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How Long Should Net Curtains Be?

How Long Should Net Curtains Be?

Though they have been around for several centuries, the popularity of net curtains remains as intact as ever. There are a variety of window treatments available in the market including blinds, shades, and shutters, which offer multiple functionalities and are suitable for different seasons. However, net curtains are apt for any season. Come spring, you can use them as a standalone window covering to welcome sunrays to fill your home with light and renewed energy. In winter, you can combine them with blinds or other window treatments to further insulate your living room and give it an amazing makeover.

Initially originated in England, net curtains are the most sought-after window treatments all over the world as they suit any climatic condition and are budget-friendly. They provide some privacy while letting light and air into your home. The fabric of net curtains acts as a light diffuser. Even if you have dressed your windows with blinds or shutters, net curtains can be combined with them for decoration purposes. Decades ago, net curtains were a symbol of luxury as they were made of wool or silk with rich laces adding to their royal look. But now, net curtains come in a variety of fabrics — from typically light-color, delicate, and airy polyester to rich, colorful, heavy floral net material to suit any budget and fit all interior styles.

If you decide to purchase net curtains, it is most important to get the perfect fit for your window, else you will end up ruining your home décor as curtains are one of the most important aspects of your interior. Read on to see what is the best way to measure for net curtains.

In order to properly install net curtains, you will have to take two measurements on your window: width and length (drape). Getting the measurements right makes the drapes look their best. All that you need for this are a metal measuring tape, a pencil and a notepad.

Determining the right width

Step 1. Measure the width of the window

  • If you want the curtains to only cover the window, you will need to measure in such a way that the curtains sit inside the window recess. Use the metal measuring tape and measure the recess width of the window. To do this, stretch the tape from the inside edge of the left side of the window recess to the inside edge of the right side.
  • In case you want the curtains to be wider and sit outside the window, mark the points on the extra space on both the left and the right side and take the measurement.
  • If you already have a curtain wire or rod in place, measure the length of the rod.

Step 2: Calculate the width of the curtains

  • Write down the width measurement of the window.
  • Now you need to decide how much gather you want the curtains to have. If the curtains are exactly the width of the window, they will lay flat, and you will not be able to gather the fabric to create adequate privacy. Also, you will not get a pleated look. Your curtain will just look like a piece of fabric stretched across the window.
  • To give the optimal gather to your net curtain, you should at least double the width measurement of your window. This will ensure a pleated look and also make it more difficult to see through the window from the outside during the day.
  • If you want more privacy, multiply the measurement you got for the width of the window by 2.5, so that the curtains will gather nicely and give a fuller look.
  • Remember that if the curtains are wider than three times the width of the window, they may bunch together into too many pleats and look messy.
  • Do you want to use two curtain panels for a window? Then, each of the curtain panels should be the width of the window. Together, the width of the two curtain panels should add up to twice the width of the window.
  • Lastly double check if the place you are ordering your curtains already includes fullness. If so, you don’t need to adjust your measurement.

Determining the right length (drop)

Step 1: Measure the height of the window

  • Take the measuring tape and place its end against the inside edge of the top of the window recess. Now, stretch the tape downwards till it meets the inside edge of the bottom of the recess and note down the number.
  • In case a curtain rod or wire is already fixed on the window, measure from the bottom of the rod or the wire, instead of from the top of the window recess.

Step 2: Calculate the drop

  • The length of the curtain is called the ‘drop.’ If you are planning to hang the curtains closet other window, decide whether you want the fabric to run below the window or finish just above the window sill.
  • People generally prefer hanging net curtains in such a way that the fabric finishes just above the window sill. This will avoid the curtain fabric bunching up at the bottom. The curtains will hang straight with a little space at the bottom and so it will not get dirty easily. To determine this size, subtract 1 or 2 inches from the total length of the window you have already noted down. Do this only if you want the curtains to hang a little above the window sill.
  • If you prefer net curtains to hang below the window sill or even down to the floor, you must work out the length and take measurements accordingly.
  • In case you are planning to hang the net curtains not close to the window but away from it, you need to work out the measurement for the drop depending on the distance from the window and the length from the rod to the point below the window sill. Some windows such as a bay window or a bow window are set back in the space that projects outward from the wall. Sometimes the space that jets outward may contain three or more window panels. If that is the case, you will have to hang the curtains away from the windows to cover the entire space and take the measurements accordingly.
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