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Embracing the New: Why Going Cordless Is A Must

How do Cordless Blinds Work

Embracing Technology: Know How do Cordless Blinds Work

Gone are the days of those old-school, elementary mini blinds. The modern window treatments include everything from sheer curtains to wood and aluminum-based blinds. With a  drastic development in window treatments in the past few years, you can now have a window treatment suiting all your requirements.  Above all, you can get your kind of window treatment tailor-made too. In addition to the style, new age window treatments have embraced the motorized technology too. No more dangling cords, no more entangled children, and no more entwined pets. The cordless window treatments are extremely safe and convenient for you and your loved ones.

Now you can raise your blinds with a smooth continuous cord loop with no effort at all.

How do Cordless Blinds Work?

The cordless feature also adds an aesthetic appeal to your window treatments by making them look more sleek, streamlined and spruce. Highly recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, cordless technology is now present in almost all the modern day window treatments including wood blinds, faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, wood shutters, vinyl shutters and honeycomb shades.

What are Cordless Blinds?

With a lift mechanism in either the headrail or the bottom rail, cordless blinds can be operated just by lifting or lowering them. To open the slats, you may either twist the wand or tilt the bottom. It goes without saying that the premium quality shades offer a smoother, sleeker, and more reliable lift mechanism than their cheaper counterparts.

Say Goodbye to the Cords from Shades

You will find numerous variants providing the cordless feature in shades, but we have shortlisted the top three kinds of shades, which apart from offering you safety and convenience, add an uncanny charm to your windows too.

Cordless Roman Shades

Roman Shades are fabric based shades which provide light control, privacy, and temperature control depending upon the kind of fabric you choose. Classic and stylish, roman shades go well with almost all kinds of windows. An ideal option for your living room, you can adjust them to the position you desire by simply pulling them down or pushing them up from the bottom.

Cordless Roller Shades and Solar Shades

How Do Cordless Roller Blinds Work

Seamlessly beautiful, roller shades are available in a number of materials, patterns, and textures. One of the best options to block the blazing sun rays out, solar shades are simple yet sophisticated. With a very convenient operating technique, both roller and solar shades have to be pulled down to be lowered and released to be raised up.

Motorized Draperies

We have always believed that curtains and draperies are an epitome of panache and now, you a motorized option for them too. Apart from adding elegance and grace to your home sweet home, the modern day drapes offer extremely comfortable and easy operation techniques too. Sit on your comfy couch and control your draperies through a remote. Touch the button on the remote and see them slide in and out with finesse.

Cordless Honeycomb Shades

Cordless Window Treatments

  • Among all the variants, honeycomb shades are the jack of all trades. Beauty, subtlety, utility, and durability, you name it and you have it. Adding to the list of their qualities, the modern age honeycombs offer your convenience too
  • They have small hexagonal cells which contribute a lot in insulating the temperature inside your home
  • With the cordless lift feature, you just have to pull up the bottom rail to raise the shades and pull it down to lower them

The Day and Night Cordless Cellular Shades

Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades


  • A combination of light filtering and blackout material, Day and Night Cellular Shades offer you a 2 in 1 feature to maintain your privacy and enjoy the morning light simultaneously
  • Raise the shades completely to stack the light filtering section on the top of the blackout part to savor your privacy
  • And if you are looking for some morning sunshine, all you have to do is pull down on the light filtering handle
  • Also, you don’t have to necessarily use one option at a time
  • To enjoy both of them, you can adjust the sections of the shades in the manner you want. This will help you control the amount of light you want to let in

Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades

Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades

Well, yes, you read it right. You can now control those hefty outdoor solar shades with your smartphone, a remote, or your home automation system.

  • Extremely convenient, the new age solar shades have the option of a solar powered battery placed on the headrail. The battery self-charges itself through the sunlight and provides considerable durability
  • An ideal option for your patio doors and windows, install them, operate them, and enjoy lower electricity bills because well, your shades will now support sustainable development too

We know that your home is the starting place for your love, hope, and dreams. So, allow us to adorn it with the latest technologies for your safety, comfort, and convenience.

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