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How Much Do Dual Roller Blinds Cost?

How Much Do Dual Roller Blinds Cost

What are Roller Shades?

You have read much about the goodness and elegance of Roller Shades. They are among the few extremely versatile window treatments in the market today. They come with neat straight lines, no extravagance or frills, tailor-made for your contemporary and modern home decor style. As a user, you get to choose from riveting selection of fabrics ranging from light filtering to blackout. They are well-designed to protect your homes from the pernicious UV ray damage. They help to block out the glares of the sun that can cause irritation to your eyes when you are trying to work or sleep. You can choose the fabric of your choice depending upon whether you want diffused light in the room or complete blackout in your bedrooms and media rooms.

Exterior Roller Shades

Roller Shades are designed not only to meet the interior requirements of the house but also exterior. If you have an exterior open space like a patio or a porch, you can install Roller Shades to provide sun protection and to make your outside experience a pleasant and enjoyable one. These privacy shades are well suited to survive the extreme weather conditions and help to keep the sun out during the very hot sunny days. The richness and goodness of Roller Shades have got doubled with the introduction of Dual Roller Shades.

What are Dual Roller Shades?

Unlike normal Roller Shades, these dual shades come with two fabrics incorporated into one headrail. You get to combine light filtering fabrics with varied degrees of openness with blackout fabrics. The light-filtering fabrics help to eliminate harsh UV rays and allow diffused light to stream through. The blackout fabric, on the other hand, helps to preserve you privacy and offers complete light blockage as desirable in bedrooms and media rooms. Depending upon you need at different times of the day you will lower the fabric suitable. The front shade has the light filtering or room darkening fabric while the back shade is always of blackout fabric. Motorized Dual Roller Shades are the ultimate window treatments for your homes if you are looking for privacy, light control and 100% light blockage at different times of the day.
Dual Roller Shades

Pricing of Dual Roller Shades

Despite the feature-packed goodness of Dual Roller Shades an important consideration when it comes to purchasing window treatments is the price tag of the shades and blinds. Any window covering that calls for a substantial investment often acts as a deterrent for many people as not all may be willing to shell out a chunk from their pockets. And if they have to cover all the windows in the house then they have to give much thought to the price.

Good news for homeowners is that despite the versatility of Dual Roller Shades and the presence of two different fabrics in the same window treatment, the cost is not extravagantly high. The cost for Dual Roller Shades ranges between $190 and $390.

There are different varieties of Dual Roller Shades.

There is a Dual Solar Shade that looks to combine the solar fabric which acts as a thermal insulator and UV protector while the roller blackout shade is designed for complete privacy and light blockage as and when needed. You have a range of colors and textures to choose from for your fabrics. They are elegant and gorgeous and perfect for your sophisticated homes. They are comfortably priced between $220 and $300.

Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shade is another variant of dual roller shades. They have a zebra sheer shade in the front and a blackout roller shade at the back. Lowering the sheer fabric will help diffuse the harsh light of the sun, address your privacy needs and also preserve your outside view. The blackout roller shades promise complete light blockage and darkness desirable for a good night’s sleep. These gorgeous dual roller shades are priced between $230 and $390 and are a superb choice for your bedroom windows.
Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shades Designer Series
The sheer vertical dual blackout shades of the designer series, however, cost a little more. These have similar features as the zebra sheer dual blackout shades. The only difference is that these are vertical shades that are designed to fit sliding doors and big wide windows. As part of the designer series, these shades are gorgeous to look at and come are available in new designs, textures and colors. They are perfect for your patio doors. They protect your homes from exposure to UV rays; they preserve your privacy and also help to keep the insides pleasant and comfortable. Given their looks and impact on the existing decor, these shades are comfortably priced approximately between $480 and $500.

With the amount of money you are shelling out for these shades, the returns are more than guaranteed. They take care of the varied needs of your house, protect your house and your health, help create a pleasant environment and address your privacy concerns and ensures a good night’s sleep with 100% light blockage. The cost is more than justified.