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Increasing Wellness with Home Automation Blinds – Does Technology Enable Us to Lead a Longer, Healthier Life?

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Home Automation Blinds – A Boon to Improve Your Health

The uses of technology are rapidly increasing in every home, and there’s no stopping it. Advancement in mechanisms and software appliances are responsible for adding intelligence to every household thing. When you think of automation, you might like to save energy or wish to enhance the security system of your home or may love to have smart lighting. It goes even further than that! Home automation, integrated with smart devices, can change your life dramatically. For example, a smart fit band can monitor your daily activity to provide you with the right health information. Even smart speakers can play soft music so that you can sleep peacefully. Now this automated thing can be added to the windows too which improves indoor air quality, offers a soft restful ambiance, and other additional benefits. Having home automation blinds can be beneficial for your long-term health. With the innovative and latest technology, you can assure you about the wellness of your loved ones while having the peace of mind.

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How Home Automation Blinds Create a Place in Wellness?

Automation provides a smart way to control the blinds from one interface. Why and how are wellness and smart home window shades interrelated? There are over 57 million people in the U.S who are suffering from various health issues because of the continuous change in the climate. Even the harmful beams (UV rays) streams through the windows can cause damage to your health. While sleeping or taking rest, if the direct daylight enters your room is more than you need, then it will interrupt your sleep and can affect your daily routine and your health. In conclusion, we can say that proper lighting and environment is required for better health and enjoyable life. Right smart window treatments are the perfect way to keep you protected, and that is how it plays a major role in your well-being.

Convenient Automated Blinds and Their Health Benefits

There are various reasons to love these amazing z-wave blinds. Acknowledge their effectiveness in helping you to lead a comfortable and healthy life.
Controlling Light Smartly – The human body needs natural light, but not the artificial light. The light that emits from smart gadgets or artificial lighting systems can cause various risks to your body such as high blood pressure. It can affect your mental well-being also. So it is always advisable to let natural light inside your home. There are a wide range of z-wave technology featured window shades and blinds available along with different fabric options to control and filter the amount of sunlight that streams through your windows. Choose the option that matches your needs and operate them efficiently with smart controller systems.
Better Sleep With Automation – Having control of daylight provides better quality sleep. Proper sleep helps the human body to improve memory and mental health while fighting against depression and anxiety. Smart blinds such as z-wave roller shades with their blackout fabric options can create a perfect sleeping ambiance which makes them an appropriate choice for night shift or graveyard shift workers who need proper sleep during the day.

Z-Wave Roller Shades for Living Room


• Protect Yourself from UV Rays – When the harmful ultraviolet ray falls on our body, it damages the DNA of our skin cells, which leads to cancer. Cover the large windows with home automation window blinds (such as Alexa enabled roller blinds or solar shades) to prevent these rays from entering your home.
Comfortable Temperature – Smart blinds have their popularity because of their ability in saving energy and money. These blinds with their programmable timers maintain a perfect atmosphere throughout your home. A comfortable temperature and the quality of air keep you fit and healthy all year around. Shades like cellular honeycomb shades trap the excess heat inside the air pockets to have a cool and comfy ambiance inside the home.

Smart Cellular Shades for Bedroom


Note: There are various smart window solutions available referred to as the eco-friendly window dressings, made of natural things such as wood or bamboo. They are the safest choice for every homeowner as they don’t off-gas or produce any toxic or hazardous elements and help to improve the indoor atmosphere quality.

Smart Motorized Natural Shades


Home Automated Solutions for a Smarter and Healthier Living Style!!

Making your home smarter and convenient is a good thing, but living a healthy life is even better. Try technology integrated window blinds once and see the improvements in your well-being, attitude, and lifestyle. Alexa or Google Home smart blinds give you the access to open and close them using your voice for added convenience; otherwise, you can manage them through a smartphone or with remote controls – all because of the built-in z-wave technology.
These blinds won’t break your budget as they are available at reasonable prices along with amazing deals and discounts. Improve your daily routine by installing these window blinds today!!