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Which Window Blinds Will Go Best in a Smart Home Setup?

Home Automation Systems

Home Automation Systems – Best in a Smart Home Setup

Growing up, did you ever watch those science fiction films about robots following instructions of owners, carrying out daily tasks with extreme efficiency? While they were definitely good entertainers, people back then may not have believed in the practicality of such an invention, as it seemed too good to be true.

Cut to the early 21st century, and artificial intelligence is very much a reality, and it has been applied by many apps and organizations to expedite workflow and has introduced newer and quicker ways of doing things. Smartphones, tablets, and high-definition television screens following your instructions are a few examples of advanced digital technology that has reached millions across the globe.

This revolution has also been experienced by Home Decor, and now certain apps and tools have been developed that make use of remote as well as voice instructions. With the advent of Google Home and Amazon Alexa, to name a few, certain Z-Wave Smart apps can be run and functioned smoothly.

Now the world of window treatments has also been exposed to these apps, and you can choose to open, close or adjust your blinds by scheduled timers using these smart apps. In this section, we find out which window blinds make the best use of such technology to make things smoother and convenient for you.

Home Automation Systems in Window Blinds


Automated Window Shades


With the right home automation systems, you can operate and manage your home’s electronic systems from one main control system in a smoother and more effective manner, besides saving electricity and making the entire system more energy efficient. What you need to do is find a control system that can meet all the home automation system’s demands today as well as into the future. Here are some key features that make home automated window shades the in-demand thing across homes and the world at large

1) Interoperability

An essential and practical feature of an automation system is having various electronic devices in the home controlled and coordinated through one single unified system. How effortlessly or simply these devices would ultimately function would depend on the openness of the operating system. The more open a system is, the easily the lights, thermostats, security devices, and motorized blinds and shades would function with one another.

2) Remote Access

Automation is not just about having a remote control and using it to control the window shades in your house. More often than not, you are required to stay elsewhere and travel constantly in today’s well-connected world. Such access must allow being able to communicate and operate the shades from a different location. Remote access allows you to monitor your home environment and constantly keep a check on the functioning of the window shades. This also leads to better security in your absence as operating shades will give an impression to the outsiders that the home is always occupied.

3) Expandability

As technology is constantly evolving, our current lifestyle will be much different from what it will be even 5–10 years from now. Hence, it is necessary for home automated products to include future inventions and devices and be able to operate them from a single source. Tomorrow, if there was a new shade introduced by top brands such as Graber, Hunter Douglas or Crown, you can choose to get it installed in your home and have it operated along with your current devices so that they can all function in sync.

4) Upgradeability

The software is one of the most important parts of an operating system, as its absence would entail no functions being carried out. It has to be sophisticated and constantly upgraded along technology to meet the ever-changing demands of users. Before buying any system, you must do thorough research to find out that your manufacturer can upload software updates and constantly download them on the device regularly.

Window Blinds That Work Best in a Home Automation Setup

Virtual Cord Z-Wave Graber Solar Shades


Z-Wave Graber Solar Shades


These Smart Shades are ideal to be installed in any contemporary home where you can achieve functionality as well as appealing design. You can go for a low openness percentage (1–5%) that will not just protect you from harsh sunlight but will also protect the interiors from harsh UV radiation. Coming in single channel and 5-channel remotes, these shades can be programmed at sunrise or at different times throughout the day for lower, raising or adjusting the shades.

Virtual Cord Z-Wave Light Weaves Graber Roller Shades


Z-Wave Graber Roller Shades


These shades make effective use of an optional single channel radio frequency remote control individually as well as in a group. Being conveniently operated from anywhere in the room, they have a unique motor system with a consistent running motor, irrespective of the weight or size. The smart operation makes them energy efficient and being able to easily manage heat gain or loss. There is no complicated or heavy wiring involved, with just user-friendly low voltage motorization. These shades can be simply set up and are just a professional help away from working their magic in the room, providing an optimum level of privacy and reducing heat while retaining outside view at the same time.

1″ Even Pleat Graber Virtual Cord Z-Wave Shades


Even Pleat Graber Z-Wave Shades


These shades provide a myriad of benefits, amalgamating the advantages of aesthetic appeal and practicality of purpose. The 1-inch Even Pleat Shades were introduced by Graber, a time-tested and reliable brand that makes use of premium quality and brilliant construction to make top-of-the-line products. The pleats in fabrics offer a finely textured look that adds minimality as well as sophistication to your living space, while their upgraded, state of the art virtual cord control system involves a motorized set up such a breeze to put into effect.

1″ Fashion Pleat Graber Virtual Cord Z-Wave Shades


Fashion Pleat Graber Z-Wave Shades


The Fashion Pleat construction in this Virtual Cord enabled Z Wave shades to enable a simple and intuitive control system, making use of an optional single channel remote to control shades individually or in tandem with others installed as part of the group. Being motorized, they avoid the use of a cord, hence being safe to use in homes with kids and pets. The smooth operation is also accompanied by their ease in installation, and the fact that they can easily be cleaned through vacuuming and dusting makes them durable options that are preferred by people across the globe. They are warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship as long as the original purchaser owns the product.


As we see, with quicker and effective ways of adjusting your window shades with newer technology that upgrades itself constantly, people around the world are enjoying a superior standard of living. However, before you take your pick among the motorized window shades, make sure you have the right devices to take full advantage of your shade’s functionality.

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