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The Hidden Energy Cost of Windows in Your Home

Warm Window Treatments

The Hidden Energy Cost of Windows in Your Home

Make no mistake, the winters take the energy out of you in so many ways. Agreed, you’re oblivious to the impact of the scorching sun during summers. But ask someone living in polar climates about their experience with the weather, and chances are you’d be met with scornful looks. They’re struggling to find respite in bright and sunny mornings. And they’d do just about anything to keep themselves warm on particularly chilly days!

You ought to do something to keep yourself cozy and warm. Staying indoors and not stepping outside is a common solution. But what else can you do apart from staying inside your quilt, covered from head to toe? That’s right: order some warm window treatments and save yourself the trouble.

Double Cellular Shades

This article, more than focusing on the window coverings you get, also explains how insulated window blinds and curtains save on energy and electricity bills despite the initial investment they entail. Read on to find out.

Avoiding Escape of Warm Air

Do you recall your dad pulling up the curtains when temperatures dipped below normal/ or in instances when the curtains weren’t enough, he would take them off and put up a quilt in their place? That might seem awkward, thinking about it now, but a window quilt still remains one of the go-to window treatments for warming up the house. So you need not resort to the fireplace and burn coal to keep yourself cozy. Window quilts have proved to be more than useful on that front.

Insulating Window Quilts

Another feature of those quilts were how their thick material absorbed all the extreme climate that threatened to disrupt your comfort. Be it cold air or hot windows, it would reflect that and ensure the winds do not enter. And it also proved another purpose: avoiding the escape of warm air from the house.

This feature enables you to rely more on blinds that require a one-off purchase than switching on the central heating system or the air conditioner every now and then. Why entail regular billing costs when you can simply purchase these blinds online?

Light Filtering Roller Solar Shades

Plenty of Natural Sunlight

Remember this: windows are the gateway to all things positive. Do not take that to heart, though. They do pose security and privacy issues, for which it is preferable you get sturdy latches and a locks to put the intruders at bay. But when your room is filled with plenty of natural sunlight, why would you need to switch on those bulbs and tube lights during the day?

And when you enjoy a breezy, neutral climate, you do not even need to have your fan or air conditioner on. Let the winds take care of you. If at all you need a window blind or curtain, keep your options open to lace curtains or valances, or light filtering honeycomb shades or solar shades that allow you to have an unperturbed view of the outside. This is best suited for homes situated in the outskirts of a city, or in the countryside with less populace.

Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades

There’s no doubt that windows can bring down our energy costs to a sufficient degree, provided we have suitable window covering solution and other factors accounting for our decisions. Light filtering blinds won’t necessarily work in areas that are too humid or too cold. Similarly, thick window quilts or blackout shades aren’t preferable in places enjoying a neutral climate. By all means, choose the right product, but take expert guidance from friends and family members before emptying your pocket.

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