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How Much Are Graber blinds? A Quick Comparison

How Much Are Graber Blinds

What do you do when you need new blinds for your home or place of work – Search online, ask a local dealer, reach out to that interior decorator you know or the friend that’s got an excellent taste in décor and design? Well, no matter what route you take, you’re guaranteed to come across the name Graber. One of the world’s most loved and trusted suppliers of window treatments, Graber has set, and managed to maintain, lofty standards in terms of product quality and technology, as well as service, and they’ve been doing it since 1939! Add to it Graber’s limited lifetime warranty, and a collection that can challenge any other in sheer variety and attractiveness, and you’re looking at your one-stop solution to all your window treatment needs. But there’s still one crucial question left unanswered – how much are Graber blinds priced at?

Graber blinds – Does all the style and substance conform to your budget?

Graber has a wide and diverse product line that includes custom window blinds, shades and shutters for varied needs. Their offerings include the best of traditional favorites – wooden blinds, aluminum mini blinds and roman shades, as well as new-age innovations – faux wood shades and skylight shades. Whether you’re looking to enhance comfort, block out the sun, heat and dust or just to take your home décor style up a notch, Graber presents an unbelievable variety in material and designs to choose from. One of Graber blinds’ best attributes is their price range – they’re just as feature-rich and great looking as the most premium of window treatments, but a lot more economical.

Graber Products

Have a gander at the quality of Graber’s window treatment products. You will find something for all of your window treatment needs!

Comparing the actual costs of different window treatments is a tricky job, especially if you’re talking about custom window treatments such as Graber’s. The costs of setting your windows up with new Graber blinds will involve calculating elements such as the size and number of windows to be covered, the material and color, as also, the mode of operation (cordless. motorized or smart device control.) Factors such as your place’s architecture, the design and location of the windows can also contribute to the overall price of the window treatments. So, you see, it’s not always easy to quote a fixed number when you’re wondering – How much do Graber blinds cost? You’ll need to measure your windows for type of blinds you want and provide details such as the material and color you want for your blinds, the type of mount and headrail, the tilt, lift and valance in order to ascertain the final cost of your new blinds or shades. The good thing is, you can figure it out quite easily – just measure your windows, visit the seller’s website and follow the basic customization steps to know what getting your favorite Graber blinds or shades to cover for your windows and needs will cost, as well as order blinds color samples .
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Graber Blinds Have Excellent Cost-effectiveness

Garber blinds aren’t just budget-friendly, they’re also more bang for your buck! If you consider the standard, starting price of a Graber product such as 1 Inch Aluminum Supreme Blinds or 2-inch Traditions wood blinds, it’s easy to see how these – two of Graber’s most loved and bestselling products, are excellent value for money for the wealth of features they carry. 1 Inch Aluminum Supreme Graber Blinds combine elegance and efficiency, providing you with a great degree of control over the amount of light entering your space with their light-blocking headrails. You’ll have to look really close to locate the discrete headrail brackets and hidden holes that enhance privacy and light screening effect. Features like tight ladder spacing, dirt, scratch and stain-resistant paint supplement the blinds’ clutch wand tilt release mechanism and crash-proof cord lock. You also get the luxury of being able to pick from a large array of colors, so you can be certain your blinds will perfectly fit in with the room’s existing décor and color scheme. The starting price is an economical $57.41, with your customization choices influencing the final cost.
Graber Mini Blinds
1 Inch Traditions Graber Wood Blinds embody what they call the contemporary chic style – the new age reinvention of traditional style. These blinds retain the glamor of classic wooden blinds while projecting the level of sophistication that’s become a staple of modern-day window treatment solutions. These blinds are extremely beautiful to look at – and that’s not even their best feature! Graber’s hardwood blinds are lightweight, with PureGrain finish which means the natural color and grain pattern of the wood is visible in the finished product. These blinds come with a wand tilt control mechanism, with color-coordinated cloth tapes, valance and tassels to choose from. The unique finish and excellent light and privacy control come at a starting price of $91.73. Quite economical, right?
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Aftercare Expenses

So, now that you have a decent idea about the price of new Graber blinds will cost, you might begin to ponder the maintenance and repair costs? Well, not much! Graber blinds are renowned for being durable window solutions that are easy to clean and need very little upkeep. And then you have one of Graber’s hallmarks – the company’s Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers any and all original deformities in the material of the blind along with defects in the workmanship. All of the blinds’ working mechanisms, all brackets and parts carry a lifelong cover under this warranty. The blinds’ motorization components, accessories, exterior solar shades, soft shades and accessories are some of the things that carry a 5-year cover under Graber’s Limited Lifetime warranty. The operating cords, together with vertical blinds vanes, pleated shades and some other elements are covered for a 3-year duration commencing from the date of purchase.

Graber emphasizes on using parts that are similar in design and function when carrying out any repairs to ensure your blinds retain the look and efficiency that they originally possessed. Unsurprisingly, the warranty doesn’t cover regular wear and tear, damage incurred by improper use and accidents, slight discoloration and natural changes in the grain, color or weave of natural materials such as hardwood. If you opt for Graber’s ‘Customer’s Own Material’ option and decide to go with your own fabrics for the blinds, those fabrics will understandably be your own responsibility and Graber won’t provide warranty for any issues that might arise with them.

When it comes to window blinds, Graber, with its beautiful, innovative designs, high-end technology, excellent customer support and service and affordable prices truly is the best of all possible worlds. Go for it!