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Most Suitable Blinds and Shades for your Home-Office Windows

Home Office Window Treatments

Prep-up Your Home Office Windows With These Extravagant Home Office Window Treatments


To have your office at home is convenient, energetic and helps you enjoy the short breaks during work. But it is a little tricky to decorate it, isn’t it? It’s even worse when it comes to windows. You don’t want it too dark and you don’t want it too bright either. It has to strike the perfect balance between class, grace, and utility. There are times when you need privacy and on the other hand, there are times when you need the outside light in. Now if you have a meeting with your client and it is a blazing noon out there, your home office window treatments have to be perfect enough to not let all that heat in. If you have to present a power point presentation to a client, then the control of outside light has to be flexible enough to create the right effect inside. So to save you the homework, we have jotted down all the best home office window treatments here.


Home Office Window Treatments – Vertical Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Home Office Window Treatments - Vertical Honeycomb Cellular Shades

So if you put up with the really hot weather, then cellular shades AKA honeycomb shades can make your inside temperature a lot more comfortable than you can imagine. They can provide you with extreme insulation and temperature control to help you cut down those electricity bills to the bare minimum. Their honeycomb structure makes them suitable to trap air in their hexagonal cells and regulate the temperature inside. Modern cellular shades come in bottom-up motorized technology which gives you convenience with extreme utility. Enjoy the clutter-free seamless look and all you have to do is push a button in order to operate them. Their vertical structure makes them suitable for a good amount of light control. So if you have a presentation coming on, close them nice and tight and make the perfect ambiance inside your home office.

Add Some Depth With Curtains And Blinds

For the right amount of depth and the perfect formal look, add light shaded sheer curtains with dark velvet rich fabric curtains. For a home office, it is always suggested to stay away from bright shades as they can add a very cliche look to the interiors. Play with greys and badges to keep things nice and formal. Match your curtain shades with the color of your couch and create the perfect look.

Home Office Window Treatments – Roller Shades

Home Office Window Treatments - Roller Shades

If your home office windows face the sunlight directly, then you must be facing a lot of glare on your computer screens and we know how hard is it to work without technology these days. So you don’t have to rearrange everything because there is a simpler yet glamorous solution to it. Roller blinds are fancy, functional, and extremely easy to maintain. With a good range of variety, they can offer you light control, privacy, and beauty. Block the unnecessary light and install them onto your home office windows to make your office look formal, spruce, and stylish. Modern roller shades are also available in cordless technology which is convenient, clutter-free and super easy to operate.

Sound Dampening Window Treatments

Look for shades with higher R-value. Both blinds and shades can be sound dampening if chosen wisely. Get your blinds and shades custom made with a good quality thick fabric and enjoy light control with noise blockage too. No more disturbance in your meetings, now you can function in all the peace you always wanted. If you are looking for something ready-made, Normal cellular shades can work for you really well. High quality and sturdy, they can prevent the heat loss, block the unnecessary sound and function like magic.

Pure Wood Shutters Versus Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

It goes without saying that wood blinds perform really well when it comes to home office windows. Most recommended among all the home office window treatments, wooden blinds are graceful, sturdy and can prove to be a commendable addition to your furniture. A little tricky when it comes to maintenance, wood blinds can give you a hard time if you live in a moist environment because well, water and wood are not those fonds of each other. You may go for faux wood blinds to get the feel of wood and utility of PVC. Made of plastic and PVC, they are strong, scratch free, breakage resistant and light on the wall.

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