniture as these are more long-term or expensive components in the design. However, curtains are easy to alter. If you get bored of the existing pattern, then you can interchange the curtains with the new ones. Go for an elegant, traditional appearance with exquisite floral print curtains. If you want to offer your space an opulent look, install curtains in a herringbone or chevron pattern, or consider an animal print pattern to offer your room a funky personality.

  1. Play with Texture

Curtains come in various materials, so their texture can also be used to provide dimension to your room decor. For instance, if you are building a classic, opulent space with a velvet couch, luxurious silk curtains can make the room look even more gorgeous. You can also hang curtains to balance the textures in a room or soften the appearance of a rugged leather sofa by coupling it with lightweight sheer curtains. The appearance of your room can be boosted by selecting fabric curtains with an attractive texture. Try velvet, tapestry, or suede curtains to make a unique statement.

  1. Bring in Drama

In addition to texture, pattern, and color, the curtain length can offer drama to your space in a major way. For a relaxed, modest statement, your curtains must reach just beneath the windowpane. But, floor-length curtains are the ones to opt for if you are looking for a more dramatic and traditional look. You can make your space appear softer and more pleasant by selecting extra-long curtains that reach the floor.

How To Use Contemporary Curtains For A Cool Chic Look

Your home decor creates a first impression for your guests, thereby setting the tone of your home’s interior style and your personal taste. Curtains play a significant role in creating the mood and bringing all those decor components together.

  1. Using Curtains With Bamboo Blinds

Imagine soft, windy white curtains draped at both the ends of a bamboo blind. This would present an exceptional and truly attractive, summery appearance. The white curtains combined with bamboo blinds present the ideal shady point indoors while still letting you allow in as much sunlight as you want when the blinds are opened. This is a pretty minimalist look and is ideal for people who like simple things. Also, bamboo offers an old-school feeling that is very Zen and relaxing. Additionally, blending natural fabrics like cotton/linen with bamboo offers healthy energy.

  1. Twin Curtains with One Kind Tied Up

Rather than using a single curtain layer, opt for two-layered curtains. Then, gather the uppermost layer and make a knot and tie it to the side. This will expose the lowermost layer making the windows look even more attractive. You can use subtle and sober, bright and attractive, or contrasting colors for twin curtains. The concept is to feature curtains knotted to the side while they are still unfurled. So, it should be ensured that the lowermost layer is made of thick fabric to keep the sun by the bay.

  1. Burlap Curtains

The burlap curtains offer a homely, rough, and rustic appearance. Burlap curtains are no ordinary curtain fabric, however, if you want something extraordinary and distinct, these curtains will help you out. Burlap goes well with a decor theme if you want something vintage or rustic.

  1. Velvet Curtains

For a room to appear cozy and welcoming, velvet curtains should be installed for broad windows. Unlike other materials, they offer a true richness. Velvet has thick and dense fibers to keep the cold and moisture out while warming up the room during winter nights. Velvet curtains trap microbes and dust to avoid them from entering your room as velvet consists of small fibers. This makes them the ideal curtain fabric, particularly for those having dust allergies. The interesting part about these curtains is that they come in a wide range of colors which makes them one of the popular options for most.

  1. Complement With Brightly Colored Curtains

If a room is completely white, then the curtains offer a good choice to add the much-required accent in the room. Additionally, bright colors can be used even if your space isn’t completely made of a single color. If your room is mostly white, then you are fortunate to have an array of choices before you. But, if you are more diverse in colors, ensure to pick a bright color that highlights your personality while toning the room with itself.

Bottom Line

Windows are one of the key elements of a room. They produce a flow, decide the furniture arrangement, and also let in the natural sunlight and fresh air that you require to maintain a cool and joyful atmosphere. However, we tend to overlook that window treatments are so much more than a window dressing to bring a room together. If your curtains are gloomy, not perfectly fitting, or just simply dull, then it’s high time to think about giving them a makeover.