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How Electric Patio Shades Can Add Energy Efficiency To Your Home

How Electric Patio Shades Can Add Energy Efficiency To Your Home

When you have a big enough house situated in a location that gets plenty of natural light, there is a lot of experimenting that you can do with respect to your open spaces. There might be a big enough space in your living room overlooking the front yard, or a big enough balcony through which you can enjoy the outdoor view. However, much of it may be concealed if you haven’t got your house set properly. A house that is in the lap of nature with minimal external disturbance or traffic deserves to have the right window shades. Shades that can upscale the look of your interiors while entailing a fabulous outdoor view. Patio shades are just right for the purpose. They can be installed on tall and wide windows, even though they might not be ideal for every space. They, however, bring a wonderful touch to your outdoor spaces, where you can read in natural light, host a party and reap in multiple other benefits. That’s what we are here to discuss. We will explain in detail why they are the ideal window coverings for many homes.

The Uniqueness of Patio Shades

The usual indoor window shades protect your home from inside, even when they have multiple window coverings accompanying them. You have no control of the external temperatures or other elements that you need protection against, as all your efforts entail taking care of your rooms or living halls. However, with external or patio shades, even your outdoors stay protected against intruders, heat, glaring light as well as cold gusts of wind. So when you have a large enough property, why not make the full use of it through these wonderful shades?

Areas Where Outdoor Shades Can Be Installed

Do not let the term “patio shades” confuse you into buying them only for the front yard. In fact, motorized outdoor shades can be set up in any outdoor area, and not just the patio for you to move your inside furniture in and relax with a drink in hand. Here are the many different areas in which exterior shades can be used. So put your imagination to task, and begin to make use of your outdoor spaces.

1. The Pool Area: Clearly, that is one place where you often like to host a party in. The living room and dining area can be excellent choices, and so can be your porch. But pool parties have a charm like no other, so they must be accordingly set to enjoy the party to the brim. Have some shade sails and exterior roller shades to seal off the area against intense summer winds, and let others take a dip in your pool in between sips of cocktails and munching on the choicest quality of snacks.

2. The Garden: The garden can be an excellent choice of hanging out when the weather is mild and pleasant, and where there’s a pleasant breeze ruffling your hair. However, should you wait for the weather to grow kinder, or must you hit the spot whenever you feel like? With exterior shade sails or an enclosed area secured with rollers, you can enjoy being amid the soft grass and chirping of birds as and when you feel like.

3. The Porch: The regular outdoor area where you can relax and also keep an eye out for any suspicious characters if they inch closer to your property than required. It is also when you can breathe in some fresh air after taking a break from your claustrophobic spaces. Your common outdoor space must serve to upscale the curb appeal and create a great first impression of the house.
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Motorized Exterior Shades Are The New In-Thing

So you do not wish to indulge in hard work every day and are looking to simplify your daily routine? We understand, so any service that reduces your effort instead of increasing it must be welcomed into the home with open arms. Thanks to technology, you can now reap the benefits of a smart home with motorized shades, both interior and exterior. For exterior shades, they are all the more necessary as they might be harder to reach than indoor shades. So when you have a motorized shade that can be operated by a remote, a smartphone or your voice instructions, nothing else can bring more value for money!

So here are all the key takeaways of motorized exterior shades, in a nutshell.

1. The multiplied convenience and comfort of a regular shade with ones that do not require you to move an ounce, but simply operate them from the sofa that you so shifted outdoors.

2. The protection of indoor windows by minimizing the effect of the sun or the chilly weather, thus filtering the temperature and only passing the “good portion” of the air in. So the protection is not simply against the weather; it is against pollution and toxic air and fumes outside.

3. The next-level convenience of Alexa and Google Home enables you to operate them by simply using your voice instructions. You need not even keep a remote handy when you are outdoors. Just “order” your shades to adjust themselves by the level you desire, and they will accordingly move.
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Motorized Roller Shades: The Ideal Exterior Shades

Motorization is an important feature as already discussed, and in a modern home, it is particularly necessary. However, you need to have the right window treatments accompanying motorization: shades that are meant to withstand the heat of the scorching sun. At the same time, they should enable you to keep a fair outside view for enough sunlight inside the setup, which in turn might be an effective energy-efficient solution. Here are the several benefits of these motorized roller shades:

1. They prevent you from the harmful glare that may otherwise be a major irritant while reading, surfing through your mobile or watching television.

2. They are made up of heat-resistant and toxic-free fabric which blocks the harmful UV rays. Exposure to these rays can cause skin defects and damage to household essentials.

3. The different openness percentages allow you to customize your choice and go for shades in different fabrics and color options.

Energy-Efficient Exterior Roller Shades

The energy-efficient feature of the roller shades arises from their sun filtering fabric, which can be essential in bringing down the costs otherwise entailed with having lamps and lanterns during day time. The natural light brightens up the home and creates a natural glow in the room. Besides, these shades also come in opaque and blackout options, where the openness percentage is almost negligible. The blackout material avoids heat loss during winters and resists heat from entering inside the home during summers, keeping the home and your exterior sitting spaces at room temperature. The need for an air conditioner in this scenario is greatly reduced.

Final note: There must be other effective patio shades which can be set up in your outdoors. Awnings and shade sails are the most common of them. Besides, exterior shades also come in the form of plantation shutters that are installed outside your window. Board and batten shutters and Bahama shutters can also be effective options that can be used in specific scenarios.

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