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How Can Window Shutters Add Insulation To Your Exteriors?

How Can Window Shutters Add Insulation To Your Exteriors?

The art of decorating your own personal space brings so much joy as a homeowner because it instantly perks up your mood as you retire to your home at the end of a tiresome day. A well-furnished house not only reflects the good taste of the owner but also portrays the necessary elements of a happy home. The windows are an essential part as they allow the warm sunlight to radiate inside your home while the cool breeze circulates in the room. When it comes to beautifying the appearance of your windows, the homeowners can choose from a variety of decorative items in window treatments, curtains and shutters. The exterior insulated window shutters are a smart choice when it comes to cutting down the AC bill during the scorching summers as the coverings keep the interior cool without burning a big hole in your wallet! The Department of Energy is of the opinion that window solutions can be highly efficient in saving money on your monthly electricity bills by reducing the heat trapped inside the house.

Nowadays, installing energy-saving window shutters is a very simple procedure that has many long-term benefits in diminishing the solar heat gain while keeping your interior cool and comfortable. The proper utilization of exterior and interior shutters will block out the excess heat by soaking up the solar heat and regulating the overall temperature of your home. Exterior window shutters are an effective way to offer additional protection while ensuring that the privacy is well-maintained with minimal effort. It is advisable that you keep the vanes shut during the onset of the summer season in order to shield your room from direct sunlight. Plus, closing the vanes will make sure that a considerably low utility bill is generated at the end of the month. It is a widely known fact that shutters can prove beneficial in providing a good amount of insulation as you reduce the heating costs per year and successfully trim the home utility bills. Did you know that the windows in your house are one of the highest energy-wasters that can unfortunately leak around 30 percent of the heating and cooling inside your personal space? This is the reason the majority of customers are now looking forward to installing energy-efficient window shutters that will brighten up your home with beautiful daylight while keeping it warm and cozy during the winters.

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Why Are Exterior Insulated Window Shutters The Perfect Choice To Insulate Your Living Space?

A homeowner needs to do a thorough market research on suitable products that will spruce up the interior decor with its stylish appearance and also provide a rather practical solution to boost the energy conservation. It is important to invest in first-grade quality window shutters that will incorporate thermal resistance for insulating your windows. As you must be aware of, the energy efficiency can be deciphered by its R-value and a higher rank stands for a higher degree of insulation. The two popular shutter materials that are preferred for energy-saving purposes are wood and faux wood. If your house suffers from long-term issues like dampness and excessive heat, then the faux wood shutters are the perfect choice to cover your windows. As a bonus point, the exterior shutters do not have any lift cord mechanism and are extremely safe if you have kids or pets in your home. Read below if you are still wondering how exterior window shutters can play an integral role in controlling the insulation in your home.

  1. The window shutters are an excellent way to create a strong barrier that instantly traps the heat and prevents it from circulating inside that makes for a cool and comfortable ambience.
  2. The high R-value of these window shutters is the determining factor when it comes to the resistance of windows to block the harsh chilly winds or a heat wave, depending on the season.
  3. The shutter design is a crucial element, as they are composed of thicker material and moulded in various slat sizes. Although the larger vanes will offer a clearer view of the outside world, the smaller vanes will shield you from direct sunlight and regulate the temperature in a far more convenient manner.

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What Are The Different Types of Exterior Insulated Window Shutters That Offer Insulation?

The window shutters are available in different shapes and sizes and are made from scratch using sturdy, durable materials like wood, vinyl and composite wood. The internet is now brimming with brand-new designs when it comes to exterior shutters, which look so innovative.

The insulated shutters are effective at conserving the energy flow because of its core design that reflects heat and creates a cool current of air between the window frame and shutter, thus keeping the room temperature constant without wasting any extra energy. The solid material of window shutters are much more powerful in trapping the heat from entering the room than blinds or curtains. Once you tightly close the shutter panels and louvres, you can achieve as much as 50 percent of heat loss reduction that occurs through an open window! Many homeowners choose to layer the window shutters with curtains to boost the insulation.

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