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8 Window Décor Trends Everyone Needs To Know About

House Decorating Ideas

House Decorating Ideas – Window Décor Trends

As the year draws to a close, many homeowners move on and up the ante in terms of fashion style and trends. While some stick to their original choices of color patterns and styles that they’ve always sworn by, a lot of fashionistas love to experiment.

How often do you repeat your clothing? We prefer to own a whole lot of variety in apparels and accessories. Our tops comprise the tank, high-low, shirt style, batwing, tube, and crop, and shoes range from ballerinas and loafers to boat and moccasins. We aren’t satisfied or content with one fashion trend for years. So as we are about to celebrate the New Year, why shouldn’t our taste evolve with time?

This section is dedicated to some style suggestions and window decor trends that you must adapt to make your home a haven of comfort and inimitable style! Windows are often the central focal point of attention, irrespective of the design or dimensions of your room. Make the most of your knowledge on window blinds and dressing ideas, and come up with a design that extends itself as part of your home instead of sticking out like a sore thumb!

House Decorating Ideas

Even if you aren’t a designer or possess a keen interest in mixing and matching peripherals and choosing different colors for your home, you just need the right guidance. You can learn a lot by sitting with someone who’s recently got their home furbished, or with an interior decorator. What you’ll ultimately learn is that buying the right window dressing shades and blinds are great house decorating ideas, and can be the central focal point of the room irrespective of its space and other decors.

Let us take a look at a few window decor trends that are being followed by people around the world.

1) Matchstick Blinds

As their name suggests, they are made of thin pieces of wood or bamboo that are rounded and attached together to form a flat surface for a window covering. Matchstick blinds were what we used back in the 1980s. However, they are back in style for your contemporary living space, giving your home a cool contrast of functionality and old-world charm.

Along with bamboo and wood, they can be made of grass, jute, and sisal, which gives these natural shades true texture and form, along with lending privacy to your home. Besides, they allow natural sunlight to pass through, giving you the best of ideal window shades features.

2) Sheer Curtains with Frosted Windows


Curtain with Blinds


With multiple choices available in Roman shades, solar shades, Vertical blinds, and Venetian blinds, people have generally forgotten how effective curtains can be in meeting some various design requirements. In a well set, minimal room, a white pair of sheer curtains exude a lot of class on windows. Whether your windows are bay, French, or door blinds, some decent and well-coordinated sheer curtains do the job of effective home decor effortlessly. If you are staying in neutral climates, it’s better to keep them open via a tie-up detail and hanging from a rod to give the room a neat appearance.

When they are teamed with frosted windows, however, they will serve the need for both light control and privacy. Window frosting is the process of sandblasting or acid etching of clear sheet glass, which results in a glass becoming translucent so minimal light passes through it. Frosted glasses are commonly in use in meeting rooms and restaurants. However, their effectiveness has lately made them an ideal pick for homes deserving privacy. Besides, they offer a great style statement. On the flip side, however, they more or less block the outside view.

3) Floral Print Blinds



Flat Roman Shades


Trends that involve floral and leaf prints have always stayed. A floral tee, top or dress has a lot of buyers in the market, and nothing could be truer in home decor as well. You have floral and tropical print bedsheets, cushion and pillow covers and patterns made on walls. We suggest getting Flat Roman shades or white/beige-colored curtains with flower prints and hanging them on your windows. To make things slightly more flamboyant, clear the space in front of the window to accent their pattern, or paint the walls in a matching or contrasting color. This is surely going to wow your guests and will give a positive vibe to space.

4) Neutral Shades

Why do we often feel the necessity to line our windows with a bold assortment of colors and patterns? Even the simplest of shades and designs may lend a minimal and attractive touch, and give out a sense of understated class and subtlety that is lacking in many homes. What we need ultimately is an arrangement that isn’t too loud and which can soothe our senses and lend a sense of belonging. Also, with neutral shades, you can experiment a lot with the décor placed in the room, as neutral colors go well with almost anything.

5) Tall Curtains

Despite the size of the window, tall curtains make the room appear grand. They can go well with any window type. You can choose them in solid colors sans any prints so as to not completely overwhelm the decor, and choose colors that are solid greens, blues or yellows.

6) Geometric Patterned Shades

Cubical, circular, or bar-like patterns on Roman shades or solid curtains can force the attention in the room to be focused entirely on them, making them all the more impressive. The shape on them may be matched by a stool or a table which is geometrically similar. Choose them on walls that are white or beige in color. However, a flamboyant touch can be helpful in case you choose to paint one wall (preferably the one opposite to them) in the same color. If that is a long process, you can instead buy and mount shades in the exact same color of the opposite wall.

7) Paisley Printed Patterns in Valances

Sometimes valances without a curtain or blind can be enough to cover a window, and you may choose them in paisley prints to lend an ethnic vibe to your room. When you have guests over, a bedcover in a similar or other ethnic pattern or tribal print may make the whole setup unique and magnificent, and you will have an impressive home decor that will not just be limited to your windows.

8) Light Blue Shutters

For a feel of the Victorian era, or more specifically, an English country feel, you would want to install light blue shutters for your windows. However, in case the windows are already lined with beige or white shutters, it is recommended you paint them in a coat of blue for an edgy and unconventional look.

There’s a lot you can do in the name of experimenting with your windows or home in general. Buying rugs, polishing your furniture, adding a bean bag, installing cornices, or simply changing the design of your windows go a long way in upturning the look of your home. The possibilities are endless in trying a popular trend, or even starting your own.

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