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How Do You Decorate a Modern Living Room?

Woman preparing to redecorate her living room.

The living room is the go-to place in your house. When you want to relax after a long day, welcome a guest, have a get together, or watch your favorite movies or shows, the living room is the place to be. As such, it’s important that you make it as comfortable and homely as  possible.

There is no one way to decorate a modern living room. Everyone has their own style, so the right furniture and accessories depends on you. Your living room is likely the heart of your home and it is where you are allowed to express yourself as an interior decorator. 

The way you decorate your living room is a reflection of you. However, if you are new or looking for some fresh ideas, read on as we would like to share some of our favorites.

Know Your space and Plan

Before you write down all of your living room design ideas, there is one thing you must do: measure. If you don’t measure every nook and cranny, your entire living room design could be inaccurate or won’t function in the space. That includes measuring for window treatments, furniture, and carpets.

Walls with windows, doors, or insets should be given additional care because they can limit the room’s arrangement. It may help to sketch the room layout and take it with you when you go shopping. 

Choose Your Style

After doing your measurements and knowing the spatial limits of your living room, you can start looking for pieces that will fit and belong with your decor sense. You can begin by asking yourself a few questions like the following: do I want a muted color style, or bold color scheme? Do I want to go for wall art and dangling light fixtures, or do I leave my space decluttered? Knowing your style and tastes can help you begin.

What you can also do is build the decor around the most expensive items, which would usually be the furniture. Do you want a three piece set? Or a sectional couch? Building around their color, material, and the space they occupy can be key in making a cohesive and comfortable space.

If you opted for a coach with large pops of color, you can accessorize items that are often lacking for it, such as coffee and side tables. Use accessories such as ornaments. Adding splashes of color can be done in other ways as well, such as using window dressings. 

Modern Blinds and Shades

Modern homes deserve the most up to date contemporary window treatments available on the market. Modern life is often fast, full of hustle and bustle, and today’s window treatments reflect that. 

Another thing window treatments reflect is the vast array of different lifestyles that people lead. You can find something that will match your sense of decor easily. Whether you prefer an old school look like wooden blinds, or something that is new and in demand, like zebra shades.

However your living room is designed, there is a contemporary window treatment to match. Fast paced modern living deserves a place for rest and relaxation, and your living should be that place. So design it according to your tastes and build your sanctuary.

Sheer Shades in a modern living room.

Get the Right Lighting

An underestimated feature of comfort is having the optimal amount of light in a given space. Being in a dark room  when you are entertaining guests makes it feel cave like. Having too much light while watching the television can cause too much glare. Finding a way to control the light in your living room is very important.

At night, you will use the artificial lights inside, but during the day, you are at the mercy of the sun. Getting optimal sunlight control is the key, which brings us back to our previous point: modern window shades and blinds.

Modernization has brought about another great invention for modern shades: Smart Blinds. They are all about maximizing comfort as the focal point of your living room.

Smart blinds are available in many different types of treatments, from roller shades, to roman shades, and more. Their most advantageous feature is their ability to be controlled via a remote control or with voice command systems like Amazon Alexa. This feature adds to your living room’s ability to maximize your comfort.

Smart shades especially have the ability to give the best light control, and you do not even have to leave your seat! You simply have to program them to open them during sunrise and the living room opens up to beautiful natural light throughout the day.

Personalize the Living Room

At the end of the day, the living room is yours. The person who’s comfort is to be attended to is you. All the couches, shades, blinds, tables and televisions are there for everyone to enjoy. But to truly take your comfort to the next level, bring things in that scream you.

To really personalize you can bring the following things to the living room:

  • Couch throws, throw pillows, cushions.
  • For the walls, you can hang photo frames and artwork.
  • Collectibles and knick knacks or a centerpiece for your coffee table.
  • A couple of your favorite novels.
  • Cushions for the area adjacent to the bookcase.
  • Greenery and freshness can be added with plants.
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