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Nothing Says Luxury Like a Roman Shade, And Here’s Why

Fabric Roman Shades

Horizontal Roman Shades – Block the Light Uniformly

Roman shades are known for their numerous styles. Roman shades have been in style for ages and are not in danger of dropping out of the fashion race anytime soon. Roman shades are what one would call, perennial. These shades are a combination of blinds and shades, it behaves and folds similarly to a blind but instead of slats, we have fabric that fully covers the shade and pleats as it bends.


Horizontal Roman Shades


  • Roman shades come in many gorgeous styles and sizes.
  • Most Roman shades are meant to be used in your interiors.
  • These shades can also be made at home, but with varying degrees of success.
  • Since almost any fabric can be used in a roman shade, they come in varying prices and sizes based on material and quality of work.
  • While there are several styles of roman shades, three styles are the most common and are the most popular:
  • There is the traditional hobbled fold, where loops run all down the shade.
  • Another type would be the flat fold, which is as named, flat. There are no bumps or loops on the surface of this roman shade.
  • Flat fold roman shades are perfect for patterns. This gives them the incredible potential to add to the décor of your room.
  • Flat fold roman shades can also be left bare or with a specific design given that they help accentuate the contemporary features of a home.
  • The relaxed roman blind is by far the most effective when one is going for a casual look. It has no horizontal rods supporting it and instead has cords running through the sides vertically which is what helps raise and lower the shade.
  • Roman shades have a design for every home, and office, regardless of the décor style.

Light and Temperature Control:

Roman blinds are effective when it comes to blocking the light. Certain fabrics block the light uniformly so as to not hinder light transparency too much. These fabrics are usually heavier and are more effective if you wish to hide from a hot day. The sheer (see-through) fabrics let in enough light to brighten up a room and fill it with natural light, making it the perfect place to relax and read a book. However, in the varied styles of horizontal roman shades, also comes shades designed for better light control. The heavier fabrics for horizontal roman shades block out more light while also offering much better insulation, making them a boon to have in the winter. However, the standard lighter roman shades don’t help much when it comes to cold weather.

Affordable and Energy Efficient:

Part of the popularity that roman shades enjoy can be attributed to the fact that there are also shades available at a budget-friendly price. Horizontal roman shades also use less fabric than curtains, so in general, there could be a 20% price gap between them, making roman shades an economic choice. By blocking out only part of the light with roman shades, we can save a lot of money we would otherwise have to spend on artificial lighting during the day. With the better-insulated varieties of Roman shades and horizontal roman shades, you will realize that you do not have to spend as much on your heating bill. So both varieties can save you money regardless of your choice.

Positioning and Aesthetics:

Unlike traditional blinds and some other window coverings, horizontal roman shades do not need much space. However, it would be recommended not to put them in a place with moisture as it could cause staining of the fabric if not careful For such cases moisture resistant shades are the best option. The kitchen is also not a great place for roman shades as they will absorb the aroma and give off an unwanted smell. Because of their size and versatility, roman shades give the room a clean and tidy appearance with the addition of a design that complements the room.

Usability, Maintenance, and Durability


Z-Wave Roman Shades


  • Roman shades traditionally come with cords, however, this means that they’re left open to a lot of safety hazards. Cords are particularly dangerous around children and pets, who could easily get stuck in them or worse.
  • With the advent of modern technology, roman blinds also come with cordless motorized options using Z-wave technology.
  • If it can be motorized, it can be made smart, you can even raise and lower the roman shades using your phone.
  • Much easier to install as opposed to other window coverings. So it can also be a DIY project if you don’t really want to wait for someone to install it for you.
  • Roman shades are known to last as long as any other window covering as long as the fabric isn’t subjected to any stress.
  • Cleaning isn’t much of a challenge where dusting is concerned, however since they are fabrics, they will need to be watched for stains a lot of the time.

In Conclusion

Roman shades are versatile and beautiful to look at. The sheer volume of gorgeous designs that have been drawn of roman shades demands that it be mentioned at least once, given how luxurious it looks. However, their affordability is also a prime factor when it comes to choosing roman shades for any home. If you decide that you want a roman shade, you can be sure that you’ll get the most attractive options to choose from. The key to picking the right shade is knowing exactly how its color will mix with that of your home.

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