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How Much Does Blind Installation Typically Cost?

How Much Does Blind Installation Typically Cost?

Window blinds play a significant role in our home decor. They bathe our interiors with warmth and elegance by allowing natural smooth light while keeping the excess heat out of the home and providing the ultimate privacy. When it comes to purchasing them, there are lots of factors to consider which include blind type, fabric material, design, functionality, and many more. But among all these, there is one fact that people think about the most is installation cost. If you are installing them without any professional help, then you might save extra but our suggestion is always to seek the help of experts if you are not confident and have any doubts. A single installation mistake can ruin the aesthetics and functionality of the blinds completely. Installing window blinds will have a number of variable costs involved which include –

  • The product you choose to install impacts a lot on the installation cost. For example, aluminum blinds, custom wooden blinds, or any other blinds are reasonable to install while mounting motorized blinds may cost you approx a hundred dollars as the blinds come with motors and battery and take a little bit extra time rather than standard window coverings. And installers need to look at everything to ensure they are working efficiently.
  • There are two types of installation – Inside and Outside. And depending on your requirements and preferences, you can choose the type. There are many installers who take extra charges depending on the installation type, especially when you have more than one window.
  • Depending on your home location, window position, window shape/size, the labor cost may increase or remain the same.
  • If you already have all the tools required for installation, then you have to pay only the labor charges, otherwise, you need to pay for them too.
  • If you are someone who wants to measure and install windows professionally instead of going DIY, then the cost will be higher.
  • The price also depends on where you buy the blind. Some manufacturers include the installation cost in the overall purchase while some offer free installation.
  • If you are planning to mount the blinds on your doors, then the charges will be different.

Window Blinds Installation Cost

Though window treatments are relatively easy to install, all you need is some handy tools and an hour to everything set up without any error. However, you have the option to have a professional installer come out and do the job for you. But for that, you have to consider a few extra dollars to the overall project budget.

Professionals usually charge $10 to $40 per standard window to install blinds. And motorized window blind installation will cost around $80 each or more. If you have more windows then multiply the cost by the number of windows.

Replacement and Installation

Usually, blinds last around seven to ten years. But with time, you may need to replace blinds to improve their functional and aesthetic values. If they are damaged or can no longer be  raised or lower properly, you should replace the old window covering with a new one, and in that case, you’ll need to pay for the price of new blinds.

Blinds installation costs may vary depending on various things. So before you make an investment, consult with the experts once and then get a free detailed quotation of the overall expense!

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