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How Long Do Plantation Shutters Last?

How Long Do Plantation Shutters Last?

If you are considering installing plantation shutters for your home, a few questions may arise in your mind. Since plantation shutters are costlier than other window dressings, obviously the first and foremost concern would be if the investment is worth it. Along with, how durable are they? And more critically, will they go out of fashion?

The remarkable feature of plantation shutters is that though they were designed centuries ago, they are pretty much as timeless as they appear. They have evolved over the years in terms of designs and functionality and are charmingly suitable for modern home décor. There are reasons why these window treatments have stood the test of time. Read on to understand why plantation shutters are so popular and why they won’t ever become dated.

Easy to Clean and Maintain                              

Compared to curtains and blinds, shutters are easy to clean and maintain. Provided you dust them regularly, your plantation shutters will not require deep cleaning more than twice a year. You can use a dry cloth or a microfiber duster to dust off each slat. Likewise, you can use a vacuum cleaner on a low setting to blow the dust away from the hinges and corners of the louvers. For deep cleaning, all you need is a cloth and an old toothbrush. Dip the cloth in water, wring it dry and use it to wipe the slants and frames. Don’t use rough cloths for dusting and wiping as they might scratch the slants and abrase the finish.

The Style Statement

Plantation shutter have a history of hundreds of years, but are in vogue even today because they are customizable and carry an antique charm which is easy to match with your trendy interiors. You can choose from a wide range of designs, shapes, stains and color mixes. With a blend of the traditional and the modern, these window treatments will appear to be nothing less than exquisite pieces of art in your home.

They Boost Your Property Value

Plantation shutters are valuable fixtures in your house. If are you are intending to sell your house, these window dressings will add to its value. When adorned with wood shutters, your windows look rich from both inside and outside. Chances are that prospective buyers will instantly fall in love with your house even before they enter it! The attractiveness of your property when viewed from the street will also upgrade its valuation. Plantation shutters increase the overall aesthetic of your home and hence, they are a worthwhile investment on your home.

Save On Your Energy Bills

If growing electricity bills are your concern, upgrade your windows with plantation shutters and see the difference. These window treatments will make your home more energy-efficient. On account of their flexible design and effective functionality, plantation shutters naturally keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, consequently reducing your energy bills. You can choose to either let some sunlight in or completely block it depending upon your need by merely adjusting the angle of the slats. This provision facilitates the best control over natural light and air.

Safety Matters

If you have young children at home, their safety is paramount to you. If the window treatments have dangling cords or threads, they expose your kids to choking hazard. If not properly installed, even curtain rods might fall and cause harm to your little ones. Plantation shutters have none of these hazards and that makes them one of the safest window treatments for homes with kids and pets as they can also be fixed with locks.

How Durable Are the Plantation Shutters?

For all the benefits they offer, plantation shutters are a wise choice for your home of office space. Even though they are more expensive than blinds and curtains, they remain a top seller, thanks to their aesthetic appeal, low-maintenance, light-filtering capabilities and energy efficiency. They are ideal for all seasons and can fuse easily with any style of interior: vintage or modern, domestic or interior.

A house or a commercial space with plantation shutters on its windows has a high resale value. They are an investment unmatched by any other window treatment. Shutters are also environment-friendly as most of them are made with recyclable and non-toxic materials, which will reduce your carbon footprint.

Plantation shutters are expensive because they last long. They are like permanent fixtures on your windows. So, when you renovate your house or change your interiors, you don’t have you re-model, or re-style your window dressing.

The durability of plantation shutters depends on the quality of the material used. Wood shutters can last for 10 to 25 years. You will have an option to stain the shutters rather than painting them, to retain the natural beauty of the wood. Plantation shutters are often made of hardwood, which is strong and highly durable. Some of the popularly used woods for shutters are mahogany, cherry, and oak. Besides wood, plantation shutters are also available in plastic, PVC and aluminum, offering you different benefits.

Shutters, whether used inside or outside the house, can last decades with minimal care. They don’t suffer  much damage from sun’s harmful rays as they are UV resistant. They are sturdy in wind and can’t be damaged by water or steam.

So, if you are contemplating upgrading your windows with plantation shutters, go ahead and invest. They will be worth the money and the benefits are countless. shutters are trendy and will remain in style for years to come.

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