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Best Ways To Use Sheer Shades For Sun Protection

Horizontal Sheer Window Shades

Horizontal Sheer Window Shades


We all love to amplify the beautify our surroundings constantly to give them a luxurious vibe. We desire being appreciated for our taste in fashion by whomsoever visits our abode. This applies to the colors on walls and how they go along with the hues in the room. It also involves our choices in the designs of our bedsheets, the placement of our sofas and furniture, desks and little objects that are adorned all over our living space.

One of the key factors that can accentuate the beauty and look of your home is the window coverings you use, be it in your dining room, bedroom or kitchen. Ideally used for practical purposes, these shades come in various designs and textures to give an aesthetic touch of style to your house. There are multiple shades and blinds in the market, but horizontal sheer window shades are a perfect combination of utility and comfort. By letting in enough light for those who prefer natural sunlight in their homes while preventing the house against intense glare and ultraviolet radiation, these window coverings are essential go-to options for connoisseurs of fine living and comfort.


Sun Protection with Horizontal Sheer Window Shades


Horizontal Sheer Window Shades


In this section, we discuss how sheer shades and window coverings can be effectively used for sun protection in a number of ways. Following are some of the time-tested and efficient methods to ensure the same.


#1. For ultraviolet protection

The sun can be merciless. When your house is under direct exposure as against an apartment in the middle of a chaotic city, you are also prone to the harmful UV radiation that can damage your skin in the long run, giving rise to many ailments and skin diseases. Ultraviolet radiation can also affect eyesight badly and important measures need to be taken in this regard to staying healthy.

When we step outside the house, we have the option of putting on anti-glare sunglasses and sunscreen lotion to avoid a tan. When we are indoors, we only have our window coverings to rely on.

Many sheer shades come with non-glued, non-toxic fabrics for creating an effect of diffused light. This allows natural light to enter your house during daytime while reducing the harmful glare that may affect your well being or have a detrimental effect on the furniture and flooring of your house. This also makes the interiors glamorous and add a touch of class.

Crown Sheer Shades

Crown sheer shades are good options to go for. They come with a suspended floating vane between two parallel sheer panels, which are as thick as two-three inches and made from quality polyester fabrics. They are available in multiple colors. These products can be easily installed and are conveniently cleaned through dusting and vacuuming.

Zebra Sheer Shades

Zebra sheer shades are also one of the sought-after room darkening sheer shades that can give your home the sleek and contemporary look that you desire. They come in a variety of colors to choose from. Thus, beyond being excellent protectors against UV radiation, they are very stylish and trend-forward. They are best suited for bedrooms with large windows and can be properly cleaned by a machine or by hand.


#2. In combination with other window protection treatments

Sometimes, just using sheer shades for protection can simply not be enough. Because despite their sunlight filtering capabilities, they cannot keep out enough heat to prevent the house from warming up during extreme summers. However, this gives you a good excuse to team them up with other window treatments which creates an overall look of exquisite beauty. Let us look at some solid combinations that work well.

With curtains: You might go for those attractive, single-cell cellular shades in your favorite color in your bedroom if the window is large or medium-sized. But if you want your window coverings to have a blackout feature to completely block out sunlight, go for a room darkening curtain to go along with your cellular shades. Choose colors that provide a contrasting look if you want the windows to hog the limelight, or go for subtle colors that match one another if the room is too bright and vivid.

You can also try having sheer curtains with triple-cell honeycomb shades, as they work equally well to keep the house cold enough to guarantee a comfortable sleep.

With Valances: Now this is a setup which is one of the most sophisticated combinations you can ask for. Imagine the sleekness and softness of sheer shades with the variety that valances provide.

Whether they are scarf, curtain, or cornice valances that are used together with sheer shades, this amalgamation is going to solve all your window treatment woes. Valances can also be custom designed according to your choice and you can decide what kind of rod pockets or closures you want in them. It’s better to take the dimensions of your windows before choosing the right ones, though.

With Outdoor Protection Methods: Maybe you can see what arrangements can be made with respect to which part of the house is exposed to maximum sunlight. You can do a lot of customization that will filter the sunlight that passes through your sheer shades. Construct an awning just outside the window. Have a porch built if there is scope for that. You can also line the window ledges with small plants that will curtain the impact of the weather to an extent.


#3. Adding Protective Layers to Shades

Sheer shades are sometimes the obvious choice for people who like their window treatments subtle and classy that can also let in some light in the room. While this is a great option for neutral climate regions where the weather does not add more trouble to your lives, it can become bothersome for people in climates that are too hot or too cold.

Maybe you can add a protective layer of thick texture when the temperatures rise and fall. Polyester, raw silk and velvet are solid materials known to add the right texture in blinds that absorb sound and reflect heat. Go for contrasting designs in the same color family to let out a rich texture that appears cohesive rather than distracting and gaudy. A coveted modern look involves using a sheer panel with decorative blackout draperies on top. This combination adds a lot of versatility to the look of your room. You can open or close both of these panels depending on the look for your room. This lends the room enough privacy against unwanted intruders and protection against heat while also letting in filtered light and a clear view of the outside.

To sum up, sheer window treatments can work by themselves or in combination with other window protection methods, depending on what you want them to achieve. Maybe you can first jot down a few points and find out if there is any possibility or scope of using them together with other blinds or curtains. Also ascertain the purpose they will achieve by it, the designs you want for your room and the budget that you have. It’s better to do a thorough research and explore the market for trends and technologies in modern window treatments before buying the right one.

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