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How Does a Roman Blind Work?

How Does A Roman Blind Work

Your dream home is never complete until the décor of the house is as per your liking and the atmosphere inside is very homely, calming and comforting. Your home is complete only when it becomes your ultimate abode. While the furniture, showpieces and other items of home décor play their part in giving the interiors an aesthetic makeover, window and door coverings also go a long way in adding the decisive edge. These coverings help create a comfortable environment inside the house by blocking the outside heat and glare. Blinds and other treatment products also prevent damage to your skin and the furniture inside your house by protecting them from UV exposure.

Blinds, shades, shutters and other types of drapery not just adorn the barren windows and doors but also provide serious benefits. By reducing the heat gain and glare inside the rooms, these also help lessen the burden on the air-conditioners. Significant efficiency improvements with enhanced longevity help reduce your expense on power bills. With the summers just around the corner, it is a sweet little deal in every way.

What are Roman Blinds?

Window coverings such as blinds are available in all kinds of shapes, designs and material choices. Each type has its own unique specialty. Roman blinds are one of the classic variants with a history that dates back to over two thousand years when the Roman empire was at its peak. These blinds due to their aesthetic appeal and useful features have continued to remain relevant and popular even today. The fact that Roman blinds along with the Venetian blinds have inspired many modern iterations which we bear witness to today, is a living testament to their popularity.

Roman blinds, function-wise are similar to any other kind of blinds. These are used to block out the Sun’s heat and to filter the light coming in. It is their construction that differentiates them from the others. These blinds are made from the fabric that is designed to form pleats when raised. These blinds are extremely good looking and are preferred by those who prefer a somber and minimalistic design. Different types of fabrics ranging from silk to linen, from cotton to synthetic, are used to make these blinds. While the Roman blinds, in general, are quite affordable, the ones made from silk are comparatively costlier.
Roman Blinds

How Does a Roman Blind Work?

Roman blinds are very easy to use and have a very simple working principle. You can simply pull away on the attached cord to raise or lower the blinds depending on whether you want to block the light or want to brighten up the room. You can even get them motorized and control then via a switch, remote or even your smartphone.

There are individually sewn rings in the blind fabric through which the cording is threaded through. Due to this, when you pull on the cord, the trademark pleats of the Roman shades are formed. When the blinds are down, you will see a plain and continuous fabric covering. When you pull the cord to close the blinds in case you want to let the light in, this continuous fabric folds neatly to form pleats which are conveniently tucked away inside the casing at the top. This creates an elegant and clean look which prevents any kinds of distractions.
Blackout Roman Shades

Advantages of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds have many distinct benefits which make them ideal for almost any kind of setting. When you are doing window coverings for your home or office for the first time or are a bit confused, Roman blinds will be a safe option to pick. Let us look at some of the unique advantages that Roman blinds bring to the table:

• Ideal for small spaces or awkward windows: If you have small windows such as cottage windows or very less clear space around the windows, roman blinds are exactly what you need. These blinds don’t take up a lot of space and can easily be installed in the limited space available. If you have awkwardly positioned windows such as the skylights, attic or roof windows, Roman blinds can be used to cover them without a problem.

• Aesthetics: Barren windows undermine the look and feel of your interiors. They act as the focal point of the room’s décor. Having gorgeous coverings installed on the windows and doors surely spruce up the appeal of the interiors. Roman blinds with their minimalistic and contemporary looks do no harm to the décor of your house which you have so painstakingly put together. Due to their somber and clean essence, you can install Roman blinds both in your homes and your office spaces.
Satin Roman Shades
• Good light control: Roman blinds provide good light-filtration. You can pick blinds with the degree of openness you are comfortable with. You can even opt for double-layered blinds if you want more opacity options in the same blinds.

• Better privacy: Since the Roman blinds are made from a single continuous fabric lining, they offer superior privacy as well. However, you need to consider one thing. If privacy is the topmost priority which may be the case if you are getting them installed in places like your bedroom, you should opt for a darker and thicker fabric as thinner fabrics are not that good at ensuring privacy during the need. Since it gets brighter inside the house than it is outside during the night, thin fabrics won’t be able to prevent.

• Affordability: Roman blinds are extremely affordable and that does help. You can not only protect the interiors of your house from the scorching Sun and the excess glare but can also spruce up the décor inside the rooms. The best thing is that you can do all that without breaking the bank. This is the reason why Roman blinds are so popular amongst the masses.

• Easy to maintain: The Roman blinds are very easy to operate and can be maintained without any hassle. The operation mechanism is very simple with both corded and cordless options available. If you have kids or pets running around in the house, you will be better off having the cordless mechanism or looped cords secured with cleats. You also need to ensure that the blinds are beyond the reach of the children and the curious pets so that any safety risk can be avoided.

Roman blinds thus are a straightforward choice for many people and especially for those who are not sure about what they want or what will work with the windows and the décor of their house. These blinds are elegant enough for homes and minimalistic enough for offices. The practical benefits such as heat insulation and light-filtration also do no harm to the reputation of Roman blinds. It’s no surprise that these classic window coverings have stood the test of time to stay relevant for so many years and even today.

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