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How Important are Moisture-resistant Window Treatments?

How Important are Moisture resistant Window Treatments

How the Window Treatment Market Has Evolved

Even a few years back one wouldn’t have given too much of thought to window coverings and treatments. The most obvious thing to do was shop for draperies and curtains to put on windows to block the sun’s rays during the mornings and protect privacy from outside view. Not another thought crossed your mind when you were thinking about windows. It was as simple as that.

Times have changed so and so does the thought process behind the design and manufacturing of each and every product. With a highly competitive market, manufacturers are constantly brainstorming how to improve the products, upgrade them, create new ones and make them cater to various needs. Companies nowadays invest both time and money to understand and identify consumer requirements. They perform the task of envisioning the needs of consumers, creating the need and then fulfilling them by producing a customized product. When it comes to blinds and shades something very similar has happened. When you look at the window treatment market you will be spoilt for choice. There are now treatments available for temperature control, for light filtration, child and pet-friendly, moisture-resistance, etc.

These window dressings have caused quite a stir in the market as they have found several takers. Now that we know why waterproofing is important, let us take a brief look at those areas in a house that are most affected by moisture and humidity.


One of the busiest and most efficient rooms in the house is undoubtedly the kitchen. There are spills and splashes, washing of utensils, vegetables and fruits. Lots of water is used here everyday to carry out the whole function of cooking. It requires durable moisture-resistant blinds which can deal with these spills while providing light filtration and privacy you need in the kitchen.
Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen

Perhaps the moistest room in any home, bathrooms need special attention when choosing window blinds or shades. Moisture-resistant shades are crucial to cope with the heavy amount of moisture it gets treated to everyday while simultaneously offering much-needed privacy.
Moisture-Resistant Window Shades for Bathroom
Laundry rooms

These rooms are equally high on moisture as laundry generates loads of moisture and humidity on a daily basis. Coverings not suited to absorb this high humidity will perish shortly.
Laundry Room Window Treatments
Coastal homes

Houses situated in coastal areas have to deal with heavy moisture and humidity all around the year. The entire house is exposed to moisture-laden winds and hence special care must be given while selecting window treatments. They must be suited to withstand the harsh demands of the weather.
Vinyl Shutters for Beach House

Choosing Ideal Window Treatment

Now that we have identified the need for moisture-resistant shades for your homes, let us now discuss the different types of treatments available and how well equipped they are to deal with your requirements.

Window Shadings Made of Wood & Fabric

There are few materials that just don’t go with water at all. One of them is wood. Solid wood and water are in a rather poor relationship. Water causes wood to expand and swell and can enter lumber pockets breeding bacteria. Fabric too does not share a very amicable relationship with water. Though it is not as disastrous as wood, nevertheless, prolonged exposure to moisture could cause the fabric to fade and disintegrate.

Water-resistant Window Treatments

These window treatments use materials which, while not completely waterproof, are cable of resisting water considerably.
One such compatible material is faux wood. This material gives the feel of elegance and sophistication of wood without disintegrating after coming into contact with water and is stronger. Exposure to the sun too does not cause them to fade and ensure privacy and light control.

Aluminum blinds too are highly resistant to water. They come in different hues, designs and styles and you can get them customized. They are however not as elegant or visually appealing as faux wood but more than serve the purpose for your homes as well as offices. They are sturdy and extremely durable. You must remember not to pair these blinds or shades with pull cords or fabric bands as continuous exposure to water can wear them out.

Roller solar shades too make a good choice when it comes to selecting water-resistant blinds for your homes. They come with polyester fabrics which are resistant to moisture and humidity. A vinyl-based solar shade is also a great choice.

Waterproof Window Coverings

These window shades are perfect for humid and moisture heavy rooms as they are capable of completely shrugging off water without causing any damage to the coverings. Polywood shutters are made from special compounds that repel water completely. These are long-lasting, ultra-durable, reputation-boosting and the best solution to your moisture problems. They are perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

Water-resistant window coverings are a necessity if you want long-lasting solutions. Pretty shutters and blinds can enhance the beauty of your homes but become useless if they perish prematurely owing to exposure to unfavorable conditions. Prioritize your needs and choose treatments judiciously to meet your requirements.

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