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How Do Roman Shades Work?

How Do Roman Shades Work

What are Roman Shades?

Roman shades are a classic and timeless window treatment option that has been around for a long long time. Dating back to the time of the glorious Roman civilization, Roman shades came into being when Roman people began draping wet cloth over their windows to protect against the heat and dust generated by the undergoing construction work of the iconic Roman Colosseum nearby. Since that time, Roman shades have continued to stay relevant and have also managed to capture the imagination of the masses, which is evident from the popularity these shades enjoy even in modern times.

Roman shades are soft fabric window coverings that hang flat against the window when you have them down, and they curl up into neat and crisp folds when raised. Since these shades are fully covered unlike the blinds which have gaps between the individual slats, the Roman shades not only provide superior light control and protection against the heat but also safeguard the interiors of your house or office against the dust. Lightweight, elegant, and easy to maintain, Roman shades are ideal for any space, be it your personal abode or your office.
Roman Blinds Shades

How do Roman Shades Work?

Roman shades have a pretty simple yet highly efficient working mechanism. These shades are normally operated i.e. pulled up or let down through a pull cord. However, there are cordless and motorized versions also available which make the Roman shades even easier to use. The pull cord is attached to a rope or a string which in turn is threaded through small rings sewn at regular intervals on the backside of the fabric of the shades. When the shades are pulled up, the string threaded through these rings creates neat pleats.
On regular Roman shades, the pull cord or the string is tied to the bottom ring, and then it is further threaded upwards through the rest of the rings and into a pulley system attached to the headrail. The headrail can be wooden, metallic, or made from plastic. On the other hand, in top-down Roman shades, also known as reverse Roman shades, the threading process is reversed, i.e. the pull cord or the string is tied at the top instead of the bottom ring.

In order to raise the Roman shades, you just have to pull on the string and secure it on to an anchor that is installed on the window frame itself or the wall. Securing the string on the anchor is important to prevent the shades from lowering down on their own. If you want a clean look, you can get the anchor installed on the window frame itself in a way that it is hidden well within the window frame. Lowering the shades is just as simple. You only need to release the string from the anchor and the Roman shades will get lowered on their own.

Why You Should Opt for Roman Shades?

Roman shades are simple in the way they work but are highly effective and functional as window treatment options. Not only do they accentuate your windows marvelously but also help protect the interiors from the scorching heat of the sun, UV exposure, dirt, and glare caused by the sunlight. There are countless benefits that make Roman shades the perfect choice for dressing up the windows in your house. Let us look at some of them in greater detail:

• Light control: As Roman shades are fully covered by a fabric layer, they offer better light filtration than blinds and normal. Their fabric only allows diffused light to enter and thereby effectively reduces the glare inside the house. This is particularly helpful for those people who are light sensitive. If you want to enjoy a movie in your home theatre setup or are working on your laptop, the glare can hamper visibility and thereby the whole experience. Roman shades help prevent any such issues.
Roman Blinds and Shades
• Energy savings: Roman shades help increase the energy efficiency of your heat control systems like your air conditioner or your thermostat. As the shades help prevent heat gain, these appliances don’t have to overwork to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. This results in lower energy bills and more savings. Since these shades are quite durable, the ROI in the long term makes Roman shades a pragmatic investment that also provides excellent value.
Insulating Roman Shades

• Heat insulation: Roman shades provide good protection against the scorching summer heat and help in maintaining a comfortable atmosphere inside the room. During winters, these shades also help in preventing the heat from escaping outside so that the interiors remain warm and cozy.

• Ideal for awkward or hard-to-reach windows: Roman shades are lightweight and highly customizable. They can easily be installed on the window frame itself. All these benefits make them the ideal candidate for dressing up difficult-to-reach windows like skylights or awkwardly-shaped windows. It is advisable to get cordless variants as these are easier to operate. You don’t have to reach the pull cord every time you want to raise or lower the shades. You can get them motorized or automated and can control the same via a remote or your smartphone.
Motorized Roman Blinds
• Aesthetics: Roman shades have always been preferred for their elegant and sophisticated appeal. The neat pleats, the clean look, and, the customizability make Roman shades the perfect choice to decorate and beautify your windows and to accentuate the décor of the room. You can further enhance the effect by using cornices or valances in conjunction with the shades.

Roman shades have always been a popular window treatment choice and history has proved it time and again. With the sublime looks, useful features, and durability to back it all up, Roman shades provide a well-rounded option to dress up your windows and doors. With both corded and cordless variants available in a variety of designs both classic and modern and multiple fabric options, finding the ideal set of the Roman shades for your house is easier than ever. You can pick the ones that best suit your needs and per the styles and preferences, you may have.

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