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How Do You Clean Blinds While They Are Still On The Windows?

How Do You Clean Blinds While They Are Still On The Windows

Having blinds on your windows is not a luxury but very much a necessity, as they block the damaging UV rays from entering your home and in this way they protect the furniture and other interior materials. Moreover, by providing an extra layer of insulation on windows, blinds play a bigger role in reducing unwanted heat inside and then also help in retaining heat in winters. Hence, blinds are definitely the much-required element of any home interior. But, we should also know how to clean these blinds, especially when they are still on windows. Here we will discuss a few blind cleaning ideas.

Cleaning the blinds using feather duster is an easy way to clean your blinds. Blinds can also be wiped by a damp cloth dried lightly. Both these methods can be applied to clean your blinds in a smooth and efficient way. Another effective method that comes handy is to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

A rubber sponge can also be used to clean blinds. Fabric and vinyl blinds can be cleaned simply by using a rubber sponge that gets the dust off. However, if the blinds have spots or stains on them, an all-purpose cleaner can do the trick. Vinegar is another popular blinds cleaning solution. Start by putting water in a bowl and mixing vinegar in that. Now with the help of a microfiber cloth dipped into that cleaning solution, we can clean blinds on the windows.
Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds
It is true that cleaning wooden blinds while they are still on the windows can be a challenge. Actually you don’t want to wet a wooden blind, so it’s advisable to just wipe wooden blinds in order to clean them. A normal mild shop can also be used to clean blinds. Just use the shop on wet cloth and remove excess water. Now, this wet cloth is ready to clean the wooden blinds even when they are still on the windows. After cleaning is done, you need to wipe off any remaining water on blinds with the help of a dry cloth.
Wood shutters are popular as they are one of the toughest and most durable window treatments and are great for heat blocking. However, cleaning them can be a real issue for savvy house owners. We have a simple solution to clean these blinds.

Take a soft cloth and a clean feather duster to clean these wooden shutter blinds. Just close and open the wooden slats repeatedly and clean them with a soft cloth and duster. Here we must be careful of not using water as water can lead to warping.
Cleaning Shutters
In a similar manner, wooden vertical window blinds can also be cleaned easily when they are still on the windows. To clean vertical window blinds instead of opening and closing the wooden slots we would require to turning the slats in both directions and simply wiping them with a microfiber cloth. We cannot use water to clean vertical window blinds as well.
Cleaning Vertical Blinds
You can choose out of these options best find the answer to your question: how do you clean blinds on the windows? All the above-mentioned methods are tried, tested and the best solutions to clean blinds on the windows. Still, you need to choose the most appropriate method for your blinds otherwise you many end-up damaging them. It is always advisable to clean window blinds regularly to maintain them and to keep them in good shape. So, give any of the above methods a try and go ahead with your blinds cleaning schedule and keep their beauty and efficacy in all weathers intact.