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How Do You Adjust Blinds With Strings?

How Do You Adjust Blinds With Strings?

A Guideline on Adjusting Blinds with Strings

Window treatments play a vital role in our day to day life, from providing us with the ultimate comfort to protecting us from outside hazards, they are significant and incredible. They have the power to create an impression for your living space with their range of colors, textures, and design choices. They help you in controlling the amount of light streaming through the windows while offering privacy and insulation, making you feel secure and comfortable. The window blind you pick, whether it is a wooden blind or a fabric shade, can leave a mark on your overall home while creating a statement. Customizing them with the right fabric and style will help you to achieve all the values you are looking for.

When it comes to getting a blind to complement the look of your door and windows, there is one thing that you should focus on is the lift mechanism.  In recent times, many blinds come with a cordless lift function that can be adjusted by hand. But what happens when you have an existing window blinds with a string? Operating blinds using a string is already troublesome and unsafe, but adjusting them in the wrong manner can create functional issues. The trick is being gentle while handling them or otherwise the string will break. Read on to know the step by step ways of adjusting blinds using string!

Ways of Adjusting Blinds

If your blinds have string then control them by following below simple ways that will make the process easier –

First, you need to determine the location of the blind string. Usually, you will find it on the right side of the window solution which links to each slat and attached to the top clutch. To raise the blinds, pull the string towards the down and to lock it in the position, move the string a little right. And when it comes to closing the blinds, pull the string slightly to the left in order to unlock the string and you will notice your window covering is lowering down. You can keep the blind in the middle or at your desired location by locking the string in place. Pull up or down the blind until you get the setting you like. While lifting up the blinds, pull the string towards you at a 45-degree angle which will unlock the blind from the current position and free up the slats as well. Drag the string in the right way to adjust all the slats and position them properly to avoid unnecessary damages.

By following these easy four steps will help you to position your blinds so that you can enjoy all the benefits effortlessly. Though this task seems to be extremely simple, but it’s always suggested to check with the professionals or manufacturers once before you start operating them. They will guide you throughout the process. You would want to avoid any damage caused to your blinds due to operational issues.

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