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How Much do Window Coverings Cost? A Guide to Budgeting for Your Home


Why You Should Invest in Window Coverings?

Building a home is not just about building the house. You put your heart and soul into making that house into a place you hold dear and call it your home. From selecting the color of the walls to painstakingly putting together the decorative items for accentuating the interiors, home décor takes a lot of effort and thought to take shape. While everything ranging from your taste in the decorative elements such as the choice of furniture to the placement of items in the room, the flooring, etc., contributes to creating the look you want to achieve, it is not complete without accentuating the windows and doors in your house.

Window coverings give a facelift to your regular windows and not only make the windows and the décor look better but also provide excellent light control and heat insulation capabilities. You benefit from enhanced energy efficiency, diffused and comfortable lighting, and the gorgeous appeal of the home décor.

Why Budgeting and Pre-Planning are Important

While all of the apparent benefits you get by investing in window coverings sounds so fascinating and appealing, investing in window coverings demands some reflection beforehand regarding your specific requirements, budgeting considerations, and the value creation as a result of that investment. There are so many different types of window coverings offering unique stylistic elements and features at different price points. However, this variety also creates confusion and creates the need for more research and planning in order to get the maximum return for your expenditure.

The initial per-unit cost of your favorite set of window treatments undergoes an upward revision many times by the time you get done with the final installation. The reason for this is pretty simple. There are many factors that affect the final cost of the window coverings and hence, planning your investment beforehand becomes crucial. Consulting the professionals to get an early cost projection is a good place to start. It will give you clarity as to whether you can afford the investment or not.

Creating a provisional budget will help you finalize the budgetary allocation to different aspects of the window treatment solution you are planning to get for your house. It will also help you zero in on the price range for window coverings you should target. Further research on the options available in that range will make it easier to decide which window treatment products are best suited to your requirements and are well within your budget. This exercise helps you stay on top of your budget and reduces the possibility of cost overruns.
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What are the Factors Involved in Budgeting? How They Affect the Cost of Window Coverings?

Things such as the size of the windows, the number of window covering units you require, the cost of installation, customizations if any, etc. – all of these details affect the final cost of the window coverings. Hence, you need to take them into account while budgeting for the window treatments. To get a better understanding as to how these factors affect the cost of the window coverings, let us look at them in greater detail:

Basic Cost of the Window Coverings

This is one of the first things you look at while budgeting. The average cost-per-unit of the window coverings varies in between the range of around 50-80 dollars to as high as a thousand dollars. While window coverings such as aluminum blinds are comparatively low cost, shades, shutters, and other premium offerings are priced a bit higher. If you are getting more units of the window coverings, the cost per unit tends to go down and vice versa.
While the window coverings offered by the brands are tailored towards the regular window shapes and sizes and are found to be good enough for most cases. However, sometimes the regular-sized window coverings may not work for you if you have bigger-than-average or uniquely-shaped windows. In such cases, you may have to get your window coverings custom-made to make sure they sit perfectly on your windows. Many brands and sellers offer support for customizations but it is bound to increase the cost. Hence you need to account for the same in your budget as well.
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While some manufacturers and sellers offer free installation of window coverings in some cases, most of the time you need to pay for the installation, and that also adds to the overall cost. The cost of installation also depends on the number of window treatments you are getting installed. Some window dressings are very easy to install and you can try installing them to save up on the installation cost. Also, if you are paying for the installation, always go for professionals who are experienced and have a good track record of providing excellent service.

Such professionals may charge more but considering the importance of proper installation in enhancing the longevity and smooth functioning of the window coverings, that cost is justified. Experienced and skilled professionals will also help you avoid any damage to the window frame or the wall and the window coverings during the installation process. Hence, opting for highly skilled and experienced professionals is advisable. You should account for the same in your budget as well.
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Accounting for Minor Cost Fluctuations
Sometimes, even after creating estimates and cost calculations, the final cost can fluctuate a little bit due to factors that are not accounted for. Things such as a sudden rise in the price of the window coverings, cost of extra components, damage during installation, etc. can also affect the cost even if the probability is less. For these reasons, it is always advisable to budget a little higher than your estimates. That way you are not caught unawares if any cost overruns happen due to unforeseen reasons.

Budgeting for your investment in window coverings helps you refine your priorities and also to cut down on unnecessary expenses. This ensures optimal utilization of the funds and you get the best value for your investment.