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Add a Splash of Elegance and Style to Your Home Décor with Customized Draperies, Valances and Panels

Customized Draperies and Valances

Re-energizing Homes with Customized Decor

Bored of coming home to the same décor every day? Are your eyes searching for some freshness in the house to energize you? Home is where you spend the greater part of your life with your loved ones. It is where you make a lifetime of memories. It is where after a long tiring day at work you come back to for some warmth and love. No matter what the weather and where you go, home is where you look for some sunshine. And so the décor and the styling needs to be revisited form time to time to make home a place you are excited to come back to.

Home décor of any house needs to be spruced up to infuse freshness and newness. Coming home to the same home décor, same curtains and shades, tablecloth can kick in boredom. A dash of color here, a change in the curtain designs or a new shade or blind there can go a long way in making your house a home.

Floor Length Drapery

Customized Draperies Beautifying Homes

And what better way to do it than treating your windows with beautiful draperies or panels at affordable costs. A reason enough to turn heads, impress people and energize yourself without burning a hole in your pockets. Effortless designs, textures, layers of volume and bingo! Your home transforms itself like Cinderella of our fairytale! Irrespective of your existing home décor and furniture, you can choose from a wide range of collections to match the interiors of the house. Wave-fold drapery, pleated style drapery, seamless sheer drapery, café style drapery are some of the styles you can choose from.

Custom-made draperies score over store-bought draperies significantly.

  • Get Treated to an Enhanced Picture Perfect View
  • Draperies and curtains can be designed to complement your windows and enhance the view of the outside. Nothing can lift up the spirit like some custom-made draperies. They create a perfect framing for the view outside your window.

  • Style Unique to your Home
  • Choosing personalized drapes over store bought ones guarantees a unique styling that you will not come across easily. These window dressings are made keeping in mind the existing décor and style of your house. You can choose from a range of fabric materials, colors and patterns and significantly enhance the space of your rooms.

  • Perfect Fit to Meet Individual Requirements
  • Custom-made draperies undoubtedly boast of better fit as they are exclusively made for your house and windows. Store-bought draperies cannot ensure 100% fit as they are available in certain general sizes from which you have to choose the closest fit. The draperies bought in store come in sizes like 84 inches, 96 inches, 108 inches etc. Now, if you have an eight-foot high ceiling, 96 inch will be a tad too long while 84 inch will fall short. Tailor-made draperies will give you the perfect size and length that your room requires.

  • Most Custom-made Draperies are Lined

Most custom-made draperies are lined. Lined draperies improve longevity of these window treatments by protecting them from the harsh rays of the sun. They allow greater privacy and opaque liners with room darkening options helps in blocking out light. Linings also gives them richer appearance without which they may appear washed out, particularly during the morning hours. Store-bought drapery panels may or may not come with linings. Customized draperies give you the freedom to choose the lining of your choice.

Types of Panels

There are different types of drapery panels to choose from. You can customize the drapery panel according to your taste and requirement to add that extra flair to the windows. Let us take a quick look at the popular drapery panel that you can customize for your home windows.

o Rod pocket panels: these are also referred to as casement curtains or pole top curtains. These are casings that are sewn into the curtain panel at the back and the curtain rod can pass through unseen.
Rod Pocket Drapery Panels
o Grommet-topped panels: these lend a symmetrical look that blends well with the modern interior of the homes nowadays. At the top of the curtain there are metal-rimmed round openings which allow curtain rods to pass through.
Grommet Topped Panels
o Tab-top panels: these panels are made of fabric loops at the very top of the curtains. The curtain rods run through these loops.
Tab Top Panels

Valances & Cornices: Accessorizing your Draperies

Valances and cornices are like the accessories that are needed to complete and transform your look. They impart a touch of elegance to the draperies and panels. They have the ability to make even rather ordinary curtains and draperies stylish and change the very character of a room. By framing the top of the windows, valances and cornices lends prominence to the windows and the curtains and makes them stand out.

In the market you will come across quite a range of valances. Some of them are:

  • Rod mounted fabric valances
  • Board mounted fabric valances
  • Fabric cornices
  • Architectural cornices
  • Natural woven waterfall valances
  • Modern crown cornice board
  • Shaped crown cornice board
  • Parisian Pleat Crown Custom Drapery Valances
  • Double Scalloped Crown Custom Drapery Valances, etc

Drapes with Valances

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing color and designs for your valances. Their rich color and ability to transform any home interior into something grand makes them a preferred choice for designers and householders. Installation is hassle-free as is their cleaning process. You can also get the valances customized for yourself. Add a fringe or a trim to make an individual style statement. The coolest part is the affordable prices at which they are available.

Without shelling out a fortune these customized products can instantly up the style quotient of your home, lend it a character of their own and alter its overall appearance in an instant. Go ahead and make your homes exciting and gorgeous with these beautifully designed customized drapes, panels and valances and see the difference for yourself!

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