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Keeping Your Home Prepared For Summer Storms

Tips for Tornado Alley.

William Butler Yeats said, “Life is a long preparation for something that never happens”.

You never know whether your home is going to be in the path of a terrible storm, hurricane or any major natural disaster or not; but it pays to be prepared for things that may never happen, along with the preparation for the predictable things in life. Every year, millions of Americans face disasters and their terrifying consequences, moving on bravely with their lives despite the setbacks. Staying informed helps prevent the loss of life and minimizes the damage to property from summer storms to a great extent. There are certain rules to follow in order to be ready for a surprise spring or summer storm that may strike. We love to live in a bubble where disasters happen to other people. The only way to survive them is to accept that they can happen to us and be prepared for them.

Though Houston does not fall in the Tornado Alley, we do face tornadoes brought by the spring supercell or rotating thunderstorms at times. Residents of Houston are often helped by the Tornado watches and warnings that are frequently necessary for the spring and summer. The following tips should help you a lot in case your home comes in the path of a storm –

· Have cash ready with you for emergency

· Stack an emergency kit with medicines, food, water and other necessities every year

· Have battery operated torches and AM radio

· If you have installed storm shutters, close them. If not, board up your windows

· Take care of trees, plants and shrubs around your home

· Put valuables in safety vaults

· Have an evacuation kit ready as well using the pertinent items in the attached Emergency Essentials Kit checklist.

· Store water for emergency usage

· Stay indoors during the storm and away from windows and glass doors

· Do not let any interior door remain open

· Keep all window treatments tightly closed and secured

· If you have motorized window treatments running on power have them in the desired position before you may lose power

· Keep hurricane window fabric protection panels handy if required

· It is safer to take refuge in a small interior room, closet, or hallway on the lowest level of your home

Window Treatments for Stormy Days.

Though sheer curtains and drapes enhance the beauty of your interiors to a great extent, there is nothing much they can do to protect your indoors during a storm. You will need something more reliable, like roller shades, blinds or shutters to protect your interiors to some extent.

Sturdy and durable exterior roller shutters or blinds can protect your windows from flying debris when the storm strikes. Interior window treatments may not be able to protect the window panes, but will definitely protect you from flying glass in case the glass pane breaks.

Often roller blinds fabric are made of raw materials like polyester and vinyl mix fabrics which make them highly durable for long time use. The shade materials are also washable, making your task of cleaning after the storm easier. The flame resistant quality makes it safer for your home as well. Since the modern roller blinds are sturdy and prevent curling, cracking and distortion, they can withstand high-velocity winds without giving in. The 4-ply vinyl film makes it durable and strong for rough use, which makes them preferred window treatments for domestic and commercial use. Though not a big deal, window treatments like Crown Roller Shade Blackout give an advantage of blocking the lightning from scaring you and your family when the lights suddenly brighten up the room. By insulating your interiors, they would prevent the temperature changes affecting the interiors immediately and also prevent the noise outside making you all jittery.

Roller shades have added benefits like:

· Increasing security of your home, preventing and deterring theft and vandalism the risk of which is increased during storms.

· Energy savings due to reduced heating and air conditioning use throughout the year

· Light filtering and decreased sun damage from UV rays

· Noise reduction

· Creates perfect ambiance for daytime sleeping

· Greatly improved fire protection.

· Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interior decor

· You can do away with security bars on your windows

· If installed outside they can protect window glass from flying objects such as hailstones and storm debris

LightWeaves Graber is the best blackout roller shades and are very convenient for use as they are lightweight yet durable; they endure extreme weather conditions. During high winds, you do not have to worry about dust flooding your interiors since they give you excellent protection. They would be an excellent choice for your windows since they can withstand high humidity as well.

When you want a cozy ambiance inside your room, the enduring quality of the polyester and the vinyl fabrics that these shades are made of will ensure that they provide complete protection from the elements. In addition, you can achieve 100% darkness if you wish by just lowering these shades motorization. The mechanism of motorized blackout roller shades helps in operating these shades from any place in and around your home. You don’t have to rush around your home lowering or raising every shade, especially during an emergency. There are times when you are sitting out the high winds blowing outside, and suddenly you feel you may have left a loft window open. Now you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone to check it out.

For extreme conditions, you can install specialized Storm Shutters that can either be permanent window shutters or easily installed and removed temporary shutters as per your preference. On a precautionary note, you have to ensure that these storm shutters are handled appropriately. What many homeowners may not know is that impromptu or unplanned boarding up of windows can lead to greater disaster. Choose only storm shutters that have been rigorously tested for extreme conditions. When a storm or hurricane strikes and any one window in your home fails, the wind can funnel through this small opening and rip through your home, followed promptly by roof failure, and total structural collapse at the worst.

The best protection you have against any disaster taking place in your life is your control of the fear that could prevent you from doing the right things at the right time. Like H.L. Mencken said, “The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear – fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable. What he wants above everything else is safety”. Follow the tips for safety and know that you may have to weather this storm to see the sunshine.

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