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How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A House?

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If you have ambitions or plans to renovate your home, one of the foremost things on your mind is how much will it cost, and how much are you willing to spend. Owning your house allows you a great many freedoms, and one of them is the ability to upgrade it to your wants and needs.

There are numerous reasons for you to want to make home improvements. These reasons can be that people change over time, as do their needs, tastes, and preferences, or the house is older and needs a remodeling project. There are a few things that you should consider before you begin making home improvements, such as square footage of your house, any load bearing walls that you cannot take down, and how much you can expect to pay.

How Much Should You Spend on Home Renovations?

Consider the overall value of your home to get an idea of what your remodelling budget should be. A good cost estimator can depend on the square feet, especially if you plan to remodel the entire house. What you can do is work with a general contractor and develop a floor plan, that way you can know what to expect on spending. 

A good general number to work with is roughly 10 to 15% of the total appraised value of your house, that way if you need to refinance and draw some cash, you will be able to build a budget. This number will also be able to tell you your return on investment, should you decide to sell your home in the future.

Now if your house is older and you want to gut and remodel it, you may need to raise that number to 20 to 25%. Another good remodel cost plan could be to make changes one room at a time. For example, you can do a kitchen remodel one year, then your bed and bathrooms the next. That way, you do not have to worry about having all the cash available to you immediately. 

With an older house, it may be wise to consult trained professionals like electricians and plumbers to inspect if electrical circuits and pipes are in good working order. If they do need changing, they should be prioritized prior to any cosmetic renovations you make, as if they do end up breaking down, they can seriously damage the good work you do to the cosmetic appearance of your house.

Prioritize your Remodelling Requirements.

If you do end up deciding to do the renovation one room at a time, prioritize which ones need to be done first. It can be rooms that you use the most, like your bedrooms, or the rooms where changes need to be made ASAP, like an old kitchen with worn down appliances, flooring, and cupboards.

By prioritizing which rooms you would like to renovate first, you will be able to budget better by knowing what items need to be changed and which materials you will incorporate in your upgrades. Whether you want to use premium items like hardwood and marble, or more cost friendly items like laminate and granite, you will be able to measure out the room’s dimensions and estimate how much of the materials you need to purchase.

By starting with the flooring and cupboards, you can then decide to move to the walls. By opting to redo your walls next, you won’t have to worry about moving furniture, cables, and various other items around during the painting process. Another advantage of painting the walls next is you will be able to start building the theme and color scheme you want your home to be in. 

Renovate with Modern blinds and Shades 

A redecorating style that we like to suggest is to decorate from outside to in. By starting with your walls, you have set up the color and look that you want for your house’s interior. The next place to cover is your windows. Luckily, with modern blinds and shades, you will be not left wanting in terms of style, options, and colors.

If you’re the type of person who likes technology and likes convenience, then smart blinds are absolutely for you. They can be controlled with a remote, your smart phone, or with a smart home device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Similarly, you can begin the smart integration of the rest of your house, like your hvac system, your appliances, and your lights. Together with the smart blinds, they can all be interconnected and be programmed to operate at certain times, at certain internal temperatures, and all hands free.

Zebra shades in a living room.

Another popular modern shade are the zebra shades. They are an alternating set of solid and see-through sheer vanes. Zebra shades are a modern style shade that are intended as an alternative to classical louvre blinds. With these shades, you don’t have to worry about individual louvres potentially getting damaged, or individually cleaning them. They are akin to roller shades as they are a single material that goes up and down when you want to open and close them.

Finally, another popular modern shade that we highly recommend are cellular shades. If you are looking for ways to save and cut down on expenses, then cellular shades can do that trick for you. They are made of pocket like structures that trap air and create an insulating layer in front of your windows. By being made of glass, windows are very poor at insulating. Cellular shades can help resolve this issue and help to keep your heating and cooling bills lower by adding that additional layer in front of the glass.

Modern Stylings and Furniture

When you have all the items that can’t be moved (appliances and window coverings), it is then time to fill out the rest of your home with furniture and other trinkets of decor. With these, you have many different ways you can go. You can opt for glassical three piece furniture sets, or with a larger but more modern sectional couch. 

After setting up your big furniture pieces, you will want to accessorise your rooms. You can start with essential rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms and work your way to other rooms after. You can find things like throw pillows, rugs, and artwork that will compliment the wall paint, the window dressings, and the furniture to put together your desired look.

You can save money by building and decorating your home one room at a time. You should be able to cut some costs with the accessories, as you can find some stock items to help fill out your home. The key is to stay within the budget you set out for yourself. Again, if you can stay within 10 to 25 percent of your home’s appraised value, you should be set to fully renovate and upgrade your home to your wants and needs.

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