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Types of Customised Solar Powered Blinds

Home Window Blinds

Home Window Blinds – The Growing Need For Smart Blinds And Shutters


Setting up a modern-day home to suit the tastes of upscale living is the dream of every individual. With fast lives and a busy routine that consists of never-ending meetings and stress levels going through the roof, this dream isn’t usually realized unless you have right guidance at every step.

Garnishing your living space with elegant sofas, modern modular kitchens, and dining room sets is the call of the day for a happy, furnished home. While all of that is necessary, protecting the apartment with home window blinds also makes a lasting impression on guests and connoisseurs of fine living. With customized and smart blinds and shutters that have come into the market, getting the right option is no longer a Herculean task.


Home Window Blinds – Customised Solar Powered Blinds


Home Window Blinds - Flat Sheer Window Shades


There are multiple window treatments that you can use depending on your affordability and requirements. For instance, people who need minimal interference and privacy ideally go for blackout and room darkening window curtains. Some people install flat sheer window shades for providing the necessary natural sunlight to the home while shutting them down when the need for personal space arises. Yet others use noise-canceling shutters and blinds when they need solitude.

Like the other types of home window blinds, solar powered shades are also one of the sought-after home products. While other window blinds help in blocking the sun’s rays, solar-powered home window blinds also do the opposite: use the sun to generating energy.


Choosing the Right Solar Powered Window Shade


These home window blinds provide a unique experience to the user in the sense that they are energy efficient and a long-term solution to pollution and global warming. Going for the perfect solar shade depends upon your situation and circumstance. Here are some of the factors that you should consider while buying the right one:

  • Location of the window: If the window that you choose for installing the solar shade faces north or south, the intensity of the sun would not be as much on mornings or afternoons as it will be on windows facing east.

  • Installation: The solar-powered home window blinds can be installed inside or outside the window. The installation procedure is user-friendly and simple. That being said, it is advisable to install the blinds outside as that reduces heat gain to a much greater degree than if they are installed on the inside.

  • Colors and fabrics: Darker colors offer glare reduction and give a sense of privacy, while lighter colors are generally used in making flat sheer window shades and they are better at reflecting heat.

  • Angle and positioning: Based on the angle of the sunlight falling on the window, these home window blinds are positioned accordingly. With remotely controlled apps in the market like Google Home, Echo and West, this job becomes much easier.


Types of Solar Powered Home Window Blinds


  1. Energy Generating Solar Blinds: A pertinent question that comes to mind when making the purchase is: do blinds keep heat and energy in? Going for the right ones can reduce your electricity bill by up to 70% (depending on how much you use AC). Customised smart blinds are well equipped to even track the sun automatically, thereby operated to maximize usage of sunlight for heating or cooling.

  1. Energy Reducing Solar Blinds: Solar blinds can also save energy by providing necessary shade to your home by reducing air conditioning costs by up to 80%. Many window treatment companies offer technologies where window shades can block sunlight when it is hot and unblock it when the air is cool. This aids in maintaining temperatures when there’s too much heat to deal with.

  1. Noise Cancelling Solar Powered Shades: These solar powered shades not only prevent distraction from outside noise and interference but also help in generating energy and light during afternoons and mornings by optimum use of the sun.

  1. Motorized Blinds: By installing motorized shades, you can not only control the amount of natural light that comes in your room but also use the light to generate energy to power the shades. This technology uses DSSC, or dye-sensitized solar cell, to generate energy in the same way plants use natural sunlight in the process of photosynthesis.

  1. Remote Controlled Solar Blinds: These blinds use the energy of the sun through a solar panel to provide charge to the battery. They can be used in contemporary homes in areas that are difficult to access.

  1. Blackout Roller Blinds: They are dark and can absorb outside heat easily, and can be conveniently installed through screws. They are thin sheets which can be quite conveniently rolled up and down using a remote.


Advantages of Solar Powered Window Blinds


With an intelligent technology that thrives on the power of the sun and available sunlight, solar powered shades can enable the user to control and adjust the settings according to his convenience and practicality. As discussed above, they come with a variety of advantages to their credit:

  1. Lower Costs: They do not merely lower the electricity costs in your home. They are generally available at reasonable prices in the market, which is one of their major features. Also, since there is hardly any use of the battery, the cost of maintenance is also low.

  1. Easy Installation: They are uncomplicated to set up, and the procedure can be carried out by the user himself, saving on labor costs, time and money.


Noise Cancelling Window Blinds


  1. Versatile: There are multiple home window blinds options available in the market, from motorized solar shades, flat sheer window shades, noise canceling window blinds, and energy generating window shades.

  1. Stylish: With multiple options, they often prove to be your money’s worth by lending a unique aesthetic to your living space. Hence, they make others gush over your fantastic taste in home décor.

  1. Long Battery Life: Since there will be no need to replace batteries every now and then, they save on energy and maintenance.

  1. Ecological: They are environment-friendly and practical. They are a shining example of alternate sources of energy which can resolve our ecological problems of the harmful effects of pollution.

To sum up, use of solar powered home window blinds is a pragmatic approach. They reflect the smart use of technology which is not detrimental to the environment in any sense. On the contrary, this is a rare use of technology that relies on energy-saving mechanics like doing away with batteries and saving electricity costs to a large extent. With their varied types available in the market, ably supported by state-of-the-art technologies, they are a perfect example of amalgamating style with utility.

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