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Home Automation Trends to Watch Out For

Home Automation Trends

Smart Home Devices

We have been talking about Smart Homes and Home Automation technology for quite some time now. The concept has been gaining rapid ground because of its user-friendly nature, time-saving features and convenience of use. It has caught the imagination of the tech-savvy generation. The older generations too have been mightily impressed by these gadgets and devices. They are pleased with the foolproof security that it seeks to provide and also because it is making life easier for them at this age. Home automation is looking to cross the threshold of linking household devices. It is extending its reach to the world of healthcare where they trying to integrate monitoring of patients into the smart home system so that the caregivers can monitor the vitals of the patients without being present at all times. Smart homes are offering solutions for problems you never thought you had. There are new features and new avenues that are being explored and getting added each day.

Trends to Watch out for

#1. Lots More of Alexa and Google Homes
Be prepared to see a lot more of Amazon Alexa and Google Home. These have become household names and new features are getting added on a regular basis. The growing popularity of these home assistants is because of several companies looking to include voice assistant integration on a number of levels. TVs, toilets, toys, etc. are all getting a makeover and are being upgraded. This means Alexa and Google Home are expected to grow to facilitate these voice assistant integrations.
Amazon Alexa Window Blinds

#2. Home Security Up-gradation
Home security is constantly getting tighter with new features. Different companies are coming up with their own lineup of video doorbells and high-resolution video cameras. Companies manufacturing home security systems are experimenting with drone security guards and other monitoring devices with artificial intelligence. We already have smart locks in the market; these locks are further getting upgraded. There are IoT based locks that can help you to lock doors remotely from anywhere in the world. Door speakers, window sensors are also getting popular which can alert homeowners of possible break-in.

#3. Newer Appliances with Smart features
It is time to go beyond the regular devices and appliances like ACs, thermostats and TVs. Different companies are experimenting with newer smart features for their existing appliances like refrigerators and kitchen hubs. There are refrigerators with see-through glass doors, built-in Amazon Alexa speaker and computer screens and kitchen hubs with screen and a vent above the stove. Computers are slowly and steadily making their way into the appliances and new innovations are expected in the coming months and years.

#4. Home ‘Robots’
Well, perhaps not the kind of robots you have grown up seeing on televisions but sort of. They can be defined as machines that are capable of executing a complicated series of tasks automatically programmed by a computer. Many companies are experimenting and you might soon find smart ovens in markets that might be cooking up a three-course meal, robot vacuums, robots that will get your dishes done and more.
Home Robots
#5. Smart Speakers with Displays
These are becoming increasingly popular. There are smart speakers being integrated with displays. This will allow you to chat and interact with people while talking. Google Assistant-powered Smart Display, Alexa powered Echo Show and Echo Spot are examples of displays-equipped smart speakers.
Google Assistant Powered Smart Display

#6. Home Ambience Control
Another trend to look out for is home ambiance control devices. For each command, you can set multiple smart devices to a particular mode. For instance, you can program the ambiance for a romantic dinner. You can set the lightings to dim, program the speaker to play some soft romantic numbers and music, set the AC to a cool setting and window shades drawn down. So the next time you have a romantic dinner you can give the command all these actions will be performed automatically and simultaneously. So you can have settings for different moods.

#7. Smart Plugs
Do not have the budget to invest in smart lightings and smart ACs? Worry not as now you have smart plugs to help you. These plugs are connected to your smartphones and whenever you want to turn on a specific light in a room you just need to turn on that corresponding plug. It will function as a smart device without spending as much money. You can go further and add motion sensors and contact sensors which will allow you to access these by gestures or simply by your physical presence in the room. The smart plugs are allowing them to be integrated with the home assistants which mean that they can be operated with voice commands. These smart plugs are becoming very popular and are to watch out for.
Smart Plugs
#8. Smarter Thermostats
We have already written and learnt about smart thermostats that help to control you to control the temperature from your smartphones without leaving the comfort of your beds. These smart thermostats are getting smarter. They are studying your routine and will plan the whole day’s temperature as per your routine and needs. One thing to note is not every room has the same temperature. The thermostats come equipped with sensors that allow them to understand and prioritize rooms and also control temperatures in every room differently. In case the temperature in any room is too low or high and you are not in the house, the smart thermostats will send homeowners alerts to prevent the occurrence of any untoward incidents.
Smart Thermostats
Home automation devices have already taken the markets by storm. The technology ensures that you have upgraded versions every few months with new features and functions. Newer devices are expected to hit the markets in the coming months and year.

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