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How Much More Do Motorized Blackout Blinds Cost Over Non-motorized?

How Much More Do Motorized Blackout Blinds Cost Over Non Motorized

Cost Comparison: Motorized and Non-Motorized Blackout Blinds

Window blinds are designed to take control of the home’s natural lighting system while maintaining a proper privacy level. From blocking sunlight to providing insulation, you can change the overall aesthetics and feel of a space by choosing the right treatment. Blinds are available in different fabric choices to balance the incoming natural and artificial light which includes sheer, semi-sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabric materials. If you are someone who is looking for total darkness, then blackout blinds are the answer. They are perfect to install in bedroom and media room windows. But what happens when it comes to choosing the lift option to access the blinds efficiently? In general, standard window treatments come in continuous cord loop or wand control option. Lowering the coverings by hand and raising them back up throughout the day is not convenient and it can be a hassle for your luxurious living. In addition, what about that large, skylight, or hard to reach windows? With automation touching every aspect of our lives today, window blinds are not left behind. Integrating cheap motorized shades will give you the option of operating them using a remote or smartphone and will bring comfort, luxury, and elegance in your life. The sleek and smooth design of motorized blackout blinds will create a neat and mess-free interior by eliminating the dangling window cords and other strings. They offer other benefits like safety (no more cord risk for kids and pets), security (pre-programming creates an illusion of occupancy), high energy-efficiency (cost reduction on home’s energy bills), and enhanced privacy. In a final statement, we can say that automated window blinds are a perfect addition to any home any day.

Now, the vital question that lingers in the mind of homeowners is how much do these electric blinds cost? What is the price difference between motorized blackout blinds and non-motorized blackout blinds? Well, the cost of a motorized blind varies depending on various factors which include motor type or component, power source, wall switch, remote type, size of the window, blind type, and much more. But standard window coverings do not include all these things, hence they are slightly reasonable compared to motorized blackout blinds. Whether you are going to install a new motorized cellular shade or are looking forward to adding stylish automation ith our motorized wood blinds, we will help you in exploring the different options that can cost you extra over non-motorized blinds.

Motorized Blackout Window Blinds

Different Factors that Impact the Cost of Motorized Blinds

Advancement of technology in window treatments has positively impacted the reliability, versatility, work efficiency, and the smoothness of a blind. Motorized blinds bring positivity and happiness in our daily living by working smoothly. There is plenty number of automated window dressings available with innovative styles for all budgets. Here we have mentioned all the key factors that impact the cost of your motorized window shades.

  • Motor:

Somfy motorized shades are operable using a motor system and most of the Graber motorized blackout blinds use Somfy motors. There are a variety of options to choose from, such as – Sonesse 30 RTS, Sonesse40 RTS, Sonesse50 RTS, Sonesse Ultra 50 RTS, Tilt 50 Wirefree RTS, Roll Up Wire Free 28 RTS, and many more.

Motorized window shades are lifetime investment, enhance your home’s comfort and reliability, so always invest in quality motors that helps to raise and lower your shades smoothly and ensure durability and longevity of the product. The price range of these motors starts at around $200 and they come with a 5-year warranty. But before you make a final decision, make sure to check all the technical specifications.

Opting for standard blackout blinds means you don’t have to pay extra on the motors, and means you can save money.
Somfy Motorized Shades

  • Remote Option

If you have more than one window in a home, then covering all the windows is essential. But raising and lowering the blinds manually takes lots of effort and time. And that’s why installing motorized blackout blinds is a smarter decision. For example, you are enjoying your favorite show sitting on your couch and need to close the windows, by pressing a simple remote button will do that for you. In this scenario, you need to pay extra for remote. There are different remote options available like single-channel, five-channel, and sixteen channel remotes. There are even options for timer remotes or wall mount remotes. You can pick up one depending on your requirements.
Remote Control Blackout Blinds

  • Window Blind Type

Depending on the window size and quantity, the price will gradually increase. Even the prices may vary upon the color and texture you select.

Browse now to determine the prices of both motorized and non-motorized blackout blinds.

  • Power Option

There are multiple ways to power a motorized shade which include – batteries, wall plugs, and hard-wiring and all these options may affect the cost of the product.

  • Installation Cost

Self-installation saves your money but if you are not sure where to start from, then taking the help of the experts is the best decision. Installation costs will vary depending on the number of windows you are covering, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $35 – $75 per window. But standard blackout window coverings installation cost is inexpensive and the procedure is easier as well.

These are the basic key elements that can increase the price of motorized blackout blinds when compared to non-motorized blinds. However, whether your budget is more or limited, you will definitely find the right one that will fulfill all your needs. Investing in motorized blinds will bring smartness, comfort, and convenience in your life while enhancing the value of your space. Standard window blinds do not consist of any motor, power option, or remote, hence a budget-friendly option for your interior. Consult with the designers to evaluate your specific needs to ensure that you find the right covering for your windows and your budget!