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How A Simple Pelmet Can Transform Your Room’s Entire Aesthetics

How A Simple Pelmet Can Transform Your Room's Entire Aesthetics

What are Pelmets?

A pelmet is a frame that is generally a flat external fixture which is installed above a window. The main function of a pelmet is to hide the jarring unappealing presence of curtain rods and add another aesthetic design element to a room.  Pelmets are a decorative element that can easily elevate the style of any given room. Pelmets also have another feature, which is in acting as insulators. They prevent heat from escaping a room and keeps the temperature of the room at a constant. The obvious benefit is a reduced electrical expense in inducing artificial warm temperatures in cold winters. Despite the dual purpose the main aim of a window pelmet is to enhance the aesthetic of a room. They may all act as a pivotal design element and act as a catalyst to the change in design language of your room.

Pelmets are generally made of wood or plywood. They can be draped in fabric or other materials and can be turned to the customers preferred style. Colonial and Roman Historic structures all evince the use of pelmets as a decorative element, signifying opulence. The long use of pelmets has led to a more modern adaptation. The modern interpretation and application of pelmets allow the customer to ensure that these pelmets act as a key and significant part in your room. Often times these pelmets completely change and enhance the look of your room. Here are a few ways in which pelmets enhance your entire rooms aesthetics and act as an extremely important piece of furnishing in your rooms.

Coherent design language:

In most rooms, windows are the first thing that catches someone’s eye. This is especially true for large rooms with ornate curtains and a healthy dose of sunlight entering through them. The pelmet can literally act as a spring board for the design language you want in your room. Furnishings and wall paintings are subtle ways of accentuating your design language. For example, once you walk into a room and look at the large windows, the obvious pelmet hints at the approach of the room, Given the versatility of pelmets, they can act as the glue that binds the interior of your room.

Fabric covered pelmets

Pelmets that have fabric as covers can be extremely useful is reenforcing the design language of your room. They also ensure also act as excellent dust repellents (depending on the fabric that is used). Fabric pelmets can also act as an excellent contrast to your curtains while adding to the style of the curtains as well. Fabric-styled pelmets elevate the curtains and the room and can act as a reflection of your own personality. A bright pelmet may be the perfect element and elevate the pillows curtains and furnishings of the room entirely. Fabric lined pelmets are a main stay in many households and are extremely easy to maintain. They often act as the elevator that is required in the room and come in a variety of options. There are multiple choices in fabric, ranging from matt finished synthetic fibres to carpet fabrics.

Adding to the Rustic Vibe

Half pelmets add to the rustic style. Most rustic designers have exposed curtain rods. To accentuate to your ornate curtain rods a half pelmet is a great solution. The semi exposed look allows all the elements on the window to be showcased. Half pelmets are a perfect accompaniment in elevating the entire window and increasing that rustic motif in your room. Customers often choose to use half pelmets when a full pelmet takes away from the curtain and other design elements in the house. Half pelmets are the perfect middle ground between a bare curtain rod, and at times, an excessive element. This is surely going to add to that minimalist rustic approach within your interiors.

Changing the design language

A simple pelmet can essentially change the entire aesthetic of your room. By adding a pelmet, the presence of the window is increased significantly. This allows the entire feel, look, and vibe of the room to morph into the pelmet design. Pelmets speak volumes of the design in a room. Since most furnishings have a fusion approach in today’s day and age, a pelmet will definitely highlight the more dominant style. Beds and closets often are a blend between rustic colonial design while maintaining modern functionality. If your wish to add to the colonial style, a simple pelmet will do the trick. It will assert the preferred style and invoke the design language of the room.

Transforming Pelmets

Another option in the usage of pelmets is to add extension to these pelmets.  These extensions will add to the functional side of the room. Cupboards and storages can easily be added on top of pelmets given their sturdy building.  This solution is nifty in studies, kitchens and libraries. When the goal is to maximise space and accentuate the functional purpose of the room, building shelves on top of pelmets is the ideal solution.  It adds to the urban vibe while creating space. This is an extremely helpful feature especially when it comes to people having storage problems. Using window pelmets as a base allows them to not only add shelves to certain windows but also elevates the aesthetic of the room and these extensions are stylistic based on the pelmets. These shelves reverberate the style and the design of the pelmets. This is a great option for large low windows, as is the case in studies.

Pelmets are an excellent option in interior designing. The form and function elements of these furnishings assertively adds value to a room and is a very helpful tool in designing your home. Customers are given a wide variety of choices and patters to choose from. The versatility of pelmets allows them to be tailored to every use case. A pelmet solution just might be the missing element in your house and bring the whole décor together. They can change the entire look and feel of a specific room and give you the satisfaction of form and function.

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