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How Do You Fix Your Vertical Blind Carrier Clip?

How Do You Fix Your Vertical Blind Carrier Clip

Vertical blinds slide and turn on the carrier clips present inside the head rail. These carrier clips are made of plastic and consist of some movable parts. At times, the carrier clip doesn’t let the vane turn around while controlling the vertical blinds through the wand. Or an accidental pull of the vane on a vertical blind might also damage the carrier clips. A carrier clip is a portion that holds a single vertical vane. The clip is inserted into the carrier body that is attached to the higher track. Usually, if a single vane is pulled, then the vane connector’s one side will crack off. To replace a vertical blind carrier clip, the faulty one has to be removed and then taken to the store for a replacement. This ensures the purchase of the correct type of carrier clip for your vertical blinds.

How To Open the Vertical Blind Carrier Clip

  • In case of a wand-control vertical blind, pull the wand, and in case of a corded vertical blind, pull the cord to spread out the vanes completely from one end to another end of the vertical blind.
  • Pull the chain on the corded vertical blind or twist the wand present on a wand-control vertical blind to open the slats.
  • Inspect the carrier clip on the vertical blind to understand how the vane lies on the hook within the clip. The vane must be present on one side of the clip lying on a hook.
  • The vane should then be pushed up slightly and moved to the opposite side of the clip from where it is hooked. This would push on the side of the clip and lets the clip open. Now, the vane should be pulled down gently to check whether it will come out of the carrier clip. If the vane doesn’t pop out easily, then the clip isn’t open or the vane is still hanging on the hook.
  • Using a credit card, open the carrier clip and set the vane free if required. Lift the vane off the hook by sliding a credit card up the vane’s side. This should open the clip thereby, releasing the vane.
  • Open the carrier clip to place a vane. If you have to position a vane, align the hole present in the vane with the center of the carrier clip and push the vane slightly into the clip. This will open the clip allowing you to insert the vane.
  • Move one side of the carrier clip lightly. If it isn’t possible to open the carrier clip on the vertical blinds with the above-mentioned steps, then push one side of the carrier clip slightly with a finger to open the clip. To ensure that you don’t break the clip, use light pressure to move the side of the clip.

How To Repair A Vertical Blind Carrier Clip

  • Once the carrier clips of vertical blinds are opened, the vane attached to the defective carrier clip should be held near the clip with your hand. Slide your credit card in between the vane and the carrier clip which will lift the stem hook away from the vane. Now, the vane should be pulled down gently and put out of the way.
  • Hold the front, as well as the back of the carrier clip, and then the clip stem should be pushed towards the wand until the clip loosens from the carrier. The small teeth present around the carrier stem’s end should be inspected. If they look stripped/worn, then the gear has to be replaced.
  • The carrier gear, which is a flat plastic piece that mounts within the clip’s solid side also consisting of ridges, should then be pulled out of the clip. At times the vane does not rotate since the gear might have displaced from the carrier clip, and at times, there is a broad gap present at the vane’s top where the clip is attached.
  • The gap can be fixed with a DIY trick. Halve a toothpick and fix the two pieces correctly in place for covering the space or paper clips can also be taped over the space. Else, you can use a vane saver, a metal or plastic piece that does the same operation.
  • Examine the carrier gear for any extreme wear or damage. The gear ridges shouldn’t be flat or smooth. In case of worn gear, it should be replaced with a new one.
  • The carrier gear should be placed inside the clip until it pops against the side. Pop the new clip into the carrier until it fits perfectly in place.
  • The assigned hole present on the top of the vane should be aligned with the clip. The vane should be then pushed between the slotted clips until the hook present on the clip locks into the assigned hole on the vane. Apply less pressure here as the parts are frangible and may break.

In A Nutshell

Blinds not only boost a room’s aesthetics but are also an adaptable and practical solution controlling light. Vertical blinds are cost-effective and simple window coverings. However, natural wear and tear might hamper their smooth working. From blinds that will not turn properly, to torn vanes, jammed clips to lubrication problems, your window coverings may present a host of problems. Problems like overlapping, twisting, misalignment and jamming are very common with these window coverings which can be daunting to repair. But, the good news is that these snags can be fixed on your own. Unless you are left with no other solution but to replace your window blinds, you can fix them mostly using tools as well as readily available supplies, and also a little amount of patience.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.