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How Can You Make Your Existing Curtains Look Better?

How Can You Make Your Existing Curtains Look Better?

Everyone wants their house to look good to their tastes. The color of the walls, choice of flooring, your taste in furniture, and other decorative elements enhance the aesthetics of the interiors while giving your home décor a unique appeal. Curtains also make a valuable contribution to your home décor.

Even though you may think it’s time to get rid of those old curtains, with a little creativity, you can update those window treatments to make them more modern. You can always do a makeover for your curtains and style your curtains to make them look more elegant.

You might wonder how to make your curtains look good. You can actually try a few different methods.

Ways to make your curtains look better

Add a trim

Transform plain window treatments with a touch of trim!

Sometimes all you need is a little trim to update the look of an existing pair of curtains. Trim can be in the form of fringe, ribbon, and additional material in either matching or contrasting colors. Additional material can also come in the form of a flat panel or a ruffle at the top or bottom.

It can bring a shabby chic look to otherwise plain curtains if you add a wide band of bullion fringe. You can attach it to the bottom panel, the top panel, or even the tieback. In contemporary styles, fringe is not really a good choice.

A little sewing can go a long way in beautifying your curtains. Trim adhesive, such as a glue designed for adding trim to fabrics, or fabric staple guns allow you to attach trim that can be removed for cleaning.

You can also consider using the trim design elsewhere in the room, such as on pillows, flower arrangements, or accents to make your room look better.

Mix and Match

When you need to place window treatments for a large room and do not have enough matching curtain sets, you can update any curtains by adding new material or combining two sets of panel curtains. Choose two panels that coordinate well. One print design and one solid design work best. Cut a center strip out of each panel. Swap center strips, and sew the blocks together.

If you have a little sewing experience, take more than one section of fabric from each curtain panel to use as a patchwork. You can repeat the same colors in a pattern or even create a faded look by using graduated blocks of color.

Add colors to tops or bottoms of curtains if you have curtains that are too short in order to lengthen them, without revealing unattractive hemlines.

Hang a Mini Garden

Hang potted plants from your curtain rods to liven up your curtains. Just make sure you are using strong hardware that can hold them. Your room will more beautiful and fresh with some plants.

Adding some greenery can give your curtains a brand new look.

Hardware Hints

The easiest way to update your old curtains with a modern twist is to change the rod. Instead of plain metal curtain rods, choose hardware that has fancy ends, such as bulbs or swirls. Adding some style and length to your curtains with rings is a great solution. These rods come in metallic colors including black, muted copper, and silver.

Paint Your Curtains

You can add a touch of character to your curtains by painting them with stripes, dots, or flowers.

You can change the design of your curtains by painting your curtains make them look like a new one.

Layers and Lining

You may want to update the look of your window treatment if you have old sheers behind your curtains. It could be just getting new sheers or replacing them with linen semi-sheers in a similar color to the drapes. You may instead choose to upgrade to wooden or faux-wooden blinds or stylish shades.

It’s best to check the linkings on your drapes since they tend to thin, deteriorate, or discolor over time. The purpose of lining them is to give the impression that the window treatments are thicker and more luxurious. You can remove or replace the current lining with new modern fabric choices, even blackout material.

Update the Valances

One way to improve the overall style of your window treatments is by removing, changing, or adding valances. If you have a balloon valance that looks like it’s from an older house, take it off completely for a cleaner look.

By taking off the valance completely and leaving only the panel curtains, a fresh new look can be achieved. Box-pleated valances, in contrast, will add a sophisticated touch while hiding the old hardware, if your room is with more of a formal setting.

Taking out a valance allows you to reuse the fabric in other ways, such as in pillows or a quilt, or to lengthen curtains that are too short.

Keep the Curtains Clean and Tidy

When it comes to curtains, one of the most important things is proper maintenance. If your curtains are dirty or poorly installed, they don’t look good at all.

To maximize the visual appeal of your curtains, make sure they are neatly spread out when in use and properly pulled to one side when not in use. For different rooms, you may opt for different colored curtains, but you can give them a uniform look by choosing the same color lining.


There’s no need to throw away those old curtains just because your home is being renovated and you want change the look and style of your home. Older curtains can be made new again with a little work and creativity.

Add trim or liners to your window treatments or stitch in matching fabric to extend the length or width of your curtain to make them look new again.

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