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How Room Darkening Curtains Can Help Cool Your Room

How Room Darkening Curtains Can Help Cool Your Room

Home decor is an essential part of setting up a new home and every homeowner dreams of transforming his or her personal space into an aesthetically inviting space. While choosing the perfect wall colors and good quality furniture is important, one needs to spare a considerable amount of thought into settling for suitable curtains that will instantly perk up your interior. Investing in the right type of curtains can not only help you beautifully decorate your window but also filter out harsh sun rays and offer a cool and cozy atmosphere. Nowadays, a wise decision would be to invest in heavy blackout or room darkening drapes that will prove beneficial in diminishing the amount of heat that is transferred through your windows, thus leading to cooler temperatures during the scorching summer heat. Moreover, the room darkening curtains will supplement your internal heating and cooling system as you conserve more energy in the process.

Curtains used to be put on a hallowed pedestal in the home decor arena as homeowners searched frantically for the perfect design, material or size. Nowadays, modern-day window treatments are taking the centre stage with innovative patterns, designs and features! However, many homeowners still feel the need to adorn their windows with attractive curtains that accentuate the aesthetic appeal of the window treatments as well. There is no denying the simple fact that curtains add more depth and definition to the interior space by balancing sharp lines without looking too garish. Depending on the color scheme on the walls, you can opt for soft, pastel and neutral hues, or even vibrant, showy colors while choosing suitable curtains for your decor. During the sweltering heat in the summer season, it is best that you close the cooling curtains covering the windows to block out as much sunlight as possible. It is advisable that you settle for medium-colored draperies with white plastic backings that are highly efficient in diminishing heat gains. Curtains go a long way in creating a soothing ambience while blocking direct daylight to keep you feeling refreshed.

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Can Room Darkening Curtains Beat The Summer Heat?

Summer months can be hot and humid (depending on where you live) and global warming over the years has led to heat waves with unbearable temperatures! The heat waves greatly contribute to raising the room temperature and may lead to multiple health issues, which will eventually destroy your comfort and make you feel hot and restless inside your home. Moreover, the strong glare of the summer sun along with harmful UV rays can gradually damage your furniture and furnishings with the sharp rise in mercury level. This is where room darkening curtains can be a boon with their unique design that enhances insulation and can decrease the light exposure by 90 percent while complementing the room’s decor. The room darkening curtains are built out of thick fabrics that are successful in shielding the room from the natural heat. Though the internet is now filled with new-age window solutions, investing in good quality curtains is still a timeless favorite among the homeowners!

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Room Darkening Curtains Vs Blackout Curtains – Which Work Best As Cooling Curtains?

The main advantage of setting up room darkening curtains is to block the harsh daylight filtering through the open windows as bedrooms require a cool environment for peaceful slumber. Since the curtains deftly diminish the heat transfer from the outside, you can relish a comfortable ambience even when the weather is sunny! The room darkening or blackout curtains are excellent at cutting down the cooling costs as you extensively cut down on the sky-high air conditioning bills that burn a hole through your wallet on a monthly basis. Indeed, room darkening drapes are a smart investment and will act as lifesavers when it comes to rescuing your home from overheating during hot climates. You can customize the window treatments to suit your needs and accordingly plan your interior space for a modern look. However, while choosing cooling curtains you should consider the fact that blackout curtains are much more effective in keeping the room cool owing to its 100 percent opacity. While room darkening curtains work well in reducing the amount of light, sound and heat inside the room, the blackout shades will offer a higher level of sun control and privacy because of the pitch black darkness. In case of room darkening drapes, the material and design allows the scope for a small amount of light to enter through the window, while blackout will block 100% through the material itself.

Since blackout curtains shield 100 percent of the sunlight and the ultraviolet radiation, it also protects the furniture from long-term damage. Blackout curtains give out a sophisticated vibe and are generally made up of fiberglass that works well in building noise cancellation and heat resistance. Blackout drapes are also composed of materials like polyurethane foams, suede, polyester, silk, mineral wool and cellulose, all of which are excellent at insulating the curtains to prevent heating up of the room. Blackout curtains come in an impressive variety like Ring Top curtains, 3D Blackout curtains, Thermal Insulated curtains, and Pencil Pleat curtains. On the contrary to popular belief, opting for light colors (like white, off-white and cream) in room darkening curtains can be more effective in reflecting heat and light, instead of setting up dark-colored curtains.

According to the latest research work in climate, the summer season is steadily growing longer and the global warming is leading to a sharp rise in temperatures and it is wise to go for heavily insulated room darkening or blackout curtains that will cool down your home and lessen the monthly pressure of high-cost electricity bills! Blackout curtains serve the dual purpose of cooling curtains as well as sound dampening curtains, which will ensure the perfect setting and create a cinematic mood to enhance your experience while watching a movie at home! Plus, you will be rewarded with a relaxing ambience as you smoothly slip into a peaceful slumber at night.

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