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HoneyComb Cellular window shading for a Nursery

Decorating the Nursery.

“The Best” is what ran through my mind after I took a peek at the monitor during the fetal scan. My happiest moment! Indescribable by mere words…if I am to be blessed with an angel, the least I could do for her is giving her a dazzling home to make her feel special. So I set about making a list of the changes I’d have to make before she entered our lives. We needed to make some space first; I mean it literally because we have a two bedroom apartment, so my husband and I have planned to remodel one of the bedrooms into a nursery.

I have zero knowledge about changing areas, decorations or the present fashions and customs. To justify myself, I am a lawyer, with no time to take these matters into consideration. But now this has to change, and I need to be a quick learner.

I chose to transform the room facing the street. This would be “the one” due to two reasons-the room is bright and airy – important factors for babies, according to the maternity books I have been going through. I have to say that they have been quite helpful in giving me ideas. As I have said previously, I only have plans to give the best to her and would not like to compromise on designing her nursery. So, I should pick great stuff, but nothing over the top, as I’m sure I’ll have to change the decor in a couple of years!

The room is plain and simple, with two set of French windows. I started off by painting the walls with blush pink and papered one wall with a Barbie design; Zac painted the ceiling with radium blue, filled with stars and complete with a crescent, to resemble the Milky Way galaxy. We shopped for sets of baby bed linen in white and pink, a crib, a cot mobile, a changing table with all the accompanying paraphernalia, a rocking chair, a baby wardrobe and all the diapers and baby things to fill it… Phew! Now, only the windows needed to be taken care of. Two days of visiting stores and I couldn’t come up with anything that suited my requirements, but I met a lady in one of the stores who suggested that I check out the online window dressing retailer, Zebrablinds. I have come across wide varieties and options of window dressings on this website. I needed to figure out a means to block out the harsh midday light, the UV rays, and eco-friendly options, so that I can reduce the SIDS risk. Hence, safety was on the top of my checklist.

Nursery Window treatments.

Zac and I finalized on window shade. Shades that would serve many functions while providing a cozy atmosphere. They would block the harsh sun rays and insulate against the hot and cold weather, leaving the room temperature unchanged to some extent. Also, I found that we could experiment with numerous shades, contemporary designs, and chic styles as we could get free samples that would aid in our decision. I wanted to feel the goodness of nature in the room with natural options, but they were good insulators, so I figured shades in polyester were a reasonable alternative.

The Portrait™ Norman Blackout Honeycomb Shades seemed to suit the decor and our requirements perfectly. In a baby pink color to blend in with the walls and contrast to the white window frames. The best part is that they can be customized to fit even our 72-inch window widths, which was not the case with many of the options. Even the minutest detail such as the lift system can be customized as corded or cordless or motorized. These shades have a metalized Mylar lining the insides of their cells that blocks 100% of the light, so the baby’s eyes will not be exposed to the harsh glare of the afternoon sun. So after lengthy deliberations, we decided on the blackout double-celled option in a dusty pink that would insulate the nursery from any untoward noise from outside.

Norman window coverings is one of the leading manufacturers. They have the reputation for sticking to energy efficiency policies and also say no to synthesizers and fumes. The shades are highly durable, and I won’t have to replace them until my angel is old enough to choose. There was a 3-year warranty on the product we wanted. We felt that the price was not too much to consider, as the benefits far outweighed the cost. We were both satisfied as a whole with our choice, the samples backing our decision all the way! We sent in our measurements for two shades of 72 X 38 inches. They came in the exact measurements, and it was very simple to fix, even for a lady with a huge belly.

Cleaning of these blinds will prove really easy. They only need to be vacuumed with the soft brush attachment; for more stubborn stains, spot cleaning with a soft cloth dipped in a mild detergent solution would suffice. And I don’t expect to have any of the latter, but for, God forbid, projectile vomiting!

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