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How Do You Measure Windows for Blinds?

How Do You Measure Windows for Blinds

Follow this Guide for Help on Measuring Your Blinds

“The way you measure is as important as what you measure.”
Whether you are decorating a living room of a home or an office space, blinds, and shades are an exceptional choice for home interior. Modern window blinds are transforming our home decor in an amazing way. From roman blinds that add a classic touch to the windows, to wooden shades that offer a more natural aesthetic, there are countless choices available while decorating any space.  However, when seen through the eye of professional, there is one thing which has a huge impact on the overall look of window treatments – measurements.

Selecting the best type of blinds that fulfill all our functional & aesthetic requirements, and the correct measurement of the windows are the first two steps that hold paramount importance to achieving an ideal home décor. Correct measurement ensures perfect fitting and adds an elegant look for your home or office.

How to Measure Your Windows for Blinds

Before measurement, it is vital to understand the various ways to install blinds, as window measurements totally depend on the mount type and product.

Ways to install blinds

Inside Mount – In this type, the window blinds fit inside of the window frame. Inside mount window blinds offer clean elegant look and can be installed deep or shallow in the window opening, according to your needs. Minimum depth measurement is required.

Outside Mount – In this type, window blinds cover the entire outside of the window frame. One can add the illusion of height or of having a bigger window with an outside window mount.

Types of Blinds

Horizontal blinds and vertical blinds – Horizontal blinds consist of horizontal slats and are generally used for small sized windows or doors. On the other hand, vertical blinds consist of vertical slats that are generally used for bigger windows or doors.
Measuring for Blinds

How to Measure for Drapes

Generally, drapes are nothing but the curtains that are used to create a casual, elegant, and sophisticated look. Drapery is a great option for living room window treatments. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns.

Measurement of drapery is totally dependent on the type of curtain, window size, and weight of curtain. Drapes require two to three times more fabric for proper fullness in appearance when installed.

Follow the below steps to take the measurement of Drapes

Step 1: Determine drapery rod placement

The measurement of drapes depends on the placement for drapery rod. There should be a 5’’ distance between mounting rod and window. You can extend 5’’ on each side of widow i.e. total 10’’ inches

Note – You can also go for an inside mount, but outside mount is more common for draperies.

Step 2: Determine the desired width

In this step, you need to determine the width that the panel needs to cover. We have two options to choose from:
1. Side panels only
2. Full-coverage panels.

1. Side panel(s) – Generally side panels are used for decoration purpose and offer less privacy.

Width of side panel = the width which panel needs to cover.

For example- If you want your panel to cover 18’’ then, in this case, a width of the side panel is 18’’

2. Full covering panel- These panels cover the entire window. Follow the below steps to measure full covering panel.

Step 1- Measure outside edge to outside edge width of the window casing. (Let’s call that A)

Step 2: Add 5’’ to each side. (Let’s call that B)

Step 3: Calculate the total width. Total width = A+B and divide the total width with the number of the panels you want to order. This is the minimum width of the panel you need to order.

Note – Centre split is most common, which has two panels.

Step 3: Determine the desired length

Length of the drapery is nothing but the distance you want your drapes cover from top to bottom. Length of the drapes is a personal preference and is not required to be exact.
Measuring for Drapes

How to Measure for Inside Mount

Step 1: Measure the distance between the edge of the window and window pane. This is the depth of the window frame.

Step 2: Measure the width at the top bottom and middle frame of the window. The shortest value of width among three will be a perfect measurement of window width for most blinds.

Step 3: Measure the height of the window opening at the left, right, and center places. The largest amongst the three measurements is the correct height measurement for most blinds and shades, except for shade such as Zebra or Sheer Horizontal shades where the height needs to be exact (in this case choose the smallest height).
Inside Mount Measurement

How to Measure for Outside Mount

Step 1: Measure above the window where you plan to mount and ensure that you can accommodate the height of the headrail in that area (flat space with height equal to headrail height).

Step 2: Measure width (w)

For measurement of roman shades, there should be minimum 1’’ of overlap on both sides of the window and 1.5’’ of overlap on both sides of the window for roller shades.

Step 3: Measure Height

Measure the distance between the top of the headrail and bottom where blinds are supposed to rest.
Outside Mount Measurement for Blinds

Some Pro-tips for Measurement

Sometimes even professionals make silly mistakes while taking the measurement of blinds. Follow below tips to ensure error-free measurement of blinds and shades.

• Measurement of blinds should always be in inches and in the format of width x height x depth to avoid confusion.
• Use a measurement sheet to write down all of the measurements. With the help of this sheet, you can store data in an organized manner.
• Take individual measurement of every window present in your home. Even if a window looks similar it can vary slightly.
• Always use metal tape or steel rules to avoid error
• Always confirm the measurement with another person.

After taking all the measurements correctly, the next step which has a huge impact on the home interior is installation. Correct measurements play a pivotal role in the proper installation process. You can hire a professional for the measurement and installation of your blinds. So, once you have finished with measurement, you just have to order the blind that fulfills all your functional and aesthetic requirements.