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How Much Does It Cost To Blackout The Lights From Your Window?

How Much Does It Cost To Blackout The Lights From Your Window?

Blackout window treatments are some of the most sought-after window treatments due to the utility they offer. The ability of these window treatments to completely block out the light from entering homes makes them very unique and desirable. The need for these window treatments is quite apparent. It becomes necessary, on occasions to darken a room entirely for its ideal usage. Places like bedrooms, dens or home theatres, auditoriums and conference rooms warrant the need for blackout window treatments.

In bedrooms for instance, if you or someone you live with is a shift worker, working the night shift is common. This means that all the rest that you would get is during the day. Blackout window treatments, by blocking all the light, create a cool and dark environment that makes it easy to sleep and will prevent the sunlight from causing irritation to the eyes. Even if you do not necessarily have to work at night, these curtains can be very useful in the bedroom, especially if you want to sleep in. You can draw the blinds or curtains whenever you want for sunlight to enter. If you want some partial sunlight all the time, you might want to look at something like netted curtains. They are perfect for nurseries as babies take multiple naps during the day and blackout blinds will help to cut off the light completely to allow them a deep sleep.

If you want to use a projector, or have a home theatre, blocking out all the light from outside will enhance your viewing experience greatly. Blackout window treatments are perfect for this. Blackout treatments in nurseries for little toddlers and babies will help them get their required sleep by reducing any distractions.

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Which Blackout Window Treatment Should I Go For?

If you want to know how much it costs to blackout all the light from your window, your first step is to figure out what type of blackout window treatment you should choose. The cost incurred depends on this decision. Blackout window treatments can be broadly divided into three categories which are-

  1. Blackout blinds
  2. Blackout shades
  3. Blackout curtains

Blackout blinds have slats which rotate back and forth to control the amount of light that enters the room. Blackout shades on the other hand, have a single piece of fabric that can be raised or lowered to control light. They are often confused for being the same but these subtle differences between shades and blinds are very important to the choice you make. While both forms of window treatments offer good control over sunlight entering the home, blinds offer more versatility while shades are slightly superior in regulation of temperature.

The other type of blackout window treatments is blackout curtains. These curtains are usually made out of polyester and are also just as efficient as blackout blinds and shades in blocking out most of the sunlight and harmful UV rays. Blackout curtains come in multiple designs and will provide an avenue for you to experiment. Blackout window treatments are usually associated with black or greyish colours. However, other colours are quite prevalent, especially in blackout curtains.

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How Much am I Expected to Spend for Blackout Window Treatments?

If you have made up your mind to get blackout window treatments, your next step is to engage in financial planning. The price range for blackout window treatments is quite large. You can go about spending anywhere from $120 to $550 per window to block out the light entirely. Deciding how much it will cost, specifically for you, can be a somewhat of a challenge. Since the price range is very flexible, you can factor in some other variables to estimate how much it would cost for you –

  1. It depends on the specific window treatment – As mentioned before, you can choose between blackout blinds, blackout curtains and blackout shades. Your choice can help you figure out the estimated expenditure. Obviously, there are other factors within each window treatment such as design, type of fabric etc, but that can be considered later.
  2. The size of the window – Most sellers have ready made blackout window treatments that can fit in seamlessly with your window. But, more often than not, they have to be custom-made, based on the size of your window. Larger windows will require more fabric for covering the entire window. In order to cut down on costs and also get a perfect fit, it becomes important to measure your windows accurately, accounting for the curtain rods or mounting surface and how high up you want the brackets to be from the window frame.
  3. The type and characteristics of the materials –The quality of the materials for the curtains, blinds or shades are very important. The quality stands testament to their durability, sturdiness and how user friendly they are. The quality also affects the cost of maintenance which is a long-term investment. Even if you are looking to find the most cost-efficient window treatments it is highly recommended that you get good quality material. Anything less than the standard quality would mean that you will have to spend some money on multiple occasions for repair, servicing and replacing the blinds. This means that what seems to hurt the pockets a little lesser now, will be a lot worse down the line.
  4. Finding the window treatments that fit the aesthetic of your rooms – Blackout blinds are often mistaken for being dull and plain. However, most sellers of these blinds offer a range of colours and different patterns for customization. It is possible to bring a warm, comforting and cosy look and feel with blackout window treatments. This would mean that if you are deviating from the standard styles, it would result in a marginally higher investment. The new style would make you room lively and sophisticated, making your expenditure worthwhile.
  5. Cost of installation – Usually, a blackout window treatment comes with guidelines for installation. They can be installed by anybody with the help of the guidelines and maybe a video online for reference. But, to make things easier for you, there is always the option of installation by professionals.
  6. Innovative options – You might want cordless lift mechanisms, or blinds that work with voice activation. Some motorized shades, blinds or curtains can be linked with your smart phones and be controlled through voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can even link them to the thermostat (to open and close based on the temperature) or even the home security system (so that you can check if your windows are covered when you are not at home).

All the factors above should be able to tell you what your expected expenditure can be based on your needs. With this in mind, you can make a budget, look at reputed sellers and start shortlisting prospective blackout window treatments.

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