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How Motorized Window Coverings Can Benefit The Elderly and Physically Disabled

How Motorized Window Coverings Can Benefit The Elderly and Physically Disabled

There are a lot of things in our homes that we purchase for our comfort and to live a life of luxury. The home itself is a haven of comfort for us where we return after a hard day’s work and labor. It is where we relax and lounge and enjoy a great meal where no one could disturb us. However, maintaining the home and keeping it functioning is a tall order which some of us cannot always accomplish. While the young do keep up with maintaining it day in day out, it is the elderly that might struggle with keeping their home functioning. Sometimes they have a household help to carry on their tasks, or a family member who can assist them. However, not all old people are lucky. For them, therefore, there are motorized apps that are built for added convenience, where they can lock doors, switch on lights and adjust their window treatments from their designated corner, all this while enjoying their favorite show. Technology might have its downsides, but providing convenience to the elderly is where it scores brownie points. In this section, we identify how motorized window shades benefit them.

The Era Of Motorized Shades

Not so long ago, we were living lives that would be impossible for us to lead in the 21st century. Life was simple, but the completion of every task required muscle movement, physical toil and hard work. Consider shopping for groceries and taking out money from a bank. There were long queues where people had to often wait for long hours just to buy a product. However, thanks to motorization, lives have never been simpler. Like something you see online? Just click a button and have it home delivered. Want to cover your windows at 50%? Just access your remote or smartphone and bring them down to the level you desire!

Convenience and flexibility of operation are just some of the benefits that motorized shades bring to your home. We’ve all had curtains, Roman shades, and horizontal blinds with slats through which we would check out our outdoors. We used to adjust them with cords, at different levels to allow some natural light to enter our home as well as to have a great outdoor view. Besides, they let us enjoy our privacy in different room darkening options. Now imagine if all these functionalities of modern window treatments were to be topped with the additional feature of motorization. That would be everything that you desire in a window shade, available at budget-friendly prices to customize your choice. Motorization has become such a common thing in homes, offices, restaurants and government build that it is difficult to imagine a modern home without it.
Google Home Smart Blinds

How Does Motorization Work?

The remote control feature in blinds was introduced some years back. Here you could adjust or tilt your shades without getting up from your sofa, just like you would operate your TV or turn your air conditioner to a preferred temperature. With technological advances, now you could operate these devices without even looking for a remote. Thanks to the Z-Wave hub, you can have your shades synchronized with your smartphone. Through your mobile device, you can operate not just one but multiple window shades in different rooms.

The Google Home and Alexa-enabled technology go a step further. You can simply “ask” your windows shades to open, close, or adjust as you please. It is as simple as instructing someone to turn off the television or switch on the light bulb. Thanks to the era of Artificial Intelligence that we are living in, you can simply say, “OK Google, turn off the blinds in the study” or “Set the motorized wood blinds in the bedroom to 50%”. And your job will be done! Imagine how convenient this will be for old people and for the physically disabled!

Motorized Blinds And Shades

As you might already be aware, there are multiple modern window coverings that employ the motorized operation to help you ease your tasks, and devote your time to doing something more productive. Here are some of the popular cheap motorized shades.

Motorized Roman Shades

Who can resist the beauty of these fabulous window coverings, which are built to inspire awe from everyone visiting your home? The range of these shades is such that they can suit any interior decor. So you have them woven in various floral and ethnic designs for a classic touch, while there are plain, solid colors that look good on the pleated Roman shades. Now with the motorized option, you can upscale the look of your Roman shades by eliminating the cords. While an old and faulty dangling cord earlier threatened the appearance of these wonderful window treatments, the absence of them would elevate the look of your window space all the same. With motorized Roman shades, you can choose them in various designs, colors and light filtering/room darkening fabrics.

Motorized Shutters

Shutters are some of the most common blinds that are seen in homes across the world. Their alternating slats give them a fabulous textured appearance, which can be adjusted at different angles through the day, depending on the position on the sun or the intensity of the cold. These are great at offering privacy both during the day and at night. People swear by the luxury and durability of wooden shades, giving a natural and earthy flavor to your interiors. With the motorized feature, shutters provide the perfect blend of traditional-styled window coverings and modern technology, adding a superb aesthetic appeal to your decor.
Motorized Shutters

Motorized Solar and Roller Shades

The reliability of solar and roller shades in beating the heat and preserving the view is well-known. However, it might be an arduous task for old and disabled people to operate them when they are installed on large and wide windows. This design is their highlight, but taking care of them can be a challenge. While we cannot really do anything about them during the installation procedure (manufacturer’s professional help is preferred), you can at least have them set up with the motorized feature so that your effort is lowering and raising them is minimized.
Motorized Cassette Roller Blinds

Benefits To The Elderly and Disabled

By now, you must have gauged the benefits that motorized shades bring the elderly and disabled who must stay away from indulging in any physical activity. Here is the summary of all the advantages and takeaways, if you missed any of them.

1. Motorized shades can be operated from anywhere in the house as long as you are within the range. You can simultaneously operate two or more shades in different rooms, without getting up from your place.

2. These shades can be scheduled to open and close at different times of the day. So if you wake up by the brightness of the sun in the morning, use the remote or your voice instructions to shut them.

3. In the absence of the cord, they can be cleaned easily and regularly, and do not require much of an effort to be maintained.

4. They enable privacy and security from anti-social elements who might be roaming in the area area.

5. They protect you from extreme climates and temperatures, insulating your home and keeping you warm and comfortable, and substantially bringing down your energy bills.

Final note: Motorized shades and blinds are built for ultimate convenience and comfort, and they can be great alternatives to the elderly who need not get up from one place to operate them. Many different window shades, including Roman blinds, shutters, roller shades and Roman blinds now make use of the motorized feature, keeping your home secure and insulated.

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