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How Outdoor Blinds Can Actually Increase Your Energy Efficiency Indoors


Most people use blinds for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of their home. However, you will be surprised to know that you can significantly cut down on your electricity bills by using energy-saving blinds. While most people install blinds indoors due to their convenient operation and easy maintenance, exterior or outdoor blinds can also be used since they are designed for blocking solar light. Due to their sturdy build, they have lesser gaps and block the harsh sunlight before it passes through the windows.

Since this kind of drapery can be used to lower your energy bills, it makes sense to invest in some high-quality blinds to cut down on the bills for years to come. Furthermore, the electricity in our homes comes from non-renewable resources. It means that by using energy saving blinds, we are assisting in building a sustainable lifestyle. In short, Outdoor blinds play a huge role in helping one live a sustainable lifestyle and helping one save money on their heating and cooling bills.

How Energy-Efficient Outdoor Blinds Work

There is a vast difference between regular outdoor blinds and energy-efficient outdoor blinds. While the former serves the purpose of aesthetic refinement, the latter not only enhances the beauty of your décor but also keeps your home temperature in check, which in turn helps you save on electricity costs. Here are some of the ways in which energy-efficient outdoor blinds work:

  • Blackout Designs

For summers, blinds with blackout designs are ideal. These window treatments give you absolute control over the amount of light that is coming into your house. Installing these blinds on the bedroom windows will make sure that you can sleep peacefully and wake up without being alarmed by the harsh sun rays.

Blackout blinds are easy to maintain and clean. Furthermore, they  ensure that you get an ample amount of privacy in your home. Not only do these curtains protect you from heat, but they also protect your furniture from the damage that can be caused due to extended sunlight exposure. Sunlight can make your furniture look dull, old, and faded, which is why installing blackout curtains in your home is the perfect way to add years of life to them.

  • Advanced Insulation Technology

The advanced design of energy-efficient outdoor window coverings can help you in keeping the temperature of your home constant as per your preference. This technology ensures a constant temperature indoors by trapping air and providing insulation that protects your home from the weather.

These blinds are functional for all seasons and types of weather. During the summer, they block out the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays from coming in and protect your house from overheating. Conversely, during winters, they help in keeping your house warm by trapping the warm air inside and keeping the cold air out. 

Cellular blinds are shaped like honeycombs and their design makes them perfect for the maintenance of your home’s temperature. The honeycomb-like multi-layered design traps the air within and keeps the temperature of the interiors constant.

  • Contemporary Materials

The contemporary materials such as light-blocking fabrics used to create these modern outdoor shades will block out a significant proportion of UV rays. Additionally, they will help the HVAC system of your home to maintain room temperature regardless of the weather outside.

Roller shades or Roman shades with a blackout design can protect your house from overheating during the summers. Since these blinds are made up of thicker materials, they are ideal for blocking out UV rays and sunlight. Moreover, these curtains are perfect for the bedroom as they ensure maximum privacy.

  • Hi-Tech Automation

Different seasons require different settings for the window treatments. The good news is that smart and automated blinds can be programmed to function per your needs during various seasons. During the summer, you can program these window treatments to close where there is exposure to sunlight and instruct the others to stay as they are. Additionally, during the wintertime, these window coverings can remain open to allow the maximum amount of light and warmth indoors. Since these blinds can be controlled through remote and voice commands, they can also be customized to open and close during specific times during the day depending on the habits of you and your family.

Motorized blinds can be operated through voice commands and remote controls. These blinds can be programmed to automatically open and close during specific times of the day. These customizations help a lot in saving energy and ensure sustainability. For example, during the summer, these blinds can be customized to close on windows that are directly exposed to the sun’s rays whereas the other blinds can remain open, allowing some light and warmth to enter.

On a Final Note

Saving energy has become a matter of utmost importance as a result of environmental degradation and climate change. Hence it becomes one’s responsibility as a conscious citizen of the world, to lead a lifestyle with minimal waste and reducing one’s carbon footprint. Energy-saving blinds can help immensely in conserving non-renewable resources. Moreover, it can also help in creating a better future for upcoming generations.

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