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Why Remote Controlled Blinds are the Preferred Choice

How Motorized Blinds Work

Forget about tangled, clumsy cords that accompanied your window treatments. A motorized blind means all you have to do is just flip a switch or push a button and watch your favorite blinds effortlessly open or close.

Whether you are doing renovations or simply want to update the look and feel of your rooms, you should contemplate changing your present manual blinds with motorized ones.

In the following sections let us look at how motorized blinds work and what the main benefits are of using them.

An Analysis of How Motorized Blinds Work and Their Benefits

Cheap motorized shades provide several benefits and are usually pretty easy to use. Let us first start by looking at the benefits before moving onto the topic of ‘how motorized blinds work’ and their different types.

9 Main Benefits of Motorized Top Down Bottom Up Shades and Blinds

Lower Wear/Tear | Quiet Functioning | Use of Presets | Improved Accessibility | Solar Sensors | Wireless Systems | Better Security | Higher Compatibility

For those who want to know how motorized blinds work, it is worth mentioning here that there are several benefits of motorized blinds which make them an attractive option for homeowners. In this section let us look at few of the important benefits.

Benefit #1: Reduce Wear and Tear

By using motorized top down bottom up shades and blinds, you will be able to increase the longevity of your window treatments. When motorized blinds are used, it prevents the erratic pulling and tugging that your delicate blinds have to bear otherwise.

Such pulling and tugging, in turn, causes damage to window treatments and overtime may loosen the hardware of your expensive blinds and shades.

Motorized Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Benefit #2: Quiet Operations

The latest motor systems work quietly which means you and your family members will not be disturbed by cranks and other sounds.

Moreover, the motors are installed in such a way that they are completely out of sight, so you will never see them working, these motors work unobtrusively.

Benefit #3: Choose Presets

Do you like your blinds to remain open at three-quarters or halfway? In addition, you may prefer to close the blinds in the afternoon when the Sun is beating down quite hard. If so, then it is easy to make your remote remember the settings.

This way you just have to click the preset button and your blinds will open or close just the way you want them to at pre-determined times.

Benefit #4: Perfect for Hard to Reach Windows

Forget About Wrinkled or Uneven Blinds – Motorized Systems Raise and Lower Blinds Neatly

Manually adjusting window treatments in hard to reach places, such as skylights can be a difficult thing to do. Remote control skylight blinds become useful in such situation since to open or close the blinds all you will have to do is just press a button.

Remote Control Skylight Blinds

Benefit #5: Solar Sensors

Achieve Better Temperature and Light Control | Lower Energy Bills

Some motorized window shades have optional solar sensors which are capable of determining how much sunshine is coming into a room. Such sensors close the blinds when sunlight crosses the predetermined limit so that the fading of furniture and other valuable things in your home can be prevented. This way you will be able to block out heat as well as achieve higher energy efficiency since your rooms will be less hot. As such, your air conditioning system will not have to work hard to bring down the temperature in your home. Other types of motorized blinds, like motorized cellular shades, are tailor made to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Benefit #6: Use of Wireless Technology

Z wave blind control and use of similar other wireless technology means there are no cords to worry about (providing better child safety). All you will need is a remote control to open or close the blinds.

Moreover, these systems make use of advanced radio frequency technology so that you do not have to point your remote directly towards the blinds. You can be in another room and still be able to open or close the blinds in the adjacent room.

In addition, the use of a z-wave system means that remote controlled blinds can be part of your existing smart home system and you can even use a smartphone to control your blinds, even when you are not home.

Lastly, the remote can be used for controlling a single window or a group of multiple windows.

Benefit #7: Improve Security of Your Home

As we mentioned earlier, you can create presets so that the blinds open or close at specific times of the day. When you are not at home, you can set the blinds to open up or close automatically at certain times so that people think that someone is in the house. This way you will be able to enhance the security of your home.

Benefit #8: Safety for Kids

Motorized blinds, such as the motorized wood blinds, with remote controlled functioning means there will be no cords and you will not have to worry about your toddler getting tangled in the cords. In addition, having a remote to open or close the blinds means you will not have to work with cords while you are holding your sleeping or crying baby.

Child Safety Window Treatments

Benefit #9: Compatibility with Window Treatments

Another good thing about motorized systems is that they are available with many different types of window treatments.This means you will not have to worry whether the motorized system will work with your venetian blinds, roller shades, or anything else.

Types of Motorized Blinds and How They Work

Curious to know how motorized blinds work? Let us delve into the details here.

When installing motorized blinds, you can choose between three types of systems. Let us go through the details in this section.

Types of Motorized Blinds – Battery Wand | Hard Wired | Solar Powered

Battery Wand

Battery wand based motorized blinds are a popular choice since you can power your blinds with an attached battery tube, hidden behind the shade or along the wall, or built into the shade itself.

Hard Wired

Such hard-wired blinds come with a power adapter that plugs into a wall outlet. Some people prefer to use them since there is no hassle of changing batteries.

If you have heavy blinds, then you may need to go hardwired as larger blinds can drain batteries very quickly.

Solar Powered

Here let’s look at how solar powered shades work and their usefulness.

A solar power kit includes a rechargeable battery designed to charge daily through a solar panel. By connecting the battery to a solar panel, the shade will draw power from the sun’s energy throughout the day. Solar Power is a great option as it uses a renewable source of energy and you won’t need to change your batteries. With proper placement and incoming solar energy, the panel is designed to operate a shade with one open and one close per day.

In Conclusion

If all the above-mentioned benefits make you feel interested in installing motorized blinds in your home then you can browse through a plethora of options available at ZebraBlinds.

You can also contact our customer support team and explain your requirements so that our experts can suggest the best options that will be suitable for your windows and your home.

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