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How to Accurately Measure for Window Blinds

How to Accurately Measure for Window Blinds

Like many homeowners, you might ask about how much smaller or larger your window blinds must be compared to the window. So, we will address this question in this blog space.

To determine what size of blinds you must install, first you need to diligently measure the windows of your home correctly. 

There are two ways you can install shades and blinds – Inside mount and outside mount.

Sun shades and blinds must fit accurately to a window’s measurements if they are installed inside the window frame or opening. This is called an inside mount. If the shades are installed outside of the window opening, it is called an outside mount, and the shades typically are wider and longer than the window by a few inches. Each type of mounting has its own considerations and steps for measuring.

To ensure the blinds and shades you order fit properly, take accurate measurements using a marker, steel measuring tape and a notepad.

  • To measure for inside-mounted horizontal and vertical blinds, start with the length of the window in three places. Begin at the top of the window, in the middle, and at the bottom; use the smallest measurement for the blind’s length. 
  • You have to measure the exact height in the same manner as above. That is to say, measure in three locations, the right, the middle and the left. Again, use the smallest point as your height. 
  • If your window frame has unequal measurements, then you should choose an outside mount as it will improve light control.
  • To measure for an outside-mounted horizontal and vertical window blinds, you can measure the width of the sides in three places, taking the smallest as your accurate measurement. Don’t forget to measure the window from top to bottom. Start at the sill if there is one. Record the height of the window accurately, including any brackets or mouldings you may have. 
  • Add three inches to the height to ensure sufficient mounting space. Also add an additional two to four inches on the width for the best light blocking. 
Two people measuring windows

Mentioned below are some common mistakes people make while measuring for blinds.

Making Presumption that Similar Windows are of the Same Size

There is no such thing as a “standard size” window. When you see all the windows of your room, they might look of the same size but it is unlikely that they are. Always measure all the windows in your room individually.

Measuring the Old Blinds Rather Than the Window Opening

This is also a very common mistake made by people. They measure their old blinds or window coverings instead of measuring the window openings directly. Always measure your window openings directly.

Not measuring correctly

One of the most important steps is to measure both the height and width in 3 places – top, middle, and bottom. This allows you to be sure your blinds will fit, even if your windows are a different size at the top or bottom of the opening. Just as we said that no two windows are the exact same size, it’s rare to find a window that’s perfectly square.

Not Using a correct measuring tape

When measuring your windows, always choose the correct measuring tape. As we make your window treatments to the 1/8″, it’s important to have super accurate measurements. A ruler, yardstick, cloth tape measure for sewing or just eyeballing it won’t do!

Bending the Tape

You may think that the only way to measure inside an opening is to bend the tape measure and try to guess what tick mark is in the middle of the curve. Even though you’ve seen TV woodworkers do this, it’s a big no-no if you want accurate measurements. Make sure you note the correct tick at the point before it bends.

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